Self Care Challenge Rewards!

Happy December!!

My favourite month (next to September) is full of magic and wonder. Bright eyes and sleepy heads.

It's also full of wintery days stuck inside, dark early in the evening and late in the morning. Grey. Snow.

In this final month of our Self Care Challenge, I want you all to take a moment to reward yourself for all of the effort you have put into you.

Do something that makes you abundantly happy. A treat.

Is it a new outfit?

Or just a few moments of quiet, while you take yourself out for lunch?

Whatever it is, reward yourself.

I hope you learned how important you are. You truly are an amazing woman, and you give so very much of yourself to your children, your family, your community. I hope that you learned just how valuable and important you are.

I hope you learned that you need time to recharge those batteries now and then, and that there is no guilt in giving yourself that time and space.

Celebrate that.
Celebrate you.