Cozy Winter #Fashion Trends for Her

A recent fashion trend that I am in love with is the cape. It is perfect for fall and winter, and looks lovely when paired with boots, jeans and a sweater.

While it might not be your everyday, go-to piece of winter outer wear, they are beautiful statement pieces to have in your winter wardrobe.

Cozy Winter Fashion

Doesn't the whole outfit just look cozy and luxurious? I love this cape in particular because it is reminiscent of the equestrian trends that we have seen this year, and pairs really nicely with the structured light tan riding boots, and the leather gloves. The contrast between the dark charcoal and light tan is beautiful, then the poop of red brings another dimension to the outfit.

Do you have a cape in your winter wardrobe?

Top Picks for Winter Accessories 2014

What is a season without a collection of awesome accessories?

Winter Accessories 2013

I love this little collection SO HARD. The whimsical mittens remind me of my bff, Heather. She always has cute mittens and these ones were too awesome not to include in this Winter Accessories collection.

Every winter calls for a great hat; well at least every Canadian  winter. In a rich kelly green hue, this one is perfect.

Arm warmers and boot cuffs were items that I never considered before, but at taking centre stage as trendy accessories. These fun SNOW arm warmers are sure to keep your arms warm under a light winter coat, and your hands covered when it's cold but not too cold outside.

A great scarf is also a necessity for winter, and having one in a simple white will make it a staple in your wardrobe.

Along the animal theme, I found this super adorable bunny hair pin. And, this minty nail polish is a great compliment and pop of color for winter.

I am an absolute sucker for a pair of soft knitted boot slippers. I have a pair that are currently falling apart, and they keep me warm and cozy all winter long. These ones would be a great replacement for my current pair!

What are your favorite winter accessories?

Winter Boot Fashion for 2014

Winter in Canada means loads of snow, ice, salt and cold. It means winter boots, but those boots don't have to be ugly!

Winter Boot Trends 2013

Like with most things, it's all in the details! I've rounded up my favorite boots, found on Polyvore, that all feature amazing details to make them interesting and chic.

Native prints
Fur lining

On the top of my list are the Sorel low heel boots in the centre with the contrasting aqua laces. At $95 on Amazon, these don't break the bank either!

Which ones are your favorite?


Winter Fashion 2013 and 2014

It's all in the details this winter when it comes to fashion, and making sure that your pieces talk to one another. Compliment one

Winter Fashion 2013

A lot of pretty to process, I know, but let's take it one step at a time, starting with the core of the outfit; jeans and a sweater.

Jeans and a sweater are pretty much staples when it comes to winter fashion. So how do you dress those items up? Pair them with some awesome winter boots, a fabulous studded Michael Kors bag, and a beautiful coat and you have an outfit that can go from running errands to a client meeting at a coffee shop.

In terms of accessories, look at the hardware on your handbag. Gold or silver? Brass or bronze? I like to compliment my metals and not mix and match, so I chose some sparkly silver accessories. The arrow ring is perfect and beautiful, and the sparkly earrings give that shimmer and shine that is usually lacking in the winter months. Put those on and tell me that you don't feel amazing!

What is your ideal winter outfit?

Winter Outerwear Options with Style

Today is all about Winter outerwear! I love the details that we are finding on winter jackets and blazers right now.

Exposed Zippers
Studded detail

Whatever you choose, make sure it has some personality. With the blustery days ahead, everyone will be wearing jackets, so it's really your opportunity to make a stand out first impression.

Ditch the black, navy and grey, and opt for a beautiful poppy red or mustard yellow! Stand out in the crowd!

Winter 2013 Outerwear Trends

Burberry jacket
2,615 CAD -

Rock N Blue leather jacket
355 CAD -

Modström blue jacket
165 CAD -

The north face jacket
120 CAD -

Dorothy Perkins blazer
28 CAD -

Trench coat
31 CAD -

Forever 21 motorcycle jacket
46 CAD -

Happy jacket shopping!


Fabulous Winter Fashion Finds on Pinterest

If you hop over to Pinterest and search Winter Fashion 2013, you will find a plethora of amazing and cozy looks. Most are centred in black and white, most with jean and sweaters, so when I saw this look, I knew that I had to share it here on the blog.

While the look need a pop of color {in my opinion}, I love that it is a little different than the other winter looks out there.

The cloche hat and jacket are beautiful, and when paired with the all black look on the bottom, the jacket makes quite the statement.

The only thing about the look that I would change would be the bag. This is where I would add a pop of color. Something like...

Just because it's winter doesn't mean that you can't have a really amazing pop of color!


Casual Winter Fashion for 2013

When I started looking at my editorial calendar and realized that November meant Winter fashion, I went off to Polyvore to create some boards.

Winter in Southwestern Ontario means a mix of warm and cold. We get prepared for mounds of snow, but sometimes, that doesn't happen! I thought that this look was a lovely casual, yet cozy, look that is on trend for Winter!

Casual Winter 2013

Green top
27 CAD -

A|Wear dark wash jeans
28 CAD -

Pink & Pepper studded booties
58 CAD -

Old Navy shoulder strap purse
26 CAD -

Bracelet bangle
11 CAD -

The mint top is a great staple for every wardrobe, not just winter, and certainly will carry you through Spring 2014.

Dark washed skinny jeans...hello! Everyone should have these hanging in their closets.

What makes this outfit stand out are the details. The studded boots, perfect for the transition of fall to winter, then winter to spring, are fantastic. Use them again in the Spring with a cute sun dress for a photo shoot!

The cross body back in a plum tone is perfect for a casual day out at the market or book shop. It's a great split complimentary color to the mint, and when paired with the neural but beautiful stacked bracelets, makes a real statement.

What will you be wearing this winter?

Fashionista Friday: Tina Dean Designs

Fashionista Friday is a new series every month here at Sweet Stella's, and I'll be featuring the insanely inspired designs of two of my BlogHer'13 sponsors, Tina Dean Designs and Kristine Cook Designs.

If you're like me, you're braving the cold cold winter right now. That means scarves, hats, mittens, boots...pretty much every layer you can imagine, and more often than not they're not pretty.

Not until Tina Dean Designs started her winter wear line, that is!

I literally wear my infinity scarf every day - it's so lovely and the structure is amazing. My fingerless gloves are great for being able to check on emails and social media throughout the day when I'm out running errands, and let me grip the steering wheel, while still being warm.

Tina, who is a textile artist in Virginia, hand makes every item in her shop. The wearable items are all one of a kind and she has written her own patterns, tweaking them ever to slightly from item to item to ensure that you are getting a 100% custom piece of work.

I am in absolute LOVE with my winter wear items from Tina Dean Designs, and know that you will not be disappointed in deciding to order your scarves and fingerless gloves from Tina!


Warming Winter Fashion...again with the buttons!

I warned you last time that I am a wee bit obsessed with buttons this it should be no surprise that I am in love with this outfit, by Stella McCartney.

Everything from the four buttons down the back to the contrasting grey tones...and the amazing black every way this outfit is simply perfect!

Be it going from office to cocktails with coworkers, or office to office-party {dressing it up with a cuff bracelet and sparkly clutch instead of the black one...maybe with a pop of cobalt blue or holiday red}'s just perfect and super flattering for almost every body type.

Pants are one thing that aren't worn nearly enough for gatherings, but with the right top and details {ahem, buttons} it can be truly chic!

Warming Winter Fashion...jackets with buttons

There is something that I truly love about a warm structured jacket with some amazing button details.

This jacket, from LittleHouses on Etsy, is just divine. The neckline can be folded up for a blustery day, or down for a more mild winter day when the sun is shining.

and the buttons! Can we talk about about the buttons for a moment? Buttons are probably my absolute most favourite detail of clothing right now. They're sleek and stylish, but can pack such a punch.

I love that the designer paired them in a set of three - offcentreing their placement on the chest and only in the top left shoulder area. It makes the design so balanced and eyecatching!

What are your favourite jacket details for winter?