Monthly Intentions: Positivity

The first quarter of the year is officially over, and you've probably gotten used to having gratitude for the small things, taking a moment to breath and reflect when you are faced with a chaotic situation, and being mindful of how you are doing things.

This month, I want you to set the intention of positivity

Pretty interesting perspective on things, isn't it? There are so many times, in so many situations along our path, where we are faced with the option of being miserable or being strong. This goes hand in hand with positivity. If we choose to look at a situation with a positive mindset, there is a high likelihood that the outcome will be positive as well.

Be positive
Be strong
Choose positive
Choose strong


Setting Monthly Intentions

One thing that I have learned over the past two years of meditative practice is that when we set an intention, with our whole heart and entire being, often that intention is met and that need is fulfilled.

Every month, right here in this moment, I want you to take pause.
Be Still
Be Present

What is it that your heart craves?

Is there an element to your life that you sincerely wish could be better? Set an intention for what you want, what you crave.

If it helps to have a visual of your intention, write it down and put the piece of paper in a jar. Then at the end of the year, reflect on all of them and see which ones were fulfilled. Even when you reflect on the ones that didn't come to fruition, you may notice that they weren't really what you needed and an intention that your heart set all on its own edged its way forward.

Do this at the start of each and every month, and take note of how your heart feels when you make them.

Hold onto that energy and go be amazing.