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Still wracking your brain for the perfect gift to give this holiday season? Fearing that it's too late to pick up a beautiful piece of statement jewelry or a gorgeous painting?

Well, if you're in the London area where delivery is always free, you still have time to order!

Place your order before DECEMBER 20th to ensure delivery by the 24th!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Kristine Cook Designs

One of the first things that popped into my head when I was planning this big adventure to BlogHer was

How do I want to present myself?

I started looking at my wardrobe, which has a lot of black, white, grey and navy…lots of stripes…scarves…dark skinny jeans but really no amazing statement pieces that set me apart and reflect who I am as an artist.

Off to Etsy I went, and I stumbled across Kristine Cook Designs.

I have now had the pleasure of meeting with Kristine, collaborating with her and having her design some really amazing pieces that I will be able to feature at BlogHer.

I knew that I wanted a jacket that I could wear, in a great colour for summer, with a white tee and dark jeans. I told Kristine that I love ruffles, rosettes and girly details…but that I love a masculine edge with things being fitted and tailored.

Isn’t this concept amazing??

I am thrilled!! It’s an amazing coral colour, which suits this brunette just fine, and has the most intricate almost origami detailing around the collar.

And ¾ sleeves? Perfect for spring and summer, and for layering! A white tee to keep it simple…or a bold graphic print in navy and white…or even a pastel tank and pencil skirt…with fabulous heels of course!

The lining is going to be a really awesome pinstripe fabric, and I am just...squeeing inside about it! Kristine took my Pinterest boards, what little she new about me from my photos on Facebook and my Etsy shop and ran with it. She totally got me, and designed for me. How special is that!?

It’s the most beautiful jacket I’ve laid eyes on, and definitely will set me apart, reflect myself as an artist, and is a piece that I can wear over and over again, yet make look so different depending on the other pieces that I pair it with!



WAHM Wednesday: Me Time at the Spa

So...how many hats have I been wearing lately?

Doctor (Owen had been sick for nearly two weeks straight)
Support system (my Mom has been going through alot lately)
Chair for Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope

Where is "self" on that list?


The Hubs noticed just how heavy a load I've been carrying on my tiny shoulders lately and booked me a treatment at...

He told me to find something that I wanted to have done. Given that I'm stressed to the absolute max and my personal burden is rather heavy these days, i couldn't think of anything better than this treatment...

Thay Ritual

Inspired by the 5000 year old Ayurvedic philosophy that emphasizes that well-being and beauty are only possible when the four elements are in perfect harmony, the Thay Ritual is a complete treatment for body and mind. This experience to remember begins with a bull body exfoliation followed by an organic herbal mud wrap on our aromatherapy steam table. Next, a 50-minute full body massage with a warm blend of organic oils and hot stones includes Thai stretches for increased flexibility and balancing of body energy, and the combination transcends relaxation as you’ve known it. All treatments include scalp massage, neck and decolleté treatments.

Sounds like Heaven to me!!

And it was!

THAY stands for...THerapy Around You and it really was about the entire experience.

First, I was exfoliated from head to toe, then painted with mud. Seriously...amazing. I was staring up at the ceiling, which was lit with hundreds of fibre optic lights that went from red to peach to purple to green to white, and getting completely lost in the lights. They were in a heart shape, probably 4'x3', and just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It did get a wee bit chilly after the mud was on, but the next part made up for it.

I was lying on this wooden table (with a comfy pad on it) that had holes in the side. Why? Because it was a steam table! After I was all painted with mud, Trista put these bent wooden slats over top of me and covered me (and wooden slats) with a plastic blanket of sorts, creating a capsule. Then, she turned on the steam and I was encased in this warm...velvety...luxurious steam that seemed to melt my every worry and care away.

While the steam was working its magic, I got a decolette and scalp massage. I really think that's something totally underrated. It relieved so much pressure and stress and my mind felt so clear afterward!

After a shower to get all of the mud off, which was really funny to see going down the drain, I had a fantastic hot stone back massage followed up by a hand massage.

The hand massage wasn't necessarily part of the overall treatment, but I asked if she would do it since i have been sculpting and typing alot lately and know that the tiny little muscles in my hands are incredibly cramped. Was I ever right!! She literally giggled when she started massaging the large muscle in my thumb and gave me some techniques to use at home.

Makes you want to drift away, doesn't it?

I left the spa feeling an overwhelming sense of relief. I was smiling, but also crying and feeling so incredibly thankful to my Husband for recognizing my need for a break.

What have you done for yourself lately??