Kimberly Poole Designs Spa Set Giveaway #handmade

My how things have been changing for Kimberly Poole Designs. I so fondly recall mentoring Kimberly when she wanted to launch her handmade crochet business to the next level, and she has gone so far above and beyond that. Right now, she is in the midst of launching her spa line; a luxurious collection of face cloths, scrubbing rounds and other goodies that leave your skin feeling soft and amazing.

I recently had the opportunity to test out my own spa set after a run and am thrilled with the results. I had just come in from a really tough training run, full of hills and hot sun, and I was a gritty, sweaty mess.

First, I used the scrubby round on my face with my normal cleanser, and then on my chest, shoulders and arms with just hot water. It worked fantastic as an exfoliater! I was really pleased that it took off dead skin, as well as all of the grit and grime from my run.

After my shower, I used the small round for my toner, which is something that I always struggle with how to apply to my skin. I find that cotton balls just leave lint all over my face, and cotton rounds would absorb too much of my toner.

The small round is perfect for applying toner or even wiping a cold mask off your face at the end of your routine. It is soft and left my skin softer than it has been in a very long time.

Now! Here's a little treat for you all! Kimberly graciously gave me a second set to giveaway right here to one lucky reader!

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Time to Indulge with Shari's Passion Parties #mothersday #giftguide

You've seen Shari's Passion Parties in both the Holiday and Valentine's Gift Guides. Well, she's back again for the Mother's Day edition, and has a really amazing deal for you mama's out there who are in need of a little luxury, TLC and pampering for Mother's Day.

Shari has developed what I think is the perfect massage and pamper spa set for mom's. The set includes...

Soothing Sugar Scrub
Toning Butter
Refeshing Shower Gel
the all NEW Body Whip
and the Super Deluxe Massage set

The best part of this set? If you purchase on Shari's website, and enter in coupon code 4Massage, you get the massage mit for FREE! (a $24.50 value)

A great addition to this set is the Sensuous Spa Soak, and my favorute scent is the Pomegranate Ginger.

To find more massage essentials for some mother's day pampering, check out Shari's Passion Parties website and blog!

Happy pampering!