How to make your outdoor party extra special

We've talked about setting the stage with a campfire, outdoor skating rink and serving soup in thermoses with bannock bread, but how do you make your outdoor winter party extra special?

It's always in the details!

To create these large marbles, that would be lovely lining the path to your party place, simply fill balloons with colored water and set them in the freezer. The only thing that I would change would be to stick to one color to create a cohesive look.

Pick up some bales of straw from a local farmer and cover them with blankets for a great seating area.

Use your summer patio furniture as props! Cover it with snow, like the folding chair shown above, and hand a lantern from the seat or back. Then, place teapots full of steaming teal and carafes of delicious hot chocolate on the seat for a serving station!


Soup's On! Outdoor Party Inspiration

Continuing with our outdoor party inspiration is a clever idea that I found on Pinterest.

Who didn't love a thermos full of hot soup as a child?! I love this idea, and the enameled mugs are the perfect touch for this element to your outdoor winter party.

Similarly, you could have a large pot of chili heating over an open fire and serve up bannok, which is a personal campfire favourite of mine.

Check out this delicious recipe for Rough Draft Farmstead!


Winter Party Trends for 2014

Thinking of hosting a winter party this season? Look outside for inspiration!

Think cozy blankets, roasting marshmallows by the fire and even building your own backyard skating rink. Just because the temperature is chilly, doesn't mean that you can't get outside for some fresh air and fun with your friends!

Personally, I love the idea of an outdoor campfire and skating party. Just think of the possibilities!

Hot cocoa simmering over an open fire
A log bench for lacing up your skates
Trays of weiners and hotdogs to be roasted on fallen branches
Blanket for snuggling
Jiffy pop for popping over the fire
A snowman building contest

Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn't it??