Cookes for Santa #free #Christmas #printable

I have such fond memories of putting out chocolate chip cookies and a can of Coca-Cola for Santa on Christmas Eve. We used to leave carrot sticks for the reindeer, as well, but I never caught on that Santa and my Dad had the same love for Coca-Cola and didn't drink milk. Weird!

I used to love leaving Santa a little note, or to draw a picture. I so hope that our boys love this tradition, and if not...they have a creative mama who will continue to design fun printables for Santa.

You can download the Cookies for Santa printable HERE for free!

Christmas Gift Checklist #printable

Yet another list that I keep on my phone is one for ongoing gift ideas for my husband and the boys. When it comes time to go out in search of Christmas gifts, I usually have a whole other list that includes my best friends kiddos, grandparents, the boys' aunt and uncle...the whole gang.

Since I am hoping to divide and conquer the gift list this year, I thought a printable would be helpful so my husband and I can trade it back and forth and strike things off the list!

As always, one space left open for anyone that you might need to add...the mail carrier, hair stylist, baby sitter...add them as needed in the open space!

You can download the gift checklist HERE for free!

Stocking Stuffer Shopping List #printable

Do you get stuck on what to put in your spouses or chidren's Christmas stockings? I usually have my go-to list of...

favorite candy
hot wheels cars
a funky new tie or pair of socks

Things that will roll and tuck inside a stocking, but things that are inexpensive and unique. This year, I've created a simple list of items that you can print off and take shopping with you, so you don't need to stress over stockings!

Download this free printable HERE!


Did Someone say Pie? #printable #thanksgiving

At every Thanksgiving dinner coming up this month, there will be pie. Peach, pecan, cherry, apple, pumpkin, sweet potato.

There will be pie, plenty of pie, at Thanksgiving dinner.

Pie; glorious pie.

Download this free printable HERE and use it as an insert for your placemats or signage for your dessert buffet.

Happy Thanksgiving (and happy pie eating!)

Thanksgiving Organizer #printable #organization101

Need some help getting organized for Thanksgiving this month? Download this months Organization 101 printable HERE for free!!

Keep it all in one place; decor, chore assignments, dishes for Thanksgiving dinner and even a space to list important dates!

Print it out, fill it out and then post it on the fridge so everyone knows what's going on, what is expected and where they can help out!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Halloween #Printable #zombies #vampires

With Halloween just days away, here's a free printable that you can download at home, then hang on your door to greet the ghouls and goblins as they come seeking candy

Definitely creepy, and inspired by everything zombie and Walking Dead related, but isn't that what Halloween is supposed to be about? One night of fright!

Download HERE for free!

Get Organized for #Halloween #free #printable

With Halloween just around the corner, usually the to-do list is a mile long.

Get pumpkins
Decorate outside
Get candy
Host or attend halloween parties
Costumes for the kids
Costumes for the adults
Decorate inside
Teacher gifts
Classroom parties

The list goes on and on and on it seems!

This month with Organization 101, there's a free printable to keep you organized for all of your Halloween to-do's!

Download HERE for free!

Weekly Meal Planner, Organization 101 #planner #printable

Happy September! Now that the kiddos are back in school and you're getting back into a normal routine, I'm sure you could use a little help getting organized for meal time.

One thing that we often struggle with is meal planning, but it really is the easiest thing ever, and even easier when you have a printable that you can post on the fridge!

Whether you are a busy mom with kiddos in extra curriculars, a new mom who is just introducing solids for her baby, or a newlywed with an awesome career and a busy spouse, this weekly meal planner will be helpful!

Just print it out on a Saturday, sit down and do your planning, then go shopping on Sunday. 

Have plans for a dinner out or have a business lunch? Just cross it off the planner and then you don't have to worry about it!

Download your free weekly meal planner HERE.

Best Friends Day #printable #free

Did you know that today is best friends day??

These two girls have been there for over 20 years of my life. Babies, tragedies, marriages, running, tears, laughter. You name it, they've been there. They are the Godmom's and Aunties to my sons and the two people in life that I can count on no matter what.

To celebrate them on Best Friends Day, I designed a FREE printable that you can download at home, and send to your BFF's or print off and mail to them as a little surprise!

Download HERE for free!

Canada Day and Fourth of July #Free #Printables

It's time for backyard bbq's, fireworks and lemonade. Parades, hamburgers, and children playing on the lawn.

That's right! It's time for Canada Day and the Fourth of July! No matter how you celebrate, it probably involves friends, family, a picnic or backyard party and that means that you'll be decorating your home very soon.

Here are two printables that you can download, print at home and frame to be the centrepiece of your buffet or dessert table this year!

You can download them both HERE and print at home!


Father's Day #Printable and Interview #fathersday

Earlier this year, I was on the search for some really great Father's Day gifts for my husband. I found a few things here and there, but was feeling like something was just missing.

Then it donned on me that Owen is at the perfect age to do a Father's Day interview, so of course I made it into a printable.

I'm so excited to print it out with all of his answers, then pop it in a frame for my husbands office!

You can download the FREE printable here!


Free Printable Shopping List #printables #organization

This month's organizational printable is one that you can print time and time again, hang on the fridge then take with you grocery shopping.

When I head out for groceries, I either totally forget what was on the list on the fridge {whiteboard} or pregnancy brain strikes and I pick up all of the wrong things that satisfy those instant cravings. Not the smartest, or most frugal, way to shop, so now that I have a printable that I can just put in my purse, it makes it alot easier and also means that I don't have to flick back and forth between a list on my notepad on my phone.

Download here for free!


March Break Activity Planner, free #printable

March Break will soon be upon us. Do you have all of your children's activities organized and planned out?

Use this free downloadable printable to get yourself organized this Spring Break!

A full week of activities, split into morning and afternoon, to keep you sane!

Some easy activities to include for preschoolers and toddlers are:

- sculpting with modelling clay or play dough
- indoor car races
- rainbow rice
- sugar cookie baking
- coloring pages

Have a fun, and safe, Spring Break!

Keep Calm and Kiss Me: FREE Valentines Printable

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Just a sweet little printable for this Valentine's Day, and yours FREE for the downloading and printing at home!

This year for Valentine's Day, I am feeling the need to bake and have an array of sweets for my sweet boys. Since the kiddo is a bit of a chocoholic {I do not know where he gets that from....;)}, there will be some sort of chocolate cupcakes, likely with chocolate buttercream and maybe some sprinkles to fancy them up.

My husband, on the other hand, is not a dessert guy or sweets guy...unless it's super rich dark chocolate or, on the totally opposite side of the scale, white chocolate. I think some truffles might be in store for him!

Then for me? Cookies. Give me all the sugar cookies with royal icing that I can whip up!

What are your Valentine's plans this year?


FREE Halloween Printable from Sweet Stella's

When I was creating this seasons free halloween printable, I could not get Bippity Boppity Boo out of my head for some reason. Not exactly halloween-ey or scary by any means, but it is the inspiration behind this years free halloween printable.

I love the chevron background, first and foremost. I toned down the opacity just a touch so make the font really pop, then chose a dark forest green.

Not your typical pairing for Halloween in terms of color or pattern, but really beautiful together. I envision it framed in a white frame, up on a mantle with lacquered black candle sticks, white taper candles and pumpkins. Beautiful!!

Download it here for free!