Soup's On! Outdoor Party Inspiration

Continuing with our outdoor party inspiration is a clever idea that I found on Pinterest.

Who didn't love a thermos full of hot soup as a child?! I love this idea, and the enameled mugs are the perfect touch for this element to your outdoor winter party.

Similarly, you could have a large pot of chili heating over an open fire and serve up bannok, which is a personal campfire favourite of mine.

Check out this delicious recipe for Rough Draft Farmstead!


BlogHer12 Recap: Parties

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by the whole party aspect to BlogHer. From talking to past attendees, it can be crowded, people push, hot...people get cranky...and so on and so forth.

So aside from looking pretty awesomesauce, what did I think of the parties and events?

Well...I loved the Expo Hall and am really excited about the connections that I made with some incredible companies. While it was really crowded on the first floor on Thursday night, I really really really enjoyed the second floor and made my best connections up there.
Thursday: Expo Hall! From Dole Fruit to cleaning with Lysol, we looked stylin' {Kristine Cook Designs custom dress, Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian druzy bracelet}

The People's Party was a great mixer and an opportunity to meet some ladies that I've been reading for years. Queerosphere was delightful and I had a BLAST at it! The music was divine and it felt like you were transported to another world. Loved it!
Thursday: People's Party and Queerosphere {Tina Dean Designs fused clutch and Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian druzy bracelet}

Hasbro, while not an official BlogHer party, was an insane amount of fun and I had a blast at the NERF booth, and relived my childhood with the butterscotch haystacks. Meeting Optimus Prime may just be the highlight of my weekend! I sent the photo to my husband, and he even got excited. PIME, as he is affectionately called by my toddler, is kind of a big deal around here
Friday: Hasbro, naturally with Optimus Prime! {Kristine Cook Designs jacket, Tina Dean Designs clutch, Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian druzy necklace}

Sparklecorn was hilarious, and busy, and hot and after an afternoon of walking Broadway and Times Square, my feet needed a break and it was nice to unwind at the hotel bar, where my tutu literally filled up the entire chair.
Friday: Sparklecorn in the prettiest tutu ever by Atutudes Handmade Tutu {Tina Dean Designs clutch, Amber Bruce Luxe Bohemian earrings and necklace}

The 6pm fashion show, followed later on my CheeseburgHer, was amazing. I'd never been to an event like that, but I felt SO at home in the environment that they created {well done, 6pm!!}. It was chic and modern, and so incredibly inspiring to me.
Saturday: 6pm fashion show {Kristine Cook Designs peplum dress, Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian statement earrings, Ostlund Custom Works hammered cuff, Tina Dean Designs VHS wristlet}

All in all, amazing experiences and awesome parties. Sometimes a little overwhelming, and a wee bit loud music wise, but it was just nice to dress up, put on some heels and grab a glass of champagne with your girlfriends to make some real relationships blossom.

SWH4T$: Apple Cheddar Honey Pinwheels

Are you drooling yet? should be, because these are some of the most delicious appetizers that I've created in a long time and what's even can make a tonne of them on the cheap!


Crescent rolls
Apples - chopped {I left the skins on}
Shredded aged white cheddar cheese

How To:

Crack the seal of your crescent rolls, and unroll the dough so you have 4 rectangles {basically two triangles, squish the seam together, and voila! rectangle!}.

Fill the rectangles with chopped apples and lots of shredded aged white cheddar cheese.

Roll up tightly and slice. Each rectangle will make approximately 4-8 slices depending on how tight you roll and how full you fill!

Bake as per the package instructions, then cool slightly.

Once you've transferred onto a platter, drizzle with local honey....ah-mazing!

It's a little take on my favourite dish from the Hunt upside down apple tart with aged white cheddar, local honey and proscuitto {add that to your mixture above...delish!}, but costs a fraction of the price!


Party Tips Tuesday: Menu Planning

Part of party planning that I really really love is planning out the menu {anyone remember that elaborate spread from Easter?}

For Owen's party, I started brainstorming food early on. S'mores obviously were on top of the list, but I got thinking about traditional campfire foods...just like when I was a Girl Guide!

Corn bread
Banana boats
BBQ Potatoes

Then a few new favourites...

Pizza cones
Hobo bread
Melon kabobs
Choco-apple slices (like a chocolate-caramel apple, but just slices! Thank you, Pinterest!)
Trail mix
Jiffy pop

And what's a party without coordinated buffet tent cards??

I'm particularly excited about how I'm incorporating S'mores into the menu. There will be S'mores Pops {marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed graham crackers} and S'mores Krispy Treats {a hint from my pal Shizz from Baby Shmizz}.

Stay tuned next week for the Favours!

Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Minnie Mouse Party

Another party that I've had the pleasure working on this year is a Minnie Mouse themed party.

Super cute banner for Miss N. I especially love the orange polka dot ribbon!

Handcut Minnie garlands!

Now, obviously it's super fun for me to make all of the decorations....but what is even more fun is to talk to the Mama's during their party planning process and talk about all of the other elements going on with the party.

Set up
Loot Bags

It all plays a part in making your party perfect.

In this case, I talked to Miss N's sweet Mama about the food. what goes with Minnie Mouse?


BOW-tie pasta
Polka Dot salad (everything cut in circles)
Pink Lemonade

Cute, right? I absolutely cannot wait to see how the party comes together!