Postpartum transitions can be difficult for a mom, whether you've just had you first or you've added to an already existing family. Adding a doula to your postpartum support team gives you an unbiased person who is dedicated to you and your family, and can ease your transitions by providing personalized support. 

A postpartum doula adds a wealth of support to your family by.....

  • tend to household chores while you rest

  • assist with your self care planning and accountability

  • cook healthy meals and snacks in your home for your family

  • help you talk about and process your birth experience

  • tend to baby care needs while you rest or take a few moments for self care

  • give partner resources and ideas to support mom through things like postpartum anxiety, depression, and self care

A postpartum doula is an expert in self care, baby care, and provides incredible mental and emotional support during each postpartum transition, be it the first six weeks or as you approach one year postpartum. 

We also have Postpartum Care Packages ($95); a customized delivery of care and support for a new parent.

Included in the package:

  • New Mama Oats (12)

  • Lavender Sitz Bath and Epsom Soak

  • Lactation or Protein Cookies (32-40)

  • Pampers Newborn Pack

  • Mother’s Milk or Calming Tea

  • Mom & Caregiver Magazine

  • Colouring Book (Mindful Motherhood, while supplies last)