City Prints Map Art Mother's Day Special

Have you figured out how you are celebrating the mother's and grandmother's in your life this year for Mother's Day? City Prints Map Art is here to help solve your gifting woes with a really spectacular and unique gift.

How beautiful is that? A custom map with you at the heart...then off shoots to where your heart lies with your loved ones! Perfect for grandmothers, where the distance can some times be great {I live in Ontario, my grandmother is in British Columbia...}, to include all of the many grandchildren, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters!

When I first saw this print, I thought of my chosen family. I am at least an hour from both of my very bestest friends, and my bloggy bff lives all the way down in Boston. My heart lies all over the map, and what a great way to showcase that in this custom gift! I would be absolutely over the moon to receive this gift for Mother's Day!

This print is originally priced at $199, however City Prints Map Art has reduced their pricing to $99 plus $10 shipping. For a custom gift, that is incredibly reasonable.

Act now!! The sale ends Friday April 26th due to limited quantities!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by City Prints Map Art. I was compensated for this post.


Thanksgiving Printable

It's that time of year again! least it is here, and what better way to celebrate than by dressing up your dinner buffet with a free printable!!

Burlap gives a great texture this time of year, as do a few whimsical fall leaves that have fallen. Add in a shabby chic stitched border and there you have it!

Download it here for free!

From my Canadian home to wherever you are, Happy Thanksgiving!

SWH4T$: Playroom Printables

So you all know that I've been in the process of re-doing our basement to make it into a playroom.  One of my big projects is a gallery wall with kid-friendly yet modern & adult art.  Pinterest was a huge source of inspiration for me, from finding free prints, to getting options for gallery wall arrangements.  When its all said and done (aka after I pick out the frames and buy them), I'll have spent less than $150 on a complete gallery wall!

I've finished the first step in the process, and that's getting the art.

Most of the prints are FREE, that I found on Pinterest.  I could have been extra cheap and printed them myself, but I'm a stickler for detail and didn't want them to look like they had been printed on my crappy desktop printer.  So, I  uploaded the images to Snapfish and had them printed and sent to my house :)  These 6 prints in 8x10 size cost me $20:

Plus, these 2 typography pieces that I made myself, a'la PicMonkey :)
I got the inspiration for the Playroom Rules HERE, and the dates are all important dates in our lives :)

The most expensive singular element in the wall is going to be this print, which I paid $36 for an 11x14 so that it can be the focus of the wall:

Isn't that just the cutest thing?  Totally reminds me of Jack and makes me tear up every time I look at it :)

The 3 remaining pieces are things I already had in my house:
My dad made this for me when I was in high school, its a play on "Life's Little Instructions" with little tidbits of advice and Daddy wisdom that are unique to our family

Giraffe canvas print, thank you Target $1 Spot :)

Painting by my sister Kellie

And you know what?  Just for making it this far in this ridiculously long post, you get a PRIZE!!

How about a FREEBIE DOWNLOAD of my Playroom Rules Subway Art?  Just click that link and its yours! (the image is sized for 8x10, let me know if you need a different size and I can do it for you all special-like)


SWH4T$: Studio Makeover

It's finally ready...the virtual tour of my new studio! I figured that it would make a great post for SWH4T$ since I upcycled some old furniture, created my desk, and created my own typography art!

DIY Desk 

The desk was so incredibly easy to make!

You'll need:
2 shelving units (mine are Martha Stewart Home collection from RONA- $40 each)
piece of MDF ($25 for a 4'x8' piece - 2 free cuts at RONA! I had mine cut 4'x2'ish)
6 bins for the cubbies ($10 each at RONA)


Put your shelving units together

Paint your piece of MDF whatever colour you want to suit your room

Put MDF board on top of the shelving units when dry, and voila! DIY desk complete!

Total project cost: $165 - which is pretty cheap considering the cost of furniture, and it's completely unique! Mine stands about 3'ish high, so I dont need a chair in my studio, which is great for my posture! I also have 3 pieces of MDF leftover, which will make great coffee table tops, colouring tables for the kiddo or even just pieces of art!

I already had one of the units for the desk, which saved us $40 of materials cost. Add in the paint, and you're right around $140 for an entire new room!

The bookcase and mailing centre unit were my Husband's when he was a child; thankfully the inlaws  held onto them and I was able to repurpose them!

Love the typography? You can download it for free!