Preparing for Baby: the blog #pregnancy #newborn

So...little mister will be here soon. Kinda nuts, right?

How does a blogger prepare?


I'm not going to lie, I have spent a great deal of time over the past few months writing out editorial content for this little space of mine so that when Little Bear arrives, Sweet Stella's can function on its own.

Yes, stats will not be the same, and no there won't be as many reviews or giveaways. But, there will be content posted nearly every single day and likely a live post here and there (watch for those 4am posts, they were the easiest time when Owen was just born and nursing, or when I was pumping).

I have gone into this whole process feeling more determined than ever that while our life at home is certainly going to change and our family will grow by two tiny feet, my blog will continue.

In my opinion, it's all about scheduling. Thankfully, since I blog about lifestyle, projects and whatnot, I can schedule alot of my content ahead of time. I know that not every blogger is in the same boat, but scheduling has given me the control I needed to take make sure that all of the goals that I have for the fall, winter and next year won't be for not.

Automation also helps a tonne. I love BlogLovin' for pumping out my blogposts to Facebook and Twitter automatically. It means that all I have to do is whip on in the morning, and Pin my posts, then ask a few awesome blogger friends if they don't mind pumping them out as well. If you can find a good supportive group of bloggers who are willing to exchange links and promote one anothers posts, awesome!

Is there anything I'm missing that will make this transition easier? Apps? Tricks? Tips? Leave me a comment!

Come Follow me on BlogLovin!

So in just about a month, Google Reader and GFC will be no more. If you don't subscribe to receive my blog posts by RSS (over there on the right) you're going to miss out on some really amazing projects over the summer, not to mention all of the craziness surrounding my trip to #BlogHer13!

Another great way to stay up to date the inspired happenings here on Sweet Stella's is to follow me on BlogLovin!

BlocLovin' makes it crazy easy to read all of your favourite blogs, all in one place. An email gets sent to you at the end of every day with all of the current blog posts from that day. it's a great way to keep your reader organized, and I really love waking up to it in my inbox.

Another awesome thing? You can search the top blogs in whatever industry and genre you are looking for, and when you find a blog you love, BlogLovin' suggests similar blogs to broaden your horizons!

Don't miss any of the great moments that are scheduled over the next few months!


Leaving on a jetplane!

That's right!! As you read this, Hubs and the Bear are taking me to the airport in Toronto to board my plane to BlogHer'12!

What's waiting for me when I get there? A picnic in Central Park with my gal Shizz from Baby Shmizz, then an afternoon of sightseeing with Shaun from Living with Peanut and Mel from Never a Dull Moment...otherwise known as my awesomesauce roommates on this crazy adventure!

Thursday night will be full of fun as we get our cocktail dresses on and head out for dinner and drinks, meeting bloggers along the way.

I am truly so very thankful for this opportunity, and am excited to share with you when I get back!