Selecting The Thumbnail Image For Each Post

Your site is finalized and we did an amazing job capturing your business in the most amazing light! Now you just need to do this with your posts so that they look amazing through your site.  

The first step in doing this is choosing a thumbnail image that will represent each post. take that Blogger!!!  

So you have written up a lovely little post, added one of your beautifully branded photos, and your ready to schedule it. What's the next step?  


 So when your in there writing up your post you might notice that at the top of the screen there are four tabs.

Content | Options | Location | Social


i want you to click Options. Once you have done this you should see something like this!  


You can see here where I added your photo for the post. This is also where you will dedicate an excerpt to the post of you want to, and you can even enter in your own custom URL for the post. 

Now you have made it look all pretty when you post it!  

On a side note... do you see that tab that says social? If you click that you can set the posts up to automatically share to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter when they publish! once again... kicking bloggers ass!  

This platform really is amazing, and I am so excited to see how you like it the more you use it!