photo credit:  Rebecca Nash Photography

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

Doula Partner | Birth and Postpartum Doula | Certified Meditation Instructor | Doula Trainer

Sweet Stella’s began in 2010 when Shannon felt a loss of identity after childbirth. While navigating postpartum depression, miscarriage and pregnancy after loss, her business organically evolved into a full service birth and postpartum doula practice that supports parents in their choices. Sweet Stella's became her safe place, and is now a trusted practice with families in the London community. In January 2015, Shannon completed her doula training with Doula Alliance and went on to create her own robust doula training and mentorship program.

Top 3 items in my doula bag...essential oil roller balls, massager for counter pressure, phone charger.

When I’m not at a client, I....write! Well I do a lot of things, actually. I volunteer at my boys’ school, write poetry and am currently working on a manuscript, lift heavy things at the gym, run, shuttle my big kiddo to and from the arena (proud Hockey Mom here!), snuggle with our rescue pup, working on our Acts of Kindness campaign. I also really love coffee…like alot.

My specialties are...cesarean births, hypnobirthing (meditation and breath awareness), and doula training. Hands down. Those are environments I thrive in and situations that my strengths as a doula and compassionate support person shine through. I love seeing my students come through training feeling empowered and supported

My favourite doula resource is....I’ve had the distinct pleasure of studying under some incredible doulas; Ina May Gaskin and Melissa Krawecki have both been hugely influential for me, as well as my own doula mentor, Jena Evans Turnbull. But my absolute favourite resource are the incredible women on this team with me. They are always there to bounce ideas off of, and when one of us doesn’t know the answer, we reach out to our global doula community for support. Truly, we doula each other through this journey.

My favourite thing to bring to a client is....New Mama Oatmeal packets! Whether you are breastfeeding or not, they take the guess work out of meal and snack time. I remember being newly postpartum with my first and the thought of choosing between frozen dinner A and frozen dinner B was too much, so I just wouldn’t eat. And my brain suffered big time. The New Mama Oatmeal takes the pressure off, and it’s super yummy and healthy, too! A healthy dose of kindness and compassion is always served on the side.

photo credit:  Rebecca Nash Photography

Kerri Dowling

Doula Partner | Birth and Postpartum Doula | Placenta Encapsulation Specialist | Overnight Doula

Kerri joined the Sweet Stella's team in 2016 with an enthusiasm and passion for maternal mental health and making the birth process the most positive experience a woman will have in her life through education, support and compassion. She is a fully certified Labour Birth and Postpartum Doula, has also taken training for Cesarean support, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support as well as Acupressure for Labour and Birth, LGBTQ Inclusive Obstetrics, and has completed her training in Placenta Encapsulation with International Placenta and Postpartum Association.

Top 3 things items in my doula bag are… Massager for counter pressure, Rebozo, Birth Affirmation Cards

When I'm not at a client, I am… spending time with my children usually at an arena, as both are very active in the hockey and ringette communities. I enjoy a good book, singing silly duets with my son and spending a day at the spa with my daughter. I enjoy baking cupcakes and spending time with family and friends. I spend my down time doing things for others, like dropping off a home cooked meal, donating blood or running errands for those who may not be able to. If I'm not doing any of that, you can usually catch me binge watching some of my favorite Netflix shows!

My specialties are… Maternal Mental Health, Overnight Support and Infant Care. I am so incredibly passionate about everything in Doula work. Providing compassionate support, no matter what is needed, is my top priority with each of my families I work with. Babies are my favorite thing in the world, and there is no greater smile you will see on my face, then when I have a baby in my arms.

My favorite doula resource is… the amazing people in my community! I lean on a significant amount of the wonderful resources we have access to in our own community, from Chiropratic care to Perinatal Mental Health Specialists and everything in between. I believe that our greatest resource, aside from books and continuing education, are the people around us!

My favorite thing to bring to a client is… reassurance and validation. You can typically expect me to bring things like New Mama Oatmeal, self care packages, and a special present for baby, however, I believe that some of the more important things you can bring a new parent is something as simple as a hug and a "I know this is hard, but I've got you."


We have an incredible relationship with some passionate doulas in our community, who provide subcontractor and back-up services to us when our schedules and availability is limited! In the event that we need to engage with a subcontractor to assist with your care, we will ensure that they are with you every step of the way and provide the same consistent, compassionate support you have grown to know and love with our team here at Sweet Stella’s.