Friday Giggle: When I'm Old...

I found this on Pinterest and it gave me a good giggle.

I get asked alot {primarily by older family members} why on earth I would continue to get tattoos.

Aside from being beautiful and meaningful pieces of art, they each mark a point in my life. They mark struggle, triumph, hardship. They have so incredibly much meaning, that I just cannot imagine them not being on my body.

For those wondering, I currently have 5 tattoos. I got my first when I was 18 (an angel fish on my lower back, symbolizing my dream of becoming a biological oceanographer) followed by another (the Scottich Gaelic word for Artist) when I was 21.

My third tattoo I got in 2006 and is a memorial tattoo for my Dad.

Number four came in March 2013; an anchor for my Delta Gamma sister Christine who passed away, with the rope circling around to the inside of my wrist into an "O" for Owen.

And number five, my arrow.

Will I get more? Absolutely. I have a vision for my back, much to my husbands chagrin, and certainly there will be a tattoo for the new baby as well.

Do you have any? What do you say to the naysayers?


My Arrow

After our miscarriage, I knew that a new tattoo was in my near future. Trying to figure out what exactly to get to symbolize everything that we were going through, how I felt about it and where we would be headed was difficult.

I was immediately drawn to feathers, thinking of our wee angel in heaven, and then to dandelion puffs but they both seemed....popular. Overdone? Just not quite right.

Then I read this

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming. - unknown source

It was perfect. An arrow.

Oddly enough, the moon was a full moon the night that it all happened, so I wanted to get something to honour that as well.

I new that my ankle was where I wanted this arrow, with the tip pointing forward to my feet.

I think of this baby as my Arrow {and that is what I call her in my heart of hearts}.
It pulled me back
Made me take pause
and now I am being shot forward into a great expanse of possibility, with an open heart.

This experience has changed me, and not into a bitter, angry person {though I do have those moments} but into one who has a deeper connection with her heart. An open heart.

Thank you, Arrow.


New Year New Me, CHANGES!

So, some big changes happened this past week....I mean like hugely massive lifechanging changes

First, I chopped off my hair

It's also a lovely shade of red ombre now. I absolutely love it and it's going to be great for new head shots, new wardrobe and as we go into warmer weather!

And then this happened! I finally rewarded myself with the tattoo that I've been longing for. Heather at The Taste of Ink in London, Ontario did a fantastic job! I am so happy to finally have this on me. The O is perfect and actually matches my Tiffany Notes O Pendant that Hubs got me when we had our son, and the anchor is exactly what I was looking for.

I also completed the 3 Day Shakeology cleanse this week. I started on Sunday at 160lbs, and by Wednesday morning, I was weighing in at 157lbs.

Now. This cleanse isn't for everyone. I will fully admit that there were many times of lightheadedness and there was one point where my heart got all fluttery, the black spots came and my knees gave out. My recommendation would be, other than listening to your body, to add in a salad at lunch or a morning snack of some complex carb, even if it's just some fruit and peanut butter.

Wednesday morning, I started Slim in 6 - a program designed around cardio, total body workout and resistance training that is designed to help overhaul your entire body in six weeks. I felt like it was the first time stepping into an aerobics studio; I was so uncoordinated! The moves themselves were relatively simple and easy, it was just the pace!

I am really loving the resistance training, though. It's definitely going to help shape and sculpt those long lean muscles that I know are there.

What's next in your positive change challenge?? Leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to!

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Fabulous Find Friday...Inkspirations

As like most artists, I'm not without my permanent body art. It's a very big part of who I am, and I'm always on the look out {much to my husband's chagrin} to add more pieces. Pinterest is a fantastic place to gather images of Inkspiration!

While not where I would get a tattoo, the subject matter is one that I have been considering for a very long time. In the summer 2011, I lost a dear friend of mine. We met way back when we were in Delta Gamma together, and the anchor is our symbol.

Where will I be getting my anchor? On the outside of my right wrist, for a few reasons. I'm right handed, so that's the hand that generally is sketching, painting, and designing. It also has meaning within the bonds of sisterhood.

The rope of the anchor? It'll swirl around to the inside of my wrist and curl into an O {for Owen}.

Where do you get your Inspiration from?