You are YOUR Responsibility #coaching

A constant theme with my coaching clients is support. When we start talking about roadblocks, we often talk about support systems. Who is serving up, holding us up, helping us on our journey? Who is holding us back?

This year, I want to gently remind you that YOU are in charge of your life. 100%.

We are given this life {thanks, Mom!} but what we do with it is entirely up to us. The decisions that we make shape our journey and our path. The good, the bad, the's all within our own two hands to shape for ourselves.

Sure, circumstances arise that can help or hinder, but ultimately we decide how we react to those situations and how we deal and cope, or grow and change.

So - my challenge to you in 2014 is to take stock of where you are. Consider the decisions that you have made to shape your journey and your path. Are you unhappy with them, and ultimately with where you are? Now is the time to take control, and change those circumstances. You hold the power. Just you.

And you are enough.


Workout Motivation while on Vacation

Keeping my motivation to workout and stay healthy while we are on vacation is easier than many would think. While most would be sipping drinks with umbellas in them while sitting by the pool, I will be found IN the pool.

This is the pool at Innisbrook Golf Resort. There's a wading area for the kids with a manmade beach and jets that shoot out of the ground at the one end, then a deeper area with a volleyball net at the other end.

All around are beach loungers, and certainly there will be lounging...and snacking...but there will also be swimming which is so good for a pregnant body. It takes the pressure off your joints, is relaxing and it doesn't matter how big your bump is, it's comfortable and feels good.

So, along with running a little every day, I will be getting some laps in at the pool.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I talk about my workout routine, prenatal fitness and how a healthy mama makes for a healthy babe!