Lia Sophia fall/winter launch party #ldnont #fashion #jewelry

Last night, I had the honour of attending the Lia Sophia launch party for the brand new {and super gorgeous} Fall and Winter line.

Prior to attending the launch party, Lia Sophia was a company that I was slightly familiar with but not one that I had really experienced fully. I had never seen a piece of their jewelry in person, let alone tried one on, but all of that changed tonight.

Once I got to the event, I was greeted by the event organizer and visionary of the event Sherry and my advisor and host, Bronwen. Both of these ladies were filled with excitement and anticipation, so it was hard not to get swept up in the vibe and atmosphere. We took a tour around the room, and I quickly spotted some pieces that became favorites.

Then, Sherry and her team got up at the podium and I was able to learn all about this amazing company. Lia Sophia provides their consultants with flexibility, stability and I grew to knew that it is a company that is incredibly supportive of helping their consultants grow a viable business plan.

New consultant, Kirsty Edwards, got up to speak in front of the over 250 women and men in attendance, and talked about how joining the Lia Sophia team was really out of her comfort zone, but she is so happy that she took the plunge. Then she said something that resonated with my very core...

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt

How inspiring is that? To know that she found that confidence and was able to rid her mind of the doubts that she had by joining Lia Sophia was amazing to hear. I just love it when women find their passion and are able to live the life that they have imagined for themselves.

Then, the infiniteme line was unveiled and as soon as we had a chance to go and create out own layered necklace, I created mine. With the new pieces, you can stack and layer as many looks as you would like, then change them in and out as many times as you want! Keep it casual, go flirty, add studs for some edge...the possibilities are endless!

I love that the pieces in the Fall and Winter Lia Sophia collection make a statement. From rings with loads of sparkle to bracelets and bangles that you can stack for an arm party, to layered necklaces and the infiniteme line...I can guarantee you that you will find a piece (or two or three...I have a list of about eight!) that suite your individual style, embrace who you are and make a statement.

A huge thank you to Sherry, Bronwen and their amazing Lia Sophia team for hosting me at their launch party. For more information about the styles above, and to see more gorgeous pieces, please visit the links below!

Bronwen's Facebook Page


G2G Jewelry, new designs on SALE! #sale #jewelry

Some of you may remember a particular hammered aluminum cuff that makes me feel like super woman. Well it was created by Ron Ostlund Jr., the artist behind G2G Jewelry, and he has some really exciting new work coming out that he is offering for a one time sale price before it hits the shelves at high end boutiques!

$45 shipping incl. (each)

Rivets and mixed metals - really amazing work is coming out of his shop and I am so excited to feature it here. The necklaces above are being offered right now for $45, shipping within Canada and USA included!

$35 shipping incl. (each)

$25 shipping incl. (each)
Interested in snagging one of Ron's new designs before they hit the stores? Order now!! He's only taking limited orders these items, so get them now!!


Valentine's Gift Guide: Amber Bryce, #jewelery #handmade #soul

I have had the pleasure of working with Amber Bryce on a variety of pieces in the past, and she most certainly has become more than just a jewelry designer to me. She speaks a special language...she speaks from the soul, and teaches you to listen to your heart and trust yourself.

Amber is offering the unique opportunity to work with her in a free consultation to create your Soul Signature piece. This is a process that I highly recommend; I wear my every single day and know that it is a piece that is attached to my very core.

During the process, you will will learn so much about yourself. You will learn what your heart truly wants, what you are afraid of {good and bad}, what has been holding you back, and how you are going to crash through those road blocks. It's an intuitive experience, and one you will not regret having.

Sign up for your free Soul Signature consult today!


Valentine's Gift Guide Feature: FMoon Origami Jewelry #jewelry #ldnont #handmade

I'm sure you've all seen origami before, but have you seen teeny tiny little origami owls, cranes and flowers made into beautiful jewelry?

I can honestly say that I have never seen jewelry quite like it, and think that it is really special. Created by a designer in London, Ontario, Fmoon Origami Jewelry is all handmade and individually designed. No two pieces will ever be the same, so you truly are getting a one of a kind piece of art.

FMoon is coming up with new designs all the time, including the beautifully handsculpted origami flowers above, just in time for Valentine's Day. Other designs feature butterflies, owls, and the iconic crane.

To see more from FMoon Origami Jewelry, check them out below!


Custom Spirit Jewelry by Amber Bryce Intuitive Luxury Jewelry Design

A month or so ago, Amber Bryce contacted me about creating my soul signature piece. I was a little baffled as to why she chose me, but once we started working together, everything fell into place very naturally and I am truly thankful to have had this experience with her.

First, Amber sent me a questionnaire that really made me do some soul searching. What were the things in life that were holding me back? What did I want more of? What was I afraid of?

Once we uncovered those areas, we had a Skype date and dug a little deeper. What were the things that I wanted to honour? Where did I want to stand?

Ultimately, we knew that I wanted to stand in my own power, and rely on my own strength.

What she created was beyond my imagination.

Moonstone (centre) - enhances intuition, protection, balances chakras. When Amber mentioned it, I knew it was's also Owen's birthstone.
Citrine (top stone) - encourages self confidence
Imperial Topaz (peach stones) - self realization and encourages dreams; imparts strength to quiet wild emotions
Aquamarine (blue along the edges and top) - closer relationship with inner self. This is a really powerful addition to the pendant as it would have been the baby's birthstone.

I asked Amber to add a full moon somehow into the design, since it was a full moon when I had the miscarriage in August. She fit it in so seamlessly, it's perfect.

Amber also included this note. She reminded me to stand in my own power, and to live my most beautiful life.

credit: Hanlon Lain Photography
It is a piece that I wear every single day and that heats up to my touch, bring calm when I need it and balances my soul.

If you feel stuck, confused on your path, or need a push, I highly recommend working with Amber Bryce to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry based on your own intuition. I promise, you will be amazed as what you discover in the process.


Celeb{rate} Tuesday: Peonies for Effie

When I got word that I would be designing something amazing and over-the-top for Elizabeth Banks, I was absolutely over the moon. I've admired her for a long while...her wit and charm...her beauty and grace. After seeing The Hunger Game and her spectacular portrayal of Effie Trinkett, I just knew that I had to create something a little over-the-top for her.

This statement brooch measures a whopping 6" in diameter, and is affixed to a large bar pin on the back with jewelry adhesive to make sure that it stays where it needs to be! A white ruffle peony...perfect for the lapel or even as an embellishment on a handbag!

I chose the peony in part because Effie wears fantastic flowers in her hair, and also because it is simply one of the most beautiful flowers around {in my opinion}. It is timeless, beautiful and classic...just like Elizabeth!

BlogHer Sponsor Love

Another set of amazing sponsors that helped pave my way to NYC and an oh-so-stylish way!

When I first talked to Tina about my needs for BlogHer, all I mentioned was a messenger bag to use on the plane and during the day sessions. Little did I know that she would whip up some amazing fused work, and a sparkly VHS wristlet that looked amazing and eco-chic.  I am so proud to have carried these pieces, and we're already conspiring for Chicago!

Working with Amber on my accessories was like a dream. She took inspiration from who I am as an artist, my life story, and my fashion tastes and created some truly one of a kind designs. While each piece holds special meaning and I love in its own unique way, I truly truly love the Let It Be pendant with ruby gemstone. She created this piece custom for me, one side dedicated to my father {Let It Be was his favourite song, and is my memorial tattoo to him} and the other side to my husband {paisley pattern...he loves him some paisley ties!}. I cannot thank Amber enough for her inspired designs, that I am wearing over and over and over again!

Review: Ostlund Custom Works hammered aluminum cuff

Recently, I've been able to connect with an insanely awesome metal artist, Ron Ostlund Jr. the owner of Ostlund Custom Works, on twitter and was fortunate enough for him to design me a hammered aluminum cuff to wear to a few events, wedding, and most importantly BlogHer in NYC.

I've never worn a cuff before because I simply didn't think I'd be able to pull it off. Well! Was I ever wrong! Not only can I pull it off, but I can pull it off with literally any outfit...the piece is just that versatile!

At a wedding in Muskoka, ON - the perfect accessory to a navy one shoulder dress

Wonderwoman in disguise?

In NYC for BlogHer'12, complimenting my trendy peplum custom dress from Kristine Cook Designs

I am positively in love with this cuff. It is super light weight {a very nice surprise} and glitters in the sunshine. It made me feel like WonderWoman, and when I told my husband that, he had a good giggle, but it's true! It's unique, and makes a bold statement.

I've worn with it jeans and a tee, sundresses and super trendy dresses. It's been to the cottage and then to 5th Avenue and a fashion show in NYC. Like I said, the most versatile piece that I am fortunate enough to own!

Check out more from Ostlund Custom Works on facebook and twitter.

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Gifts

If you're like me, you want to make sure that your wedding attendants {in most cases your absolutely bestest of best friends and your closest of close sisters} have the absolute best time at your wedding...right down to the personalized gift that you give them for the big day.

Incorporate their sense of style with your wedding colours, and give them a handsculpted ring on an antique adjustable ring base.

2" pebble cocktail ring
2" pearl Dahlia cocktail ring
Have your wedding flowers all picked out? Let me sculpt them, and create a one-of-a-kind design that will match your wedding beautifully!

double rosette ring
2" teal and white marbled Pansy ring
These statement rings pack a punch, but can be custom made to order and sized appropriately so they blend with your wedding and don't overshadow the beautiful elements of your big day!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

Today marks 30 days until BlogHer...thirty! Pretty amazing and I would be where I am in my journey without my amazing sponsors.

Amber Bryce has taken my inspiration for my look, and really done some amazing things. She has truly embraced who I am as an artist, with a wee bit of rocker edge, and I am really excited to see the designs for my evening outfits!

One of my favourite pieces in her shop is the Labradorite Balck Spinel 925 Oxidized Earrings

They are absolutely stunning, and such a fun design! Featuring Labradorites and Black Spinel, these earrings are truly works of art. Everything from the wrapped lotus leaf design to the swishing gems is unique, and you're sure to be the hit at Sparklecorn with these beauties hanging from your ears!

Sponsor Love: Love Me Knott

Sometimes that perfect summer dress needs a pop…a pop of purple 

Amanda from Love Me Knott has created the perfect purple dragon vein agate piece that will surely get you noticed at your next big event.

Chic and feminine, the purple is a lovely shade…almost muted with a grey undertone, and perfectly paired with white stones and intricate silver work.

The eye-catching pendant features a gorgeous veining, named the Dragon Vein, and picks up on the various undertones in the piece. Oranges….grey…a slight olive tone. It really is the perfect piece for any wardrobe. 

Dress it down with a white t-shirt and jeans, or make a statement with a black cocktail dress and big sparkly heels!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce...Mi Alma Para

I absolutely cannot wait to share this new piece from Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry with you.

How stunning is that!? Amber has delicately set Genuine Crystal Drusy, Aquamarine, London Blue & White Topaz, Moonstone in sterling silver and fine silver components to create a showstopping piece that is truly one of a kind; it will never be replicated!

It is so lovely and romantic, telling the perfect story of a summer romance on the beach. Stones clinging together in perfect harmony....peaceful and wonderful.

It pairs perfectly with a simple white tshirt, as all of Amber's gorgeous pieces do, and a pair of bermuda shorts for the day...maybe with a pair of graphite gladiator sandals.

Then take it up a notch and pair it with a stunning black peplum cocktail dress? Wowzah!