Christmas Ornament Roundup from Etsy

Our house is full of Christmas cheer, and one of my favourite days is the one that we put up our Christmas tree and decorate it. Each year, we get a new ornament just like I used to when I was a little girl, so it felt fitting to do a roundup of my favourite ornaments that I've found on Etsy.

Four robin's nests from Fairyfolk

Personalized ornament from The Lonely Heart

Mini wooden snowflakes from Timber Green Woods

Jumbo acorn ornament from Smile Mercantile
Handblown glass ornaments from Kivaford

Where is your favourite place to get new ornaments? I love finding unique ones, and mixing them in with family favourites.


Silver Gold and Red Glamorous Christmas Tree 2013

When I was growing up, we had two Christmas trees. One was in our family room and was full of rainbow colored lights, a new ornament every year, tinsel and a big star on top. The other, in our front sitting room, was all white and sat on top of our cherished train set.

This year, I am seriously considering getting a second tree. My husband and I have the tree that I grew up with, and it's full of whimsical, funny, and sentimental ornaments.

What I crave is this

Red Silver and Gold Glamerous Christmas Tree 2013

A beautiful tree covered in glittering stars, snowflakes, a Polar Express bell, and glass balls. Topped with a shimmery glittery star, and embellished with swirling ribbons.

We have the perfect picture window for it too, where I hang ornaments from the top of the window sill! How beautiful that would be!!

I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas...only 4 more days to wait!

Christmas Ornaments

Now's the time to order beautiful handpainted glass ornaments to give as personalized gifts, hang on your family Christmas tree, or use as escort card holders at your winter wedding!

Each glass ornament is painted and marbled in the colours of your choice. Add metallics and glitter, and finish off the coordinating ribbon!

Interested in a bulk order for a wedding or special event? Email me at and we'll figure out a discount to make sure you every guest has a beautiful ornament to take home!

How long can you expect your order to take? Since the ornaments are handpainted and need time to dry before shipping, please allow 1 week for production, plus shipping time.

Christmas Ornament Presales

That's right! It's not even Halloween and we're already talking Christmas!

Announcing PRESALES for hand painted Christmas ornaments!

Beautiful glass ornaments painted in your choice of colours, and finished with ribbon for hanging.

New for 2012: add glitter, monograms&names painted on the exterior, and hanging embellishments!

 $12 each plus shipping

To order, simply email me at with your colour preferences and once your PayPal invoice is paid, we'll get to work creating your ornaments.

Special Shop Announcement!

Since just before Christmas, I've been rethinking my product offering and artistic image.

What genres suit me best as an artist?
What are my strengths as an artist?

So...I've made a decision.

While I positively love creating party supplies, piggy banks and stationery, playing with paper and different ink's just that...playing. They're both items that will be offered on a custom design basis only, under a new category called Custom Designs in my etsy shop.

What I really want to do and focus on are my paintings, journals and some new sculpted elements. Branch more into home decor, focus on who I am as an artist...that sort of thing.

Did you know that I actually had two studio majors while in University? Ya...I actually studied sculpture first, and painting second, but quickly grew to love them both because of the professors that I studied under.

I'm going back to those roots, and will be giving my shop some much needed focus so I can, personally, gain some much needed clarity.

What you can expect to see are amazing journals that are truly a work of art, with sculpted cover embellishment, as well as antique skeleton keys, shimmery ribbons and other such inspired embellishments.

Abstract journals, both in linear and painterly styles, using a variety of acrylics and applications for a three dimensional effect. These can be found under Painted Journals in my shop.

These are sculpted embellishments that will be attached to some journal covers. I absolutely love them, and find it so soothing to work with clay again! The largest flower for journals is approximately 3" in diameter.

Acrylic paintings on both stretched canvas and wood. I am very very excited to offer these in my shop. Nervous, but excited! And of course, found under Acrylic Paintings in my shop.

I'll also be working on a variety of sculpted wall installations long the same concept as the sculpted journal embellishments. The smallest flowers will be 3" in diameter, going up to 8"-10" and sold in sets of three and five (or more by custom order) - all ready for hanging! Stay turned for a Sculpted Wall Art category, coming soon!

I'm really excited about the direction that Sweet Stella's is taking...but wonder...what do you think?

Leave me some love in the comments!

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show Recap

Well...I survived my first craft show this past weekend!! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I definitely learned a tonne and made some really awesome connections with other vendors and some fabulous customers who have some really great parties coming up that I hope Sweet Stella's can be a part of.

The display, while exactly what I had envisioned, needs some work and I have a plan for reconfigure things for the next show on December 1st.

The ornament trees were a huge hit, and that is one area of the display that I am super happy with.

The bookcase, while a great display idea to keep things organized, needs some help. I'm thinking of stationery all on one shelf, along with a photo collage of the pictures from the GBK Productions Emmy's Gifting Suite with Jeff Probst and Annie Illonzeh.

On another shelf, all of the beautiful journals, and then masks on another. Keep it simple, and streamlined...with room to replenish stock where needed.

Another thing that will be changing is getting the Tiny Stacks and Favour Pouches off the table and into pretty containers of some sort. I have a woven ceramic bowl that I made years ago, so that could potentially house one or the other...

The masks were also a huge hit, and I was even asked if I do children's birthday in they have a Sweet Stella's party!!

Definitely have that in the works...everything from masks to fairy wands, piggy bank to treasure chests, and custom packages too!! Sweet Stella's Parties will be here for 2012, so stay tuned for their unveiling after the holidays!

and if you're in the London area, check me out at the Mountsfield PS Holiday Sale!

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show...T-Minus 3 days!

That's right folks...3 days! AHH!! I cannot believe how much stock I've made for this weekend!

  • 36 painted glass ornaments
  • 22 paper styro ornaments
  • 45 notestacks
  • 38 tiny stacks
  • 24 pinwheels
  • 9 basic masks
  • 9 couture masks (4 still in the works)
  • 7 thick journals
  • 1 thin journal
  • 152 favour pouches
  • 7 party packs
Grand total of 217 items! CRAZY!

But it was certainly well worth it, and I absolutely love each and every item!

Now I have to pack up all of this...

and I am OH SO EXCITED to share the new ornaments for this season!!

this one reminds me of chocolate I call it Brown Cow

perfectly papered in various greens and patterns!

I adore this one! Purple, silver and electric lime unexpected!

Want to get a couple ornaments of your own?? Enter in the giveaway happening at Peanut's Tale!

Special Post: Giveaways Galore!

November 1st, 2011 marks such an amazing day for us here at Sweet Stella's.

1. Year. In. Business.

As a HUGE thank-you to all of you awesome customers, moms, kiddos and fellow artists, I'm going to be hosting a whack of giveaways during the month of November.

Right now, you can enter to win two handpainted custom ornaments over at Peanut's Tale.

Next week, right here, you'll be able to enter to win a MyMemories digital scrapbooking Software package!

The week after...a Tina Dean Designs basket full of Sweet Stella's holiday goodies!

Then over on Baby Shmizz, you'll be able to win a Holiday Stationary package, and check out the new papered and personalized ornaments for 2012!

Lastly, a chance to win a $25 Sweet Stella's Gift Certificate on The Mommyhood Chronicles! Pretty awesome!

So, as you can see...lots of things to win, in a variety of ways, and all because i am just so thankful to have made it one full year, and still be going strong.

Thank you all, SO much!

What's Next Wednesday: Crafting up a Storm! no rest for the wicked right?

I have my first ever craft show and sale coming up at the beginning of November, and to be completely honest, I am absolutely terrified!

Will people like my stuff?

How do I display everything?

How much stock do I take?

Do I need a banner?

What about business many of those?

So many questions, and right now I'm just in production mode! Over the past two days, I've whipped up 34 notestacks (24 of them Holiday themed, and 10 of them everyday) and 22 tiny stacks (about the size of a matchbook! They're SO cute and are perfect to keep in your purse!). I've also done up 18 ornaments, and figured out some display aspects.

I'll be previewing alot of things here, including a mock up of the display to get some feedback from you all, but here's a little peek to tide you over! vases with branches...

Stay tuned for more peeks and progress!

What's Next Wednesday: Christmas!

Yes that's right!!

Halloween isn't even here yet and I'm already gearing up for Christmas!! I'm over-the-moon excited since I'll be participating in my first ever Christmas Bazaar this year, which is a benefit for the London Children's Hospital and London Humane Society (both organizations that are close to this mama's heart)

On my display will be vases of pinwheels in all different colours, masks beyond your wildest imagination, and tall vases with branches...and these lovelies hanging from them

Right now, my studio is pretty organized but I'm needing more space. I think we'll be setting things up a little differently in there, taking out the double bed and putting up a day bed so that I can use under-the-bed space for bins of masks, ornaments and pinwheels for the bazaar!

Need an ornament? They're up on my Etsy shop now! Two styles...plain painted ornaments, and ones with initials!

Want one ready-to-ship? These will be posted after the bazaar...if I don't sell out first!