Textured Leggings for Women from Under Armour

When choosing my running outfits, I have a pair of simple black leggings that are my go-to running pants. I love the coverage that they give, that my legs aren't chaffing together, and that they are slimming.

But...they're simple. There's no flash, no pizazz and one thing that I am learning is that I like to look cute when I lace up my shoes and head out for a run. {Hello....I match my top with my socks, and my running bra...loser! haha}

So when I saw that Under Armour had a campaign for their leggings, I knew I had to take a gander.

Texture...something that is very important in my artistic life, and I love it when it is used appropriately in clothing. UA has two beautiful textures for their leggings: Herringbone and Snake Skin. Can you imagine just how awesome you would look and feel when running in these stylish leggings?? Incredible!

And since we are going into the colder months, Cold Gear is on my top of my list. I LOVE the Cold Gear Cozy Tights! Designed with extra layers to keep you warm, these leggings are fantastic for runners who like to be outdoors.

And can we talk about color options for a minute? UA has you covered no matter your color preference. The Cold Gear Cozy Tights come in the black/blue combo shown above, but also come in black/silver, black/hot pink, black/light pink, and black/purple!

On the top of my list are definitely the UA CozyLux Snakeskin leggings. I absolutely love the texture and they fit my ecclectic style really well.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I am a brand ambassador for Under Armour.