BlogHer Sponsor Love: Kristine Cook Designs

One of the first things that popped into my head when I was planning this big adventure to BlogHer was

How do I want to present myself?

I started looking at my wardrobe, which has a lot of black, white, grey and navy…lots of stripes…scarves…dark skinny jeans but really no amazing statement pieces that set me apart and reflect who I am as an artist.

Off to Etsy I went, and I stumbled across Kristine Cook Designs.

I have now had the pleasure of meeting with Kristine, collaborating with her and having her design some really amazing pieces that I will be able to feature at BlogHer.

I knew that I wanted a jacket that I could wear, in a great colour for summer, with a white tee and dark jeans. I told Kristine that I love ruffles, rosettes and girly details…but that I love a masculine edge with things being fitted and tailored.

Isn’t this concept amazing??

I am thrilled!! It’s an amazing coral colour, which suits this brunette just fine, and has the most intricate almost origami detailing around the collar.

And ¾ sleeves? Perfect for spring and summer, and for layering! A white tee to keep it simple…or a bold graphic print in navy and white…or even a pastel tank and pencil skirt…with fabulous heels of course!

The lining is going to be a really awesome pinstripe fabric, and I am just...squeeing inside about it! Kristine took my Pinterest boards, what little she new about me from my photos on Facebook and my Etsy shop and ran with it. She totally got me, and designed for me. How special is that!?

It’s the most beautiful jacket I’ve laid eyes on, and definitely will set me apart, reflect myself as an artist, and is a piece that I can wear over and over again, yet make look so different depending on the other pieces that I pair it with!



Local Love Monday: A Paper Buffet

I am so incredibly excited to feature this Etsy shop today!!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, walking the aisles of Angelo's and trying to find an elusive slice of pie or two. I've had the pleasure of sitting with her over coffee and chatting about Etsy, what makes us tick as artists and keep up to date with her {while only living about 8minutes away from one another} on twitter.

Now...I get to share that with you!

What will you find at A Paper Buffet? Only the finest paper creations, from beautiful handmade greeting cards to gorgeous bookmarks, tags, boxes and even nostalgic memory games for kids!

{Green Damask paper flower bookmark}

{handmade Mother's Day cards}

Seriously beautiful, right?! What I love about Stephanie is that she sources alot of her papers locally. There's a few great shops in town that she scouts paper at and then turns it into the most gorgeous cards and creations that I have seen in a very long time!

Catch up with Stephanie and A Paper Buffet on Etsy, Twitter and Facebook!

Local Love Monday:

I started brainstorming a couple of weeks ago, and there are some really awesome small businesses in London, Ontario that deserve a shout out or two, so why not a Local Love series??

Why they are certainly local businesses, I'm sure that their reach is much further than the local community. Take for example...

Is your community on a 6 day garbage rotation? Find that you're always searching to see when the neighbours have put their recycling out, or trying to remember where you put that garbage collection calendar that always seems to go missing at the worst possible minute?'s your answer!

It's so fool proof, and I love it. You can set up a reminder that will be delivered directly to your email to say "Hey! it's Garbage Day!", meaning that you'll never forget again!

Coming soon: text message reminders!


I love that this is a local company and that they're all about saving you time and frustration. I know in our home, we often forget and then hear the garbage or recycling truck go down the road. More often than not, it happens just before a holiday weekend, or on a Friday when there isn't garbage collection for a full week.

A full week. EW!

Definitely a local company that I recommend and fully support! Check out today!