Editing/Adding Page Header


Okay, so you have had the site for a little while and maybe you want to change the photo at the top of the page. 


Have no fear, this is SUPER EASY to do!  

So when you log in you will go to the pages section. When you hover over the right side of the page tab you should see a gear appear. When you see this gear click it!  

Once you click it a screen will pop up. On this you will see a Media tab in the upper right hand corner. Click that! 

Now you simply remove the old image and add a new one!  

There is a little circle on the image once you upload one. This circle selects the focal point of the image. Move that around until the image looks the way you want it to. You will have to click save before you see the results.  

See! I told you this would be easy! But then again Squarespace is pretty good at making it that way.