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I can now officially say that I've run at every phase of my pregnancy, something I never in a million years thought that I would utter, let alone aspire to do.

That's right! I've run it the cold, the rain, the blistering hot Florida sun. With taped knees, a wrapped foot, a supported belly.

In first trimester (top middle), I ran the London Lady's Half Marathon 5km with my friend Rebecca. We had found out that I was expecting about four days or so before the event, so it was definitely emotional, but was just like any other previous race.

Second trimester (bottom left and right) brought alot of running Florida running since we were on vacation, including a run on a cruise ship, a run in the pouring rain and my last run in my Nikes. It also brought two beautiful LOST running series medals with it, which was fun to add to my collection.

Third trimester (top left and right, middle row, bottom middle) brought a sense of accomplishment and pride. I ran my final race (top left and middle row) at 8 months pregnant, got three new medals for my wall and my most favorite race experience at the Le Chocolat Mother's Day Primer.

I've run with friends, I've run solo.

I've run on roads, sidewalks, park paths and trails.

I clocked over 81kms running.

How did I run through my pregnancy? foot in front of the other. I ran on days that I felt great, learned not to push myself too hard, taped when I needed to and used a belly support band in months 7 and 8.

If you ran consistently prior to your pregnancy, you absolutely can run throughout. It's definitely not something to pick up during pregnancy if you haven't done it before, and as with any physical activity in pregnancy...get your doctor on board. Thankfully, both my residents, OB and doula have been incredibly supportive of my running, and that has made the experience all the more amazing.

Keep in mind that as your belly grows, your centre of gravity changes and can lead to stumbles. Take it easy. Get a great pair of supportive shoes. Tape if you have any concerns with knees, shins or ankles. Take your phone with you and tell someone when you are going out so they know to be mindful that you are out running on your own. Check in with that person if you're doing a walk/run split to let them know you're ok {my husband really appreciated that!}.

Drink water before, during (if there are bathrooms on your route!) and after.

Have a snack of something sugary before and after to make sure your blood sugar doesn't plummet while you're out.

Be safe and be healthy. You're running for more than just you, and that's pretty awesome!


Tips for Running during Pregnancy #fitmama #fitpregnancy #pregnancy

Now that I am into my third trimester, I thought sharing another round of tips for running during pregnancy would be good. The warmer weather is finally here, which means that I'm out there hitting the (paved and safe) trails a couple of times a week.

Running during pregnancy is not without its challenges, and running during the third trimester is certainly not for the faint of heart. with any exercise, as long as you are smart about it, listen to your body and are safe, it is really good for both baby and mom.

It goes without saying that you should listen to your body, but if you were running prior to becoming pregnant it can feel really limiting, and it's almost difficult to slow down your pace. What I have found works for me is to treat it like I am running for the first time. I downloaded the 5K Runner app again, and have started over at day1. Every time I run, I turn on the prompts and do a 1.5min/1min walk/run split. I'm still running, and I'm still pushing myself, but I at least have scheduled splits to follow so that I am not pushing my body too hard. A huge thank you to my doula, Jena, for suggesting this routine!

One thing that I absolutely cannot run without at this stage of my pregnancy is my belly support band.

There are many bands out there, and the one that works for me may not be the right one for you. Regardless....I picked up this black stretchy support band from Walmart (George brand, found in the maternity clothing section) and as you can see above, I fold it over two to three times, then sling it low across my belly for support. It really helps limit the bouncing on my lower belly, and I haven't had an issue with back pain (so far) so I haven't needed more support than the stretchy band.

It's also great since my running leggings are just regular leggings, with no belly panel. It helps my entire belly feel supported, which makes my run overall more enjoyable.

There will be days where you feel like your old non-pregnant self, and can do a longer run. There will be other days where you are completely gassed and do alot more walking than running. What matters is that you are out there, and you're doing something good to keep you and your baby healthy.

Lastly, hydrate. This is something that I'm not super great about, because I always feel like I'm going to pee my pants due to my weak pelvic floor muscles right now, but it is so important to hydrate your body, both for you and your baby. If possible, choose a running route with a bathroom, or do a few loops around your block so you can always circle back to your house a pit stop if needed!

At the end of the day, do what you can, when you can. I like to get out two or three times a week for a run, even if it is just 2km. Running is so amazing and I have really enjoyed my journey over the past year. It provides stress relief and mental clarity, weight loss and toning, and during pregnancy helps to set you up for an easier labour and delivery, as well as an easier postnatal recovery period.

Be smart, be safe.
Go run.


Run for Retina recap #running #pregnancy #fitmom

This past Sunday, against the threat of rain and at 7 months pregnant, I ran the Run for Retina in London, Ontario. 5km...most of which was surprisingly uphill, but I did it...and I didn't finish last!

My first km went by really quickly, and my tracker dinged at about 8minutes. I was surprised that I was going so fast, and then slowed down a bit to walk some.

This is when it got a little silly. In my brain, when I am running, I am not pregnant. I push myself, and tell my legs "you're not tired, your brain is...keep going" When you're 7 months pregnant, this is really dumb, but there's something that happens when you're at a race...there's something in the air. People are super jazzed to be there; for some, it's their first race and you can see the mix of excitement and nerves written on their face. For others, they're seasoned pros and complete the course in no time.

Then there was me. Pregnant and determined.

Around the 2km mark, my belly started to cramp. I walked a little more, and knew that it was my body telling me that it didn't necessarily need to slow needed water like whoa. Thankfully, I could see the water station in my sights, so walked to it, and chugged a couple of glasses. Once the cramp went away, I walked quicker and worked my way up to a run.

This course was supposed to be a 5km, but when my tracker dinged that I had run 3km at the half way turnaround, I had a feeling that alot of the way back would be walking.

Grabbed some more water at the station, then just kept going. There was only one way back, and I would get there when I got there.

When I could see Blackfriars Bridge, I knew that the end was near, and that it was primarily downhill. I started running...and kept running. I actually ran right past my husband and son, and didn't realize that they were there! I ran past a few of the other racers and over the finish line.

I wanted to cry...but I really really needed to pee! So I collected my medal, grabbed two more glasses of water and ran right to the bathrooms. Once I had some much needed relief, took a moment to smile at myself in the mirror, pat my belly and be proud...all by myself.

When I found my husband and son, my kiddo ran up to me with the biggest smile and was SO proud. Then my husband said I I had of told you four years ago that you would become a runner would you have believed me? I laughed, and said no.

Then he said Would you have believed me if I said that you would run a 5km, while pregnant with our second son?

Absolutely not...but I did, and that's pretty awesome!

I'm SO looking forward to my next race in just a couple of weeks, the Le Chocolat 5K Run/Walk. It's actually a full on girls weekend away with my bests, and I can't wait!

If all else fails, I can have a firefighter carry me to the finish!