Bringing Home Baby: A Note on Visitors

Everyone loves a new baby. Nothing is sweeter than those tiny toes or that cute little nose. When someone has a new baby, family and friends can't wait to come meet them. But what happens when you don't want visitors?

Or when people come to see you, sit down on the couch and don't leave

Set limits! 

A great idea for visitors after baby is to make set times for people to come. Tell friends and family that you would love to have them come meet your new little one, but make sure they know what time to come and when to go. Also, don't feel bad if you want some time just you and your new family member.

Don't play hostess! 

Just because someone is a guest in your home, doesn't mean you need to wait on them hand and foot. You have just been through something huge and you need to take care of you! Visitors can offer you tea, not the other way around.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Need someone to switch the laundry over? Ask! Most people won't mind doing such a simple task, especially when to you, that's all you need at the moment. Need a nap or a shower? Your girlfriend would be overjoyed to spend some one on one time with baby while you take care of yourself

Having a new baby is a wonderful thing but it's also a huge transition for a family. Don't feel like you need to be super mom and have a revolving door of visitors. Your needs and the needs of your new tiny human come first.


5 Tips for Visiting New Parents

A new baby has a way of bringing everyone together. Friends and family are filled with happiness and excitement, while mom and dad are more than likely filled with joy and exhaustion. Your love and support during these first few weeks are tremendously important to the new family. Offer your support and listen to the new family for ways that you can best help.

Here are five tips to remember when visiting during the early weeks. 

1. Reassure the family that you are available to help: Assuring the family that you are available when they are ready or when they need something, like a pack of diapers, will allow them to rest comfortably and confidently. There is a sense of relief that we feel knowing that when we may need something, we have somebody we can rely on.

2. Do not helicopter: It is important to remember that you will not be the only visitor that the new family has over the next few weeks. You may think that once or twice a week is perfect, but for the new family who has everybody thinking that, it adds up. Remember that aunts, cousins, friends from college, will all want to meet the new baby. All of these visitors combined, can put a lot of stress on mom and dad. So, limit your visits and allow them to let you know when a good time to come will be.     

3. Don’t arrive empty handed: Finding time to prep and cook a healthy, wholesome meal while adjusting to life with a new baby is slim to impossible some days. One way to help the new family is to always bring food to your visits. Whether it is a frozen meal like lasagna or meat pie, or a snack like fresh juice or muffins, they WILL appreciate it! Another way to help is to drop food off at their door and simply text that it is there.

4. Do lighthouse for mom and dad: What mom and dad might need the most right now is for their sink full of dishes to be washed, or that growing pile of laundry to be folded and put away. Instead of offering to hold the new baby while mom or dad does the housework, go ahead and do these tasks for them. 

5. Remember mom too: The new baby will get lots of presents and attention during this time but it’s essential that mom receive the support and encouragement she needs as well. She ran a marathon to bring her baby into the world and this is her recovery time. Bring her a tea, some magazines, do her nails, simply listen to her. Mom is going through a lot physically, emotionally, and mentally, and needs you more than ever. 


5 Tips for Engaging with your Newborn

So you have this tiny little babe that you're now responsible for and everyone is telling you to play with her and that she should be doing x/y/z. Your babe probably sleeps all day, is only really awake long enough to eat, so how exactly do you engage them in play to help them develop?


Does it seem strange to sing to a little one who can't interact much? Well...if you sang to an older child while you were pregnant, chances are those same songs your baby will recognize those same tones if you sing to them now. Singing, no matter whether you're in tune or not, is a great way for your baby to recognize the different tones of your voice. Try working in their name into the songs too!


For some reason, babies really love looking at their reflections in the mirror. Play Who's That Baby In The Mirror, use their name and giggle right along with them. Alternatively, use the camera on your phone if you don't have a mirror handy.


The sharp contrast of black and white patterns has been proven to engage babies and help their brains develop. Try printing out black and white patterns (chevron, stripes, polka dots) and taping them on the bottom of your mobile, or side of the crib so your baby can gaze at them.

Faces and Places

The face that your baby loves the most? It's yours! Smile, laugh, make silly faces and see their eyes light up with glee. Is your baby starting to babble? Babble back using the same ah-goo tones. Mimic their facial expressions and ask questions! Oh is that right? What would you like to do today? The tone of asking a question, when your voice raises at the end, seems to be very pleasing to a baby!

Snuggle Time

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your baby is to snuggle. Whether you babywear or simply lounge in a recliner snuggled up with your babe, the use of physical touch is really important to bonding. It helps your baby know your smell, and who to trust. It helps them pick up on your emotions, and naturally releases hormones in your body to keep you calm and happy!

No matter which way you choose to engage or play with your newborn, know that you are doing a great job and all they really need is your love and attention.


Preparing for Baby: Your Business #pregnancy #newborn #mompreneur

While I have definitely prepared my blog for the arrival of Little Bear (post to come next month!), it is definitely not as easy to prepare my business for his arrival.

As any mom knows, adding a babe into your world gets your days and nights mixed up, your ups and down reversed. It can definitely be an overwhelming thought to be running a business with a newborn (and in my case, a preschooler as well!) but I have faith in myself and my abilities that it can be done.

In the case of my business, authenticity, transparency, and communication are going to be key. I have been posting about my pregnancy little by little, to the point that my clients know when he is expected and when they can expect that I will be taking a little time off. If we are having a great day once he is here, I will post that! If we need a little space, I will post to that effect.

Will I put my studio on vacation notice? No. For an artist on Etsy, this is like shooting your promotion in the foot. If you put your shop on vacation, that means people can't find you, or your products.

Shipping of products will likely be once a week...and will involve a detour to Starbucks where I can sit, sketch, and take a few minutes of breathing room.

In terms of coaching, that is the area of my business that I am not sure of right now. I think I will likely take the four to six weeks off following his birth, but then get back into consultations and whatnot. Ideally, I like to give my clients my 100% undivided attention and we all know that with sleep deprivation and adjusting to life with a 4 year old and new baby will mean my attention is in a few places at once when it is brand new.

So...right now I am just going to play it by ear. Life will change, sure, but that doesn't mean that I have to close up shop for a certain period of time. My art studio is something that is just for me, a place where I can breathe and create pretty things. So long as my heart is happy, it will stay open even with a newborn in tow. (hello babywearing!!)