Wedding Wednesday: Frosted Dahlia's

When I think about winter, I immediately think about frost hitting the delicate petals of flowers that have yet to close up for the season.  The icy gloss...the shimmer and shine...

These delicate statement rings are sculpted out of a pearlized polymer clay, taking on the appearance of frost and oh so perfect for the bridesmaids at your wedding. They're simple and sweet, yet make a statement and are most definitely something that your girls will wear over and over again.

To coordinate with your maids, we can work with your wedding colours or a certain flower from your bouquet and sculpt it in the same pearl clay.

A beautiful statement for your wedding!

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Gifts

If you're like me, you want to make sure that your wedding attendants {in most cases your absolutely bestest of best friends and your closest of close sisters} have the absolute best time at your wedding...right down to the personalized gift that you give them for the big day.

Incorporate their sense of style with your wedding colours, and give them a handsculpted ring on an antique adjustable ring base.

2" pebble cocktail ring
2" pearl Dahlia cocktail ring
Have your wedding flowers all picked out? Let me sculpt them, and create a one-of-a-kind design that will match your wedding beautifully!

double rosette ring
2" teal and white marbled Pansy ring
These statement rings pack a punch, but can be custom made to order and sized appropriately so they blend with your wedding and don't overshadow the beautiful elements of your big day!

Wedding Wednesday: Brooches for Mom

Have a gift for the mother of the bride or groom yet? Stumped on what to give?

Brooches make an excellent gift, and can be personalized in a number of ways by incorporating their favourite colour or flower! Delicate petals, all hand sculpted, are layered to create magnificent one of a kind pieces...just like your mom!

2" lilac sprig brooch
They make amazing corsages for weddings - no allergy concerns and they can double as gifts for mothers and grandmothers, helping with your overall budget

2" blue rosette brooch
Have your wedding flowers already picked out? I can match the style and colour to make sure that the sculpted pieces flow seamlessly with your real flowers!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Hanlon Lain Photography

 I have something incredibly special to share with you, from my photography sponsor Hanlon Lain Photography.

Last week, my mom got married. It was her second wedding, a late-in-life-love after my Dad passed away almost 7 years ago. Lainie captured the most lovely and tender moments!

I just love the vintage vibe to the photographs. The light is so yummy and soft, the details are perfect, and everything turned out so be very dreamy.

I am so proud of my friend, Lainie, who has taken her passion for photography and turned it into her art. What she sees through her lens is truly amazing!

Food&Wine Friday: Creamy Brie Cheese

While definitely not a cheese that screams summer with its melty, gooey goodness, there's something to be said for the colour and texture of a good brie cheese.

It's almost a rustic white on the outside if someone has tried to scrape it off. It reminds me of chalk...which takes me to a place of burlap, chalkboards, hay bales....a rustic vintage glam wedding.

When I see the brie pictured above, I see a rustic cheese board lined up with artisan breads, red wines and brie wheels...just waiting for wedding guests to dive in during the cocktail hour.

I also see a gorgeous wedding gown with a lace overlay....a sculpted dahlia in the brides hair...her bridesmaids with matching dahlia rings...

Layers and layers of delicate petals come together to create it, similar to the layers and layers of heavenly cream that come together to create a beautiful wheel of brie. What could be better at your rustic wedding...not many things, I tell ya...not many things.

Wedding Wednesday: Custom Guest Books

Brides everywhere are customizing every aspect of their wedding, and with good cause! It's your day to shine, and to show everyone who you are...right down to your guest book!

Some are going with amazingly fun photo booths for their guests to get a copy and to sign a copy fort he guest book; others are going with traditional photo albums.

I've been asked what I would do for a guest book, and it's so incredibly simple....paint, paint, paint!

custom painted journals with ribbons and skeleton keys
Painting a journal and embellishing it with ribbons and skeleton keys is perfect for a rustic, vintage glam type wedding, whereas....

custom handpainted journal with sculpted pansy embellishment
adding a sculpted flower would be perfect for a spring, garden wedding!

The journals translate so incredibly well as a guest book with approximately 100 unlined pages for guests to write sweet notes on, a sturdy coil binding and a whimsical embellishment to go with the theme and tone for your day. They can be painted in any colour combination in either a painterly or linear style, to become a natural element of your wedding.

A book to cherish for a lifetime that you will love reading, over and over again!

Wedding Wednesday: Sculpted Bridal Accessories

I've been in my studio alot lately...dreaming up some amazingly whimsical designs for brides. Oh...if only I could do it all over again! One of the things that I would most definitely change would be my hair.

Don't get me wrong, it was super pretty, but it was incredibly formal and it just didn't suit my artsy-fartsy personality.

To do it all again...

oversize white ruffle peony on a headband

And for my girls...

black ruffle peony hair clips

I don't know why I didn't think about using my skills as an artist four years ago when we got married - I got crafty and made a few things here and there, but definitely could have gone all out when it came to whimsical designs to make our colours {black, white and lime} really pop. Can you imagine the white ruffle peony with a lime centre and some tendrils in my dark chocolate hair?! Amazing!

Special Post: Emmaline Bride

Have you heard of Emmaline Bride before?

I was first introduced to this amazing handmade haven by the photographer that we used when I was pregnant, and then for our newborn and 1st birthday photo shoots - Rosina di Trolio...probably going back 2 years now?

Anyhow! You're looking at one of the newest preferred handmade artisans in The Marketplace on Emmaline Bride!

I'm absolutely thrilled and have been sitting on it over the weekend, just waiting to announce to you all!

What can you expect to find?

Beautiful handmade rings for your bridesmaids

Delicately hand sculpted corsages and brooches for the mothers of the bride-and-groom

Gorgeous handpainted guestbooks

Hilarious and handmade photo booth props

I'm so proud to be included as a preferred handmade artist, and look forward to working with all of you inspired brides to make your wedding extra special!

Guest Bloggin': How I Rock My Marriage

Hey friends!!

While it is moving day and I said that there wouldn't really be a post today (that post is coming later...oops! So much for scheduling!) I am guest bloggin' over at Elf: A Family Blog about How I Rock My Marriage, so while we're waiting on the moving truck to take arrive, I thought I'd shre it with you all!

Have a read...and quite possibly a giggle!

Happy Monday!

Sponsor Love: Wedding Accessories by Jacques Vert

Which wedding accessories do you choose for your wedding?

If you are planning to attend a wedding or perhaps you are getting married yourself, it isn’t always easy to find perfect wedding outfits because of the wide range of choice. On top of that are the accessories that are of importance as well. If you are unsure of which accessories to wear with your wedding outfit or when going to a formal lunch event, then it might be worthwhile for you to read this post. I have lined up some accessories that I believe would make a great addition to any occasion wear outfit.


When deciding upon what type of jewellery to choose, I’d recommend opting for less chunky jewellery such as this elegant fine black enamel and marcasite effect pendant necklace. The necklace is set on a silver colour chai with little ball beads and would look great with any wedding outfit.


For those who have never heard of this term, a fascinator is a fashionable headpiece that is often worn on special occasions. Fascinators come in various styles and are created by colourful feathers, flowers and other sorts of fabrics.

Often, these fascinators can be worn in two different ways. There are fascinators with combs attached to them which you have to stick in your hair in the opposite direction, ensuring the hairs are woven between the teeth of the comb. The other, more common, form is the headband fascinator which can simply be placed on top of the hair.


Finding the right purse to go with your outfit can often be a tricky task because you have to ensure that all your belongings fit in the bag (and we’ve got many things we put in our purses) whilst at the same time making sure that the colour is right.

This purse is an elegant fondant pink fabric clutch styled bag, with a curving flat to the front and satin draped twist detail to finish. You can combine this purse with a crème or black dress, or a similar colours dress.

This post was sponsored by Susanna Cha, on behalf of Jacques Vert

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show...T-Minus 3 days!

That's right folks...3 days! AHH!! I cannot believe how much stock I've made for this weekend!

  • 36 painted glass ornaments
  • 22 paper styro ornaments
  • 45 notestacks
  • 38 tiny stacks
  • 24 pinwheels
  • 9 basic masks
  • 9 couture masks (4 still in the works)
  • 7 thick journals
  • 1 thin journal
  • 152 favour pouches
  • 7 party packs
Grand total of 217 items! CRAZY!

But it was certainly well worth it, and I absolutely love each and every item!

Now I have to pack up all of this...

and I am OH SO EXCITED to share the new ornaments for this season!!

this one reminds me of chocolate I call it Brown Cow

perfectly papered in various greens and patterns!

I adore this one! Purple, silver and electric lime unexpected!

Want to get a couple ornaments of your own?? Enter in the giveaway happening at Peanut's Tale!

Talk-To-Me Tuesday: French Toast Cupcakes

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of creating a cupcake tower for a very good friend's wedding. Her theme was very simple...fall

tiny fondant, handsculpted pumpkins and leaves

set up and ready to be devoured!

One of the recipes in particular turned out so deliciously well and I wanted to share it with you all. My husband and I decided that these are probably the best cupcakes that I've made yet!

French Toast Cupcakes

  • 1 1/2 cup(s) sifted cake flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon(s) salt
  • 1/2 cup(s) (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 cup(s) sugar
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1/2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract (or substitute maple syrup)
  • 1/2 cup(s) whole milk
  • 1/2 bag of Hershey's Cinnamon chips

Preheat oven to 400F, and line muffin tin with cupcake liners

Mix dry ingredients, then add wet and mix well

Mix in cinnamon chips

Bake for 10 minutes, using a toothpick to check for doneness. Bake for an additional 3-5minutes if needed.

Frost with buttercream


1 cup unsalted butter (softened)
3 cups icing sugar (confectioner's sugar)
splash of vanilla

Seriously, to die for!! Complete sugar overload, but I promise you that it's worth it! For the wedding, I made mini's (and we kept some full sized ones at home...shhhh!) so the sugar overload wouldn't be so potent! You could even drizzle a bit of maple syrup on top, or garnish with a maple sugar candy!

Enjoy!! (we certainly did!)

Tip  Junkie handmade projects

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show Prep, Week 2

Man oh man! I have been on-the-go and in creation mode for the past few weeks! Between wedding cakes, cards for weddings, stationary for the craft seems to never stop!

Here are a few things that I have been working on!

Seasonal Stacks - 12 pages of handcut and stamped stationary, bound with cream ribbon. Perfect for gifts that need to be sent in the mail!

Tiny Stacks...they measure about 2"x3", and are the perfect stocking stuffer! Great for tossing in your purse to jot down quick notes, putting cute notes in your kiddos' lunchbox or tucking lovenotes in your sweetie's wallet! Bound with coordinating ribbon.

On the way...or rather, on the coffee table right now and all cut last night, 160 favour pouches, 12 more stacks of everyday stationary, 18 more Tiny Stacks! Then to be completed....7 journal embellishments, 30 ornaments, and as many pinwheels as I can make before the show!

Tip Me Tuesday: Fondant on a Cake

This past week, I had a very very important project to work on.

My mission: feed 160(ish) people cake for a wedding...and not just any wedding...but my best friend's wedding, and be a beautiful bridesmaid at the same time!

Here's the cake...

And my gorgeous bff cutting it with her new husband. are some tips from me to use, when using fondant and making a tiered cake

  • bake your cakes and freeze them a couple of days prior to the event - seal in that freshness and make sure that they'll be stable when you're stacking them!
  • fill and frost, then refrigerate overnight before starting your fondant work
  • internal supports are your friend! For this cake, I used 4 plastic Wilton dowels in the middle tier, and 5 in the bottom tier. Put them in the cake AFTER you've done all of the tiers in fondant and decorated
  • if you're IN the bridal party and doing the cake (who does that!?) have a clear plan for your week (bake and freeze Wednesday, fill and frost Thursday, fondant on the friday)
  • slab cakes are your friend if you have a massive amount of people to feed!

Link up your homemade project with Tip Junkie!!

Tip  Junkie handmade projects

Wow-Me Wednesday: Custom Wedding Card

A couple of weeks ago, Heather from Forrat's Chocolate's {Richmond Row} asked if I could create a custom wedding card using the colours royal blue and cranberry.

Here's what I whipped up!

I used bronze brads in the corners to give it a bit of a vintage flair

And frayed the edges of the papers with a dull cutting blade

I hope it WOW's you! It's simple, but shabby-chic and was perfect for what Heather needed it for!

link up your WOW-Me project with Ginger Snap Crafts!

Wow-Me Wednesday: Wedding Cupcakes

I just realized that I completely forgot to post the photos that I took once all of the 12 dozen cupcakes, one 8" cake and cookie favours were all set up!

Here they are!!

Vanilla, Chocolate and Blueberry cupcakes

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Gluten-free Chocolate truffle cupcakes

The entire cake display!

Pretty awesome and I'm really proud of how they all turned out!

Have you made something pretty great lately? Link up with Ginger Snap Crafts!!

What's Next Wednesday: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Well well well...what do we have here??

See those lovely tabs up along the top? They're NEW!!

Most are still under construction, and we promise that they will be up and running soon full of awesome information about The Artisan Group, Giveaways, Shopping and Sponsorship Information.

To tide you over, have a look at the About Us page!! I am thrilled with how it looks and am incredibly thankful to Melissa from Never a Dull Moment for her design expertise.

Please bear with me as we work through these changes. They're much needed and I promise you, well worth the wait.

Once the other tabs are finished, we're moving onto colours and some layout changes, and will be highlighting some of Sweet Stella's awesome sponsors.

Want to be one? That information is coming soon too!!

What's Next Wednesday: DVD Boxes

I was recently asked by a local photographer if I made boxes for DVD's and CD's, and if I didn't, if I could figure out a way to.

Well, at the time the only boxes that I had made were these

ONEderland Tea Kettles and Cups for Jenni From The Blog

and now, I've developed a product that I absolutely adore...from complete scratch!

Hand stamped bride+groom names, threaded on cotton cord and finished with glass seed beads

Patterned bottoms with a 1" lip

Coordinated inks, cord and papers...all part of the job!

I absolutely love them, and what's even better...the photographer is over the moon about the attention to detail; her business initials in 2" letters, the patterned bottoms, coordinated cord and the seed beads. She loves the bride+groom names stamped and handcut, then threaded onto the cord.

Love love love!

Priced at $8.99, bulk photography orders are welcome and these would be great as wedding favours! Bulk orders qualify for discounts, so let me know if you are interested and we'll collaborate!

What's Next Wednesday: Mini Candy Cups

Happy Wednesday!! Again, blogging a bit early as we have a busy day of nurse visits and Walk of Hope appointments tomorrow!

So...What's Next?

How about some Mini Candy Cups? These ones are going to a Candy Couture Events candy buffet at the Sunshine Foundation Golf Tournament on Thursday!

Yellow and mustardy-orange cups that measure approx. 3.5" (cup circumference and length). These ones have the word "Sunshine" handstamped in acid free black ink, strung on bright orange cotton cord, then embellished with graphite coloured glass seed beads.

I think that they are just absolutely adorable! I'm going to come up with two more sizes, a Small Candy Cup and Medium Candy Cone, to suit every candy and dessert buffet need!

Mini Cups are sold in sets of 4 for $6.99!

Bulk orders are eligible for a discount, so drop me a line about your upcoming event!

What's Next Wednesday: Shipping To The Emmy's! that my notestacks are all packed up and ready to go {being shipped in the morning}...What's Next??

The next big project that I'm working on is more baking than anything else. I have a wedding order for cupcakes, a cake and cookies for this coming weekend...and then in just over a month I am doing the wedding cake for my best friend's wedding.

Here's what I've been working on!

Chocolate, Blueberry and Vanilla cupcakes

Frosted to look like Hydrangea' did I do?

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting...that tastes like Cinnabon!

Chunky Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss thumbprints

And oh darn...I may have baked too many...and we may have needed to taste test some!