Our workshops and classes are an opportunity for you and your partner to learn, grow and experience all that we have to offer. We invite you to become an active participant in your care, and look forward to engaging with you as you explore your options for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Workshops are open to anyone interested in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Content is geared toward expecting parents, however will be tailored to the specific group taking the workshop at that particular time. Past topics have included Practices for a Calm Birth, Hypnobirthing, Doulas, Dads and Partners, and Planning Your Postpartum.

We understand that sometimes making it to a workshop or class while you are pregnant can be difficult, so all of our wonderful workshops are available online! Classes are approximately 1-3 hours in length, depending on content, and all of our classes can also be hosted in person in the comfort of your home.



Private Classes


birthPrep (Childbirth Education) - $145 per couple

Designed for the modern parent who is looking for a comprehensive childbirth education class that will take them through what to expect during labour, how to prepare for birth and what to expect in the immediate postpartum.

The birthPrep course includes a digital 45 page manual that teaches:

  • Positions for Labour and Birth

  • Comfort Measures

  • Birth Wishes and Options

  • Hospital Postpartum Preferences

  • Home Postpartum Preferences

  • Self Care Planning

  • and more!

Private in-home sessions are offered, as are small group sessions. Each class is approximately 3 hours.

Online Classes

Birth Prep - Pregnancy and Education | Sweet Stella's | Online Workshop

Birth Prep

Pregnancy and Birth Education


ABC’s of Newborn Care

From feeding to diapering, sleeping and more!

Practices Of A Calm Birth | Sweet Stella's | Online Workshops

Practices Of A Calm Birth

A Doula's Guide To Hypnobirthing

Breath Awareness for Birth

Breath Awareness for Birth

Breath Practices for a Positive Birth

Doulas Dads and Partners

Doulas, Dads and Partners

Creating Confident Birth Partners


Planning Your Postpartum

Preparing for a positive transition to parenting