Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us!

This weekend (tomorrow, actually), my husband and I celebrate 6th years married...and 10 years total together. Kind of crazy that it's a third of our lives!

So very much has changed since then....

Another birth!
More babies!
Moving too many times to count

And we did it, together.

Very, very...happily...together.

Happy anniversary!

Sixth Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him #giftguide

Each year, I am tasked with finding something really cool to give my husband for our wedding anniversary. Last year it was a hand stamped wooden box (5th anniversary traditional: wood) with a silver mechanical watch (modern: silver).

This year for our sixth wedding anniversary the themes are iron and candy. Finally, an easy one!

When it comes to iron options for Him, I really love the titanium ring with ironwood inner band on the top right. It's absolutely gorgeous, and I'm definitely drawn to it much like the ebony wood with turquoise inlay.

Tiger iron cufflinks are another chic option for him, especially if he's a business man. I love giving him cufflinks so this is definitely a great option.

For something vintage, there are tonnes of iron bottle openers on Etsy. I remember my Dad had one of these in our basement, a Coca-Cola one actually, and I always thought it was a really charming fixture. It was never used, but it was just a neat piece of unique wall art.

And...if your husband is a golfer, a new iron might be in the books. This has definitely been a front runner in terms of ideas over the past few months, but really...what do I know about buying him a golf club!?

In terms of candy, clearly you've got to give him his favorites and for my husband that is hands down fuzzy peaches. I always put a bag of them in his Christmas stocking and last year, he made the mistake of sharing with Owen...who now loves "Daddy's special candy." Whoops!

On this day, five years ago

I married he man of my dreams. The man who drove me home in the worst of storms so I could be with my family pup, Tony, when we said good-bye.

The man who held me when I crumpled on the floor upon hearing from the police officer that my Dad died.

The man who didn't give up on me, even when I drove away from him.

To that man, thank you. Thank you for believing in me; for putting up with my mess of art supplies that always take over the kitchen; for not caring if our floors are dirty and haven't been washed in months.

Thank you for loving me.

We danced to this song as our last-dance before to bid our guests goodnight and slipped away on our wedding night. I love this song, and will for the rest of my life when I think of that moment.


Much Love Monday, Silveware Gift Ideas

For the 5th wedding anniversary, the alternate gift idea is silverware. Ours is pretty plain jane, and the every day silverware is mixed and matched at this point. While it would be great to replace all of that and get some funky pieces into the mix, I went searching on Etsy for some unique pieces and found these two stunning ones that I just adore.

Silver spoon bracelet by Mon Petit Chou Boutique

Knife bell necklace by TheBeadLadies

The details on the handles of both pieces are so delicate and feminine, they're absolutely beautiful! And while you can tell that they were made from pieces of silverware, they are totally unexpected. Who would have thought that the end of a knife would make a beautiful pendant, or that two spoon handles could join together to create a lovely bracelet?!

When we originally registered for silverware, I thought for certain that I would never want the detailed pieces like my mother and grandmother had. Now, nostalgia has hit and I crave that attention to detail! What better way to satisfy that, than with these beautiful pieces!


Much Love Thursday, 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas for HER

I've shown you some unique wooden gift ideas for the special man in your life on your pending 5th wedding anniversary, but what about you? Are there some funky gifts out there, made of wood, for a woman?

Here are my top picks!

Reclaimed tub caddy by Peg and Awl

Mountain earrings by corejewellery

Washi tape organizer by 464Handmade

And the one that I am really really lusting after

Wooden bangle bracelet by ARemarkYouMake

I love a unique gift, and any of the ones above would be amazing to get of the 5th wedding anniversary! It's kind of a big one, so a traditional {wood} but modern, trendy and funky gift is in order!


Much Love Monday: Recreating the Cake

I've had this idea for a little while now. I want to recreate our wedding cake and surprise my husband with it at a nice dinner while we are on our little weekend away in Collingwood.

It was simple and pretty...chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The topper was custom made by a local artist and was perfect.

The knife was my parents and was engraved with their wedding date and names. We still have it and I love it.

Five years later, I would totally do a different cake with a little more creativity and flair. Because of our venue, I felt an intense amount of pressure to make sure everything was overly formal. For those of you who've gotten to know me over the pat few years, you know that I am a little more freespirited than formal....artsy fartsy than country cluby.

While I won't be able to {or would want to} have the cake from the same location, I am considering doing a single tier like ours, but have it handpainted in the green apple...almost in a watercolor application.

I'd also love to have some of these for the topper!

How beautiful would they be on top of a single tier? And even better if they are created by Laura from 2Clvr 4 U Designs!


Much Love Monday: Blue Mountain

I am really excited that this year for our anniversary we are going to be spending a few days away from home...sans toddler.

We've been wanting to get a way for some time now, and September seems the perfect time to head up north to Collingwood and Blue Mountain

Isn't it beautiful? I went to the Westin Trillium House with some girlfriends for a bachelorette weekend a couple of years ago, and it was such a blast. The resort is stunning, and the village is such a fun place to go. There are all sorts of neat little shops, activities and even a spa for relaxation.

When was the last time you went on a trip with your spouse? Where did you go?


Much Love Monday: 5th Anniversary Ideas

My husband and I are about a month away from celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. While I am eclectic and unique in pretty much every other aspect of our lives, when it comes to exchanging anniversary gifts, I get pretty sentimental and traditional.

First anniversary was paper...he received sheet music of our first dance song
Second was cotton...he received beautiful new bedsheets {he's a picky one when it comes to our sheets}
Third was leather...but I cannot remember what I got him. A new wallet I think?
Fourth was fruit or flowers, and linen...he received a linen tie from Fox and Brie with a coral underside in a floral pattern

Fifth is wood and silverware. {get your giggles out now}

Here are my top picks for traditional fifth anniversary gifts for that handsome groom of yours {and mine}!

Mid Century office globe with wooden base by Modred12

Driftwood coasters by Railis

Ziricote inlay cufflinks by WalkingDune

Peppermill and salt grinder by tealandgold

All of the above options I am certain are ones that my husband would love, even the peppermill and salt grinder. They are modern, chic, and that is something he is coming to appreciate both in style and home decor.

The ultimate option I will be keeping under wraps as I am really really excited about it and don't want to spoil the surprise!

What anniversary are you celebrating? Do you like traditional gifts, or do you do something more unique?