Pamper Mom with Rodan + Fields #mothersday #giftguide #skincare

Did you know that you can redefine, reverse, soothe and unblemish with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists? The creators of Proactiv, Dr. Fields and Dr. Rodan have brought their dermatology line to the next level, and are providing high quality skincare solutions for everyone.

No matter what phase of life you, or your mom, is in, Rodan + Fields Dermatology has the answers.

Refine is an antiaging dermatology skincare line that puts you in control of how your aging skin looks and feels.

Reverse helps to reveal a softer, more youthful glow with exfoliation, brightening and defending against the harmful effects of the sun and environment.

Soothe is a skincare system for sensitive skin, with a focus on reducing redness and irritation.

Unblemish is exactly that, dermatology for acne prone, and post-acne skin.

For Mother's Day, treat your mom to a new skincare regimen that is tailored for her, by dermatologists.

I love the names of the Mother's Day skincare packages! You Glow Mom is perfect for getting ready for summer, and S.W.A.K is just in time to slough off all of those dead skin cells left over from winter!

Is your mom gearing up for gardening season? Pamper her with A Round of Applause!

Dermatologist grade skincare, right at your finger tips! Get your personalized regimen with Rodan + Fields consultant Raquel today! Mention this post and ask how you can get 10% off PLUS free shipping!


Valentine's Gift Guide Feature: Seacret, #deadsea #mineral #skincare

Have you ever considered what minerals can do for your skin? I mean we take natural supplements for our internal health and wellbeing, as well as vitamins and whatnot, but do you consider what minerals can do for the health of your skin?

Unlike many skincare lines SEACRET'S products were nurtured for centuries before they found their way into your home. Why try to improve upon natural perfection with dangerous chemicals? Seacret carefully follows natures lead and proceeses ingredients with care. For YOU, this means safe products with real results for glowing healthy skin

Where science meets nature, Seacret combines Peptides, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Essential Oils, many Anti-Oxidants and Dead Sea Minerals into their age-defying formula to regenerate your skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for mature skin.

Also available are luxurious body butters and creams, foot creams and scrubs, and even mineral rich shampoos and conditioners for your beautiful hair.

Clarify and replenish with Seacret!


Valentine's Gift Guide #valentine #giftsforher #giftguide

It's here! It's here!! It's finally here!

The Valentine's Gift Guide is here, and there are so many great promos, discounts and deals from really beautiful companies in it, that you won't want to miss a page!

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be featuring some of the amazing companies in the Gift Guide, talking about their products, services and why they are so amazing.

Need to send it to your honey and tell him which page your gift is on? Here's the direct link.

Happy Valentine's Day!


BlogHer Sponsor Love: Bellaroma

Over the past few months, you've heard me rave about pumpkin face masks, peppermint and fresh cream pedi cream, chamomile bella bar...most of which I've had the pleasure of testing out on my own skin.

You've heard me talk about how Diana saved my postpartum hormonal skin with the Yogurt and E Cream Cleaners and the Pomegranate Whipper Facial Cream.

Love what you've seen from Bellaroma? Flag me down at BlogHer to get your own sample!

What will I have in my bag?

Along with a few other favourites like the Grapeseed Banana Facial Scrub,Kemp and Chamomile Facial scrub, and the Exfoliating Whipped Coffee Butter {in shower use}.

I will also have 15% off cards for Bellaroma purchases {when you subscribe for B! News}, so flag me down and get your sample!

BlogHer Sponsor Love...Mama's Time Out with Michele & Mary Kay

We've all been there and done that...gotten to a stalemate with our current makeup and skin care.

Well! My BlogHer'12 fresh face sponsor, Michele from Mary Kay, has taught me and my mama-friends a thing or two about new products, skincare and how to treat your skin right so you really can put your best and freshest face forward.

I will be the first to admit that I had never really thought about using SPF on my lips. I'm a lipgloss kind of girl most definitely, so knowing that there is a product out there that will protect my pucker, is waterproof and I can wear under my lip gloss...pretty awesome!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Bellaroma Boutique

It's beach season and that means your tender tootsies get to {finally} see the sun...sand...and surf!

I've been using this product by Bellaroma for a little while now, and all I can say is that it is truly amazing. After the first application, my feet felt so incredibly soft and smooth...after a week they were completely beach and sandal ready!

The Peppermint and Fresh Cream Pedi is a thick and luxurious lotion that has a delightful scent of peppermint with a hint of vanilla. It is completely non greasy, and the peppermint provides nice cooling relief to tired toes.

I put it on before bed, and when I woke up in the morning, my feet were touchably soft. As a girl who hates to wear socks with her ballet flats {even in the Canadian winter}, my heels get rather rough and the pads of my feet are just peeling. Not a great feeling, but after one treatment with the Peppermint and Fresh Cream Pedi lotion...amazing!

BlogHer'12 is just TWO MONTHS AWAY! Make sure your toes are ready to go, and can brave the NYC heat...don't forget to pack your Peppermint and Fresh Cream Pedi lotion!

Bellaroma Giveaway Winner!

Sending a great big thank you to my wonderful BlogHer sponsor for providing one of her luxury lotions for this amazing giveaway!

Now it's the time you've been waiting for...the winner announcement!

Congratulations to....

You have 24hrs from now (so...until 10:15am EST May 8th, 2012) to send me an email to claim your prize! If I don't receive an email from you, a new winner will be chosen!

Thank you so much for entering, everyone! Stay tuned for more awesome treats from my BlogHer'12 sponsors!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Bellaroma Boutique...giveaway!

Remember that oh-so-amazing of slathering your body with luxurious lotion after a long hot shower?


Then you must be a mama, and you likely take about 5 minutes to shower…forget to shampoo your hair, hear a baby screaming, then have to dash out, without rinsing the suds from your shoulder.

Well…here’s a treat for you from Diana at Bellaroma Boutique

Blush – Classic luxury Lotion 

Relish those moments after your shower or bath and indulge in the seducing scents of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose. It’s completely romantic and will whisk you off your feet…like a knight in shining armor (amore!)

What’s even better is that this week…you can win one right here!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Bellaroma Boutique

Escape the daily grind with Bellaroma Boutique’s luxurious Chamomile Avocado Sea Clay Massaging Facial Bar!

This rich soap bar has it all and is sure to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. Expertly crafted by Diana, this 5oz bar is a delicate blend of natural avocado oil, creamy goats milk, calming chamomile and rejuvenating sea clay.

What’s unique about this product is that it features massaging bumps. Combine those with the amazingly nutritious ingredients, and you have an at-home facial at a fraction of the spa cost!

It cleanses, detoxifies, and exfoliates all in one convenient product.

I personally have been using Bellaroma products for almost a year now, and love the way that my skin feels afterward. It doesn’t hurt that I also smell like an exotic goddess after going through my skincare regime!

You can tell from the quality of the product, right down to the beautiful packaging, that Diana truly care about her company and about the product that she provides.

Nothing but the best, most luxurious natural skincare!


Special Post:: Pumpkin Me Pretty

So...I've been pretty stressed out lately between running a busy busy shop, opening a new business with The Cookie Mamas, being a mama to (right now a sick and boggery) busy toddler, being a daughter, wife, moving to a new house, designing the rooms for the new house...

Yeah...stretched a wee bit thin!

I ordered some Green Tea & Honeyquat Facial Scrub (a personal favourite) from Bellaroma about a week and a half ago, and got the package on Monday...with a sample of...

So tonight I drew myself a bubble bath, lit the candles and slathered my face with it.

First and foremost, I'm really not a fan of pumpkin whatsoever. It's gross and slimy and I've never had pumpkin pie...nor do I intend to.

This...oh this...I wish I could put this on a little spoon and carry it around all day, just for the scent. It smells delicious, and goes on so luxuriously...with the candles lit and the deep soaker tub, I definitely felt like I was at the spa!

Then came time to exfoliate it scrubbed off so easily, not like other facial masks that I've used before that you have to use a washcloth to scrub your skin to get it all off. No just...slid right off.

Once my face was dry, I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. My husband had a good laugh when I ran down the hall and said "feel my face!!" My skin have never, ever been softer or smoother!

I cannot thank Diana enough for restoring my ravaged post-partum skin. The hormonal changes have been insanity to say the least, and it is so nice to know that I can get reasonable, good quality and luxurious natural skincare that will restore the natural beauty of my skin!

Special Post: Bellaroma Boutique

I have a secret obsession that I'd like to share with you all...a secret that will make you feel gloriously amazing, confident and wonderful...and smell divine.

About a month ago, I contacted Diana, the owner of Bellaroma {Natural Skincare Boutique} and fellow Artisan Group member about my skincare woes.

Since having my son (1 year ago) my skin has been on a roller coaster ride it seems. One day it's oily, the next it's itchy...then on another day it's totally fine and blemish free...only to be plagued with acne two days later.

Postpartum hormones have absolutely wrecked havoc on my skin, not to mention the wrinkles, lack of moisture, dark circles, bags and everything else that comes with being a first time mom.

So, off to Diana I went with my problem, and boy did she ever solve it! She recommended her lovely Yogurt & E Creamy Cleanser and Pomegranate Whipped Facial Creme.

I have never, ever ever been this happy with my skin...or my skincare products. First and foremost, the Yogurt & E Creamy Cleaner is so light that you barely feel like you're washing your face with more than just water. It feels fresh and squeaky clean afterward, and not dry like most other cleansers that I've tried. It is seriously lovely, and wonderfully divine...and what a great feeling to have nice firm, tight skin!

I follow up my little routine with the Pomegranate Whipped Facial Creme and let me just say one word: YUM! Oh my gosh! From the moment that I opened the jar, I knew that my skin was in for a really amazingly luxurious treat. From talking to Diana, I knew that a little dab was all that I would need, and massaging it into my skin was like...a heavenly experience. Instantly, my skin was tighter and I had to double take in the mirror...but those new-mom-dark-circles were fading right before my eyes!

I woke up feeling refreshed and if my skin care woes had disappeared overnight. Looking in the mirror, I knew that it wasn't a dream, but in fact they had disappeared. My skin is lovely, soft, blemish free and silky smooth. The wrinkles are fading, as are the dark circles and bags from under my eyes {perhaps because the routine of cleansing and moisturizing before bed with Bellaroma put my mind to ease and allowed me to sleep better?}

My wish list for Bellaroma is growing everyday! Knowing that my face feels and looks so amazing now, I can't help but lust after the Hawaiian Brown Sugar Body Polish, the Cucumber Peel Toning Butter {hello Post-Partum body changes!} and the Grapeseed Lavender Bella Bar. OH! And have you seen her brand new product, the Potted Honey Lip Butter? To. Die. For!

And as if it can get any better than feeling confident in your own skin, Diana is positively a dream to work with! She responds to requests right away, and her customer service is amazing. She truly cares about your concerns and worries, and seeks to put them to rest with her wonderful products, encouraging words and warm attitude.

I highly highly recommend that you check out her shop, and contact her if you have any questions about how she can help you look and feel your best! She truly is amazing, and her products are luxuriously wonderful!