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When looking for a coaching topic for this month, as we enter in the final Quarter to really make an impact on ourselves and our businesses, this quote stuck a chord with me.

Clearly, I always advocate for wearing something cute, and the "take no crap" attitude is one that I impress on my clients, so this quote I really really love.

I used to be one of those people who always said yes, who always took the crap that I was given. While I may have always been a wee bit on the stubborn side, I've also always been the one to say yes sir and yes ma'am, regardless of how it impacts my schedule or stress level.

No more.

Take no crap, and that includes being asked to do things for people who aren't willing to give you an ounce of their time. I've written about this before, here and over on These people are energy vampires. You give and give and give, and all you get back is...well...crap.

Know that it is okay, and necessary, to say no and to not accept the crap. You are so much better than it, and deserve to interact with people and make connections that put a stop to the crap.

So, repeat after me.

I will wear something cute
I will not take any crap

Go into this last quarter of the year with a renewed sense of strength and self!

Custom Style Constulations and Guide

Something NEW for 2014 that I am offering with my confidence coaching is a custom style consultation and guide. I developed the custom style guides this past December when working with my lovely models for the Women in Business Conference, and each of the three women said that it was such a great resource to have in their toolkit.

What will you find in your style guide? 6 pages of outfits, all detailed as to why they were chosen for you and why they will work for you. Six beautiful outfits for whatever phase you are in at the current moment.

It all begins with a style consultation via Facebook or Skype {or in person if you are local}. We chat about where you are in life, what you do for a living, what you are passion about and how you want to present yourself. We identify the area where you struggle most {casual, business, trends, dressy, etc.} and then I get creative!

Book your appointment now, as limited spaces are available! Only a few clients are being taken on every month, and right now you can get this awesome service for $75! (originally $100)

Email me now to book!!

Gift Guide Featurette: Jamberry Nails by Duin Nails

Need to look extra fancy this holiday season, but don't want to spend the time {or have the headache of messing up} on your nails? Cheryl Duin, independent Jamberry Nails consultant, has the answer for you!

Jamberry Nail wraps are sold in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures, with enough sparkle to get you all the way through the holiday season. They are packaged beautifully, and make great stocking stuffers too!

A few of my faves...

This holiday gift set gets top marks from me. I absolutely LOVE the gold crisscross pattern and could see it elegantly paired with leather skinny pants, booties, and an oversized white sweater. Holiday perfection!

And if you're not quite into nail art just yet, try the new Jamberry Professional Nail Lacquer! They come in stunning shades, and Cardinal is at the top of my list for holiday nails. Pair it with a shimmery champagne or gold holiday dress, black tights and a pair of sparkly heels and you have a knock out holiday outfit.

As always, when you order your nail wraps Cheryl has an amazing Buy three get one free deal!

Order your nail wraps and lacquer for the holidays now and be ahead of the nail art trend with Jamberry Nails, Cheryl Duin.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.


Styling the CEO

A couple of months ago, I blogged for and wrote about how our closets can be a really big roadblock.

Yes, our closets.

Oh so often we fall into one of the following traps

I'll fit back into that once I do some hard work
What if I have another baby? Those maternity clothes will come in handy!
I'm sure that {insert fashion trend here} will come back into style
It really doesn't look that bad if I wear {insert accessory here} with it

And one thing that we so often forget is to dress for the job that we want. The one that we aspire to be, the walk that we want to walk.

We talk a big game. We live inspired lives and we inspire those around us. But does the outside match who we have built on the inside, and the businesses that we have built?

I encourage you to take a look through your closet and dresser, and purge! Build up that "to donate" pile, and feel good about donating your gently used items to those who need a fresh start.

Keep some basic staple items like a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, a black pencil skirt, a long tunic sweater and a couple of cocktail dresses.

Then....go shopping! Find some basics {white and grey tees and tanks, coral and mint for summer, oxblood and charcoal for fall} that you can pair all of the items that you kept, and change up the looks by getting some trendy accessories like these

When you have the basics, you can throw in the trends in your accessories and show the world that you are up to date with your style, and that you take yourself seriously as a business owner to stay on trend.


Sponsor Love: Love Me Knott

Sometimes that perfect summer dress needs a pop…a pop of purple 

Amanda from Love Me Knott has created the perfect purple dragon vein agate piece that will surely get you noticed at your next big event.

Chic and feminine, the purple is a lovely shade…almost muted with a grey undertone, and perfectly paired with white stones and intricate silver work.

The eye-catching pendant features a gorgeous veining, named the Dragon Vein, and picks up on the various undertones in the piece. Oranges….grey…a slight olive tone. It really is the perfect piece for any wardrobe. 

Dress it down with a white t-shirt and jeans, or make a statement with a black cocktail dress and big sparkly heels!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce

Words cannot express how in love I am with this pendant that Amber has designed for me, which I will be wearing during the daytime at the sessions and workshops.

When Amber was designing the piece, she was impeccable with her attention to detail. She asked me what patterns I love, what textures speak to me...I picked paisley. It reminds me of my husband since he loves paisley ties, and I really love the flowing lines and intricate detail in the pattern.

Then, she asked me if there was a phrase or initial I would want etched on the other side. Hmm...immediately, I thought about having my son's O engraved, but my heart strings were tugged in another direction.

Let It Be.

For anyone who knows me personally, it was my Dad's favourite song, and the one that was played at his funeral seven years ago. It's also the memorial tattoo that I have for him on the back of my neck.

It's perfect...and Amber designed a piece so amazing...I'm absolutely in love with it.

Amber has captured something truly unique in this piece...the relationship between a father and daughter.

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Kristine Cook Designs

One of the biggest trends this spring and summer is peplum, and Kristine Cook Designs is taking it up a notch with jackets and cocktail jackets!

I am absolutely overjoyed to unveil the design for my BlogHer cocktail dress....

original design by Kristine Cook Designs
It's a fabulous geometric pattern of taupe and black, with solid black illusion panels on the sides and the peplum detailing.


I was unfamiliar with the trend and term until I met Kristine, and I have to say that she has completely changed my outlook on it. I thought that it would be a trend that would make a curvy girl more curvy...but au contraire! It emphasizes a tiny waist {especially with the black out panels on the sides} and gives a funky edge to the design. I have the hourglass, so why not flaunt it?

Peplum zipper front jacket by Kristine Cook Designs

The peplum doesn't stop at dresses, oh no...Kristine has taken the trend into her amazing structured jackets like the one seen above. How amazing is that!? Dress it down with a pair of jeans for the daytime, or with a fantastic pencil skirt for an evening out...all the while flaunting the shape that you were blessed with!

Thankfully, Kristine knows just how to implement these design techniques and flatter my body...a body that has changed a whole lot since having a baby and finding curves I never knew I had. She is one incredible designer who knows how to make you feel not just good in your own skin, but absolutely ravishing!

Celeb{rate} Tuesday: THE Stylist

When I heard about the chance to get a statement ring to this incredible woman, I literally sculpted over twenty designs.



Because she's not only a fashion icon herself, but she's a stylist. THE Stylist....

Rachel Zoe...stylist to the stars and an absolute style icon. Oversized bangles and cuffs? Check! Statement rings? Check! Oversized sunglasses? Check!

I just knew that I needed to design something incredible for her, I just didn't know what (hence the twenty different designs).

Then, when I was out for a girlfriends birthday it hit me: a Dahlia. Layers and layers of beautiful sculpted petals on an antique brass ring. Simple and stunning, white and perfect.

I see Rachel wearing it with a white t-shirt, long fringe-y scarf and a pair of skinny jeans, with really amazing boots. I picture her loving it, and so incredibly hope that she does.

What do you think of it??

Sponsor Love: Love Me Knott

A white tank…paired with your favourite pair of denim Bermudas and a pair of gladiator sandals. What are you missing?

A beautiful, colourful, cheery accessory!

Amanda Knott is the mompreneur behind the Etsy shop Love Me Knott, and she’s she creator of this boho-beach-chic collection, with a concentration in gemstone and glass beaded jewelry. 

Tiger’s Eye, Mother of Pearl, raw Turquoise, Jasper and Agate…a few of the spectacular tones and gems that you’ll find at Love Me Knott

Looking for something custom to finish off your spring and summer wardrobe? Contact Amanda today!  

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Michele from Mary Kay

Remember a few weeks ago when I was showing off my {lack of} makeup arsenal? Yeah…it was pretty pathetic right?

Well, that’s when I sent an SOS to my fabulous friend, Michele Thomson who happens to be an amazing makeup artist and Mary Kay Independent Sales Director!

I showed her my blogpost, and she agreed; I needed help. 

I was so excited to have our consultation...I laid out all of my makeup and took a {little} inventory.

My makeup and my skincare...that Rimmel is about 8 years old...
Eye compacts that are at least 6 years old, mascara that is about 2 years old, lip gloss from my wedding (which Michele did my makeup for and made me look, and feel, stunning!) which was nearly 4 years ago…noticing a trend?

Then a before picture, no makeup. This is pretty much what I look like every day.

Well, hello there!

And we got to work. I showed her the amazing outfits that Kristine Cook Designs is creating for me and we started talking about trends.

I want to be able to represent myself as an artist, stay true to me, have a professional {yet quirky} look and represent my sponsors with a fresh faced. While, sure, I could do that without makeup…I want to…pull together a more pulled-together look and feel really confident at BlogHer’12.

Bold lips…dewy cheeks…smokey eyes…nude lips. We talked tips and tricks…and over the next few months, you’ll be able to learn how to….

Two eye looks...smokey peacock on the left and smokey pinks on the right

Create a gorgeous smokey eye…with a pop of colour!
Create a bold-lip-dewy-face look
Learn all about foot and hand care with a special Mama’s Time Out feature
And a few other tips and tricks that Michele has up her sleeve, like proper skin protection, favourite products and trends for fall and winter 2012!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Hanlon Lain Photography

One part of BlogHer that is so incredibly important, I’ve learned, are your media cards. These are the cards that you give out to literally every.single.person that you meet at the conference.

How do I want to represent myself as an artist and blogger?

What do I have to show for myself?

How do I want others to see me?

Well…I knew that my very first step was to call on Hanlon Lain Photography and talk photo shoots with Laina.

We started talking inspiration, the message behind Sweet Stella’s, and what I was hoping to gain out of a photo shoot. We talked models, horses {yes…horses}, fields of clover. We talked journals, sculpted wall art, paintings and garlands.

We have a really amazingly beautiful photo shoot planned featuring Kassidy, who modeled masks for me this past January.

It’s going to be inspired by Kassidy’s background in dance, more specifically in ballet and will feature not only my work, but that of Atutudes Handmade Tutus.

Laina is a master behind the lens. I am confident that she will capture the movement not only in a very still piece of art (my journal), but in the surrounding and environment that we are going to shoot in. Her style absolutely shines through in every shoot that she does and I cannot wait to see what comes of our photo shoot for BlogHer!


Sponsored Post: Matthew Williamson and Style Passport

As I prepare for BlogHer’12, I’m having a great time looking around at different fashion designers and seeing what the current trends are. One designer that I’ve been gravitating toward for some funky summer fashion is Matthew Williamson at Style Passport.

Beachy and summery is the focus of the Spring 2011 line, and the trend carries straight through to this summer. Peacock prints, underwater scenes and flamingos dominate the prints on amazing swimwear and coverups.

The Peacock Print Bandeau Bikini is simply stunning. Teal and raspberry tones, with a fantastic peacock feather pattern…yes please! The ruching in the centre is super flattering, and it even has a detachable halter strap, so you can change up your look. Cross over the straps, take them right off, or leave them as a traditional halter. Stylish and versatility in a suit that you will wear over and over. I may need to find a rooftop pool in NYC during BlogHer to catch some rays this August!

I really love that the Matthew Williamson collection is form fitting, and flattering. Perfect for my curvy shape, and stylish to make sure that I’m keeping up with the trends.

One piece that I am absolutely dying for is the Peacock Print smock shirt. It is so perfect for a warm summer day, and I could definitely see myself wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats during the day then switching it up with a pair of black cropped skinny pants and black peep toe booties for a night out with the girls!

Summer fun at its best, Matthew Williamson sure does not disappoint! The underwater and peacock prints have me so inspired to incorporate some key pieces into my summer wardrobe, along with some oversized sunglasses

*this post was brought to you by Style Passport

Speical Post: Closetista Challenge by BailyBelle

A fellow mompreneur that I've met and chatted with rather frequently in the twitterverse told me about this crazy contest that she entered, and she recently made it to the final round!

What is Closestista? It's an online fashion television network, featuring up and coming designers like BailyBelle! It's amazing, and if you're a designer or lover of fashion and trends...their webisodes are a must see!

How can you help BailyBelle win this challenge?

By loving this and voting

Every tweet and/or RT from the designers page on Closetista counts for 2 points.
Every Facebook "like" from the designers page on Closetista counts for 10 points.
Every purchase from the designer you buy from counts for 1,000 votes!

Where can you vote?

It couldn't be simpler! Go to this page and click LIKE for fb, TWEET for twitter and then purchase the ring if you love it! There are only 6 limited edition teal batik rosette rings being made.

That's right...there are ONLY 6 that have been made...and once they're gone, they're gone! Err...there are only 5 left right now! (Merry Christmas to me!)

Voting it open NOW!! What are you waiting for!?