How To Add A Workshop

Hello Lovely! I promised you o would give you a detailed tutorial on how to add a workshop to your page. So this morning I had to go in and set the page up so that it would be evenly spaced when you go to do it on he online or local section. While I was in there I took the screenshots needed to teach you! 

First things first. You will log in and go to edit that page. Once your there and able to edit you will go all the way to the right side and hover over the area next to the last workshop until you see your little teardrop with the line spanning the width that your new workshop will be.  


Now you will click on the teardrop and look for the selection to add an image. 



When you add your image do not forget to hide the caption in that little dropdown menu, and add the title of the image for SEO purposes. Like for this image I would type introduction to calm birth | Sweet Stella's Local Workshops. 

Next you are going to add your text.  



Hover just below your image so that you see the short line. Then add a text block. This time I actually recommend you copying the text from the workshop next to it and pasting in the text. 


Once you do that then simply change the text line by line. I say to do it this way because if you erase it and just type it the spacing will change. I went a certain route to ensure it looked less spaced out on this page. 

Now your ready to apply your button! Follow the same steps you always do by clicking the teardrop that has the right size line next to it. Only this time your going to scroll down a bit and look for the button option.  


When you click it the button will look all wrong! Don't worry. I'm about to tell you how to set that up as well! It's super easy. 


Now that the button options panel is open we will set it up. First you will type Email For More Info! in the button text box. Next you will change the clickthrough email in that darker box. We used the email for the shop the workshop is being held at by typing mailto:shopemailhere. Obviously you type their email there, but I don't know it off the top of my head. Haha. Now you click open in new window and that part is saved. Last but not least we will change the appearance of the box by going to the dropdown menu and clicking small! Voila! Your button is set up. 

Now you may notice that your workshop is sitting lower than the rest. To fix this we remove the spacer.  



Simply hover over the blank space and click the trash can option and it's gone. Now if the images all line up and everything looks perfect then you are done! 

If this last image is a bit taller than the others it will require one tweak. Hover over the image and click it. When you do a little ball should appear on the line at the bottom on the image. Slide that ball up until the image is perfectly sized like the others.  

See that wasn't so bad was it?!   If you need any help please let me know! I am always here to help you! 



Let's Add Some Services!

Before you mentioned that in 2017 you were going to have some new services to add to your additional services page.

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to add a service and make it look just like it would if I were to add it! You ready?  

First you will obviously go to the Pages section and click to edit the Additional Services Page.  


Now that your able to start editing, you will go to where you want to add your text. I don't know if you have ever noticed this, but when you hover your mouse over the side of the content area you will see a little teardrop appear with a line extending our from it. When your adding something to a normal page, or a post you will want he line to extend across the entire content area, but for this you only want it to span he length of the column that you are adding to. It should look like the image below.


Once you get the line where you want it you will click the tear drop to add something. it will then look like this! 


You will want to start with a line box to divide the two services.  To find the line you just scroll down a little in the block options. 


After your line you will want to follow the same process, but choose the text option this time. This is where you are going to type in your service and it's price.  


Once you have that bit of text there I want you to highlight it. You will then change the font that the text is in by clicking the little arrow next to normal in the text options. You will select Heading 2 and this will put the font in navy blue Georgia font. in the image below you will see that I accidentally took a picture where I centered it, but you will leave it left aligned. 

Now it's time to add in another text block so that you can add in the service description.


You will follow all of the same steps for this as when you added he title, only this time you won't change the font category like you did above. 

See, that was easy! Now you know hoe to add a service to your page, and you can do so many things with the block options. This is really just the tip of the iceberg!  

Selecting The Thumbnail Image For Each Post

Your site is finalized and we did an amazing job capturing your business in the most amazing light! Now you just need to do this with your posts so that they look amazing through your site.  

The first step in doing this is choosing a thumbnail image that will represent each post. take that Blogger!!!  

So you have written up a lovely little post, added one of your beautifully branded photos, and your ready to schedule it. What's the next step?  


 So when your in there writing up your post you might notice that at the top of the screen there are four tabs.

Content | Options | Location | Social


i want you to click Options. Once you have done this you should see something like this!  


You can see here where I added your photo for the post. This is also where you will dedicate an excerpt to the post of you want to, and you can even enter in your own custom URL for the post. 

Now you have made it look all pretty when you post it!  

On a side note... do you see that tab that says social? If you click that you can set the posts up to automatically share to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter when they publish! once again... kicking bloggers ass!  

This platform really is amazing, and I am so excited to see how you like it the more you use it!  

Editing/Adding Page Header


Okay, so you have had the site for a little while and maybe you want to change the photo at the top of the page. 


Have no fear, this is SUPER EASY to do!  

So when you log in you will go to the pages section. When you hover over the right side of the page tab you should see a gear appear. When you see this gear click it!  

Once you click it a screen will pop up. On this you will see a Media tab in the upper right hand corner. Click that! 

Now you simply remove the old image and add a new one!  

There is a little circle on the image once you upload one. This circle selects the focal point of the image. Move that around until the image looks the way you want it to. You will have to click save before you see the results.  

See! I told you this would be easy! But then again Squarespace is pretty good at making it that way.