Lia Sophia fall/winter launch party #ldnont #fashion #jewelry

Last night, I had the honour of attending the Lia Sophia launch party for the brand new {and super gorgeous} Fall and Winter line.

Prior to attending the launch party, Lia Sophia was a company that I was slightly familiar with but not one that I had really experienced fully. I had never seen a piece of their jewelry in person, let alone tried one on, but all of that changed tonight.

Once I got to the event, I was greeted by the event organizer and visionary of the event Sherry and my advisor and host, Bronwen. Both of these ladies were filled with excitement and anticipation, so it was hard not to get swept up in the vibe and atmosphere. We took a tour around the room, and I quickly spotted some pieces that became favorites.

Then, Sherry and her team got up at the podium and I was able to learn all about this amazing company. Lia Sophia provides their consultants with flexibility, stability and I grew to knew that it is a company that is incredibly supportive of helping their consultants grow a viable business plan.

New consultant, Kirsty Edwards, got up to speak in front of the over 250 women and men in attendance, and talked about how joining the Lia Sophia team was really out of her comfort zone, but she is so happy that she took the plunge. Then she said something that resonated with my very core...

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt

How inspiring is that? To know that she found that confidence and was able to rid her mind of the doubts that she had by joining Lia Sophia was amazing to hear. I just love it when women find their passion and are able to live the life that they have imagined for themselves.

Then, the infiniteme line was unveiled and as soon as we had a chance to go and create out own layered necklace, I created mine. With the new pieces, you can stack and layer as many looks as you would like, then change them in and out as many times as you want! Keep it casual, go flirty, add studs for some edge...the possibilities are endless!

I love that the pieces in the Fall and Winter Lia Sophia collection make a statement. From rings with loads of sparkle to bracelets and bangles that you can stack for an arm party, to layered necklaces and the infiniteme line...I can guarantee you that you will find a piece (or two or three...I have a list of about eight!) that suite your individual style, embrace who you are and make a statement.

A huge thank you to Sherry, Bronwen and their amazing Lia Sophia team for hosting me at their launch party. For more information about the styles above, and to see more gorgeous pieces, please visit the links below!

Bronwen's Facebook Page


G2G Jewelry, new designs on SALE! #sale #jewelry

Some of you may remember a particular hammered aluminum cuff that makes me feel like super woman. Well it was created by Ron Ostlund Jr., the artist behind G2G Jewelry, and he has some really exciting new work coming out that he is offering for a one time sale price before it hits the shelves at high end boutiques!

$45 shipping incl. (each)

Rivets and mixed metals - really amazing work is coming out of his shop and I am so excited to feature it here. The necklaces above are being offered right now for $45, shipping within Canada and USA included!

$35 shipping incl. (each)

$25 shipping incl. (each)
Interested in snagging one of Ron's new designs before they hit the stores? Order now!! He's only taking limited orders these items, so get them now!!


Valentine's Gift Guide #valentine #giftsforher #giftguide

It's here! It's here!! It's finally here!

The Valentine's Gift Guide is here, and there are so many great promos, discounts and deals from really beautiful companies in it, that you won't want to miss a page!

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be featuring some of the amazing companies in the Gift Guide, talking about their products, services and why they are so amazing.

Need to send it to your honey and tell him which page your gift is on? Here's the direct link.

Happy Valentine's Day!


BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

Today marks 30 days until BlogHer...thirty! Pretty amazing and I would be where I am in my journey without my amazing sponsors.

Amber Bryce has taken my inspiration for my look, and really done some amazing things. She has truly embraced who I am as an artist, with a wee bit of rocker edge, and I am really excited to see the designs for my evening outfits!

One of my favourite pieces in her shop is the Labradorite Balck Spinel 925 Oxidized Earrings

They are absolutely stunning, and such a fun design! Featuring Labradorites and Black Spinel, these earrings are truly works of art. Everything from the wrapped lotus leaf design to the swishing gems is unique, and you're sure to be the hit at Sparklecorn with these beauties hanging from your ears!

Celeb{rate} Tuesday: Bitten

I literally squealed when I got the email about sending something from my studio to this amazing woman who is set to have a Blockbuster of a summer...leading into a move that I am dying to see in the fall {as I'm sure many of you Twi-hards are!}

I'm just over-the-moon to have created this ribbed pebble design for Ashley Greene. It's so simple and yet so perfect for her {I think}.

And what's pretty awesome is that I can recreate this exclusive design over and over again right in my studio. Picture it in copper, white, navy or even lilac. Choose a colour that suits your personality...maybe the Pantone colour for 2012, tangerine!

I'm not sure what to call this design; that's where you come in. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think Ashley's exclusive design should be called!





Bas (as in bas relief)?

Let me know!! Name Ashley's design!

Sponsor Love: Love Me Knott

A white tank…paired with your favourite pair of denim Bermudas and a pair of gladiator sandals. What are you missing?

A beautiful, colourful, cheery accessory!

Amanda Knott is the mompreneur behind the Etsy shop Love Me Knott, and she’s she creator of this boho-beach-chic collection, with a concentration in gemstone and glass beaded jewelry. 

Tiger’s Eye, Mother of Pearl, raw Turquoise, Jasper and Agate…a few of the spectacular tones and gems that you’ll find at Love Me Knott

Looking for something custom to finish off your spring and summer wardrobe? Contact Amanda today!  

Celeb{rate} Tuesday: A Bit of Edge

Taking things up a notch this week...and for the next few weeks actually.

While I am still staying true to my roots with sculpting and being girly, I am bringing a bit of edge to some of my designs. Specifically, ones that are leaving my studio and are on their way to some amazing style icons in Hollywood.

Take the oversized pansy for example...and turn it silver.


It's so awesome to take someone fantastically edgy like Kim Kardashian, and morph an oversized pansy ring to suit her style. A silver pansy with white stamen, on a silver ring. Simple? Absolutely! Stunning? You betcha!

I really really hope that she loves it, and if you love it...let me know! I've already had one order, and will happily create this ring over and over. It's just so much fun to make, and the silver clay takes on a sparkly and swirly property during the firing process.

Love it? Let me know!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce...Mi Alma Para

I absolutely cannot wait to share this new piece from Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry with you.

How stunning is that!? Amber has delicately set Genuine Crystal Drusy, Aquamarine, London Blue & White Topaz, Moonstone in sterling silver and fine silver components to create a showstopping piece that is truly one of a kind; it will never be replicated!

It is so lovely and romantic, telling the perfect story of a summer romance on the beach. Stones clinging together in perfect harmony....peaceful and wonderful.

It pairs perfectly with a simple white tshirt, as all of Amber's gorgeous pieces do, and a pair of bermuda shorts for the day...maybe with a pair of graphite gladiator sandals.

Then take it up a notch and pair it with a stunning black peplum cocktail dress? Wowzah!

Celeb{rate} Tuesday: The Graceful Ballerina

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

A few months ago, I started following Tenley Molzahn on Twitter and Facebook. I had admired her spirit way back when she was on The Bachelor, and was thrilled when she and Kiptyn declared their love for one another {and are happily still going strong}

She just exudes happiness and joy. She's stunning, to say the least, an i am so happy to have created a one of a kind oversized statement ring for her.

A beautiful white pansy with a plum coloured stamen and dark green tendrils. I sketched it out and just knew that it needed to find a home in Tenley's collection.

The creativity flowed into a beautiful reporter style journal with a beachy feel, and an antique skeleton key.

Hopefully she likes them!

What do you think?

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

When I first started thinking about BlogHer and the amazing events that surround it, immediately my mind started wandering to but what will I wear? I just knew from reading bloggers like Jenni From The Blog and Goober Monkey that having a standout wardrobe is essential, but I also want to have my personal style shine through.

That’s when a light bulb went off in my pretty little head, and I contacted Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry. Not only do I stand for the same core values in reducing ones carbon footprint and being as ecofriendly within your art as possible, but her designs have a boho rocker edge to them that I simply adore.

Now, I’m the kind of girl who wears the same earrings day in and out, a pair of very simple white gold post hoops that my son got me for our first Christmas together (okay, so I might have bought them myself and just put his name on the tag…he was only 6 months old at the time!). I’m the kind of girl who wears the same chain every day, same signet ring on her right hand and rarely a bracelet unless I have a super special event to go to.

Uhm…BlogHer? Kinda really special, and I am so excited that Amber Bryce is going to be decking me out in some amazing jewelry!

You’ll find the most beautiful, artistic and lovingly handcrafted designs in her shop. Her Calming Bracelet is one such item that has stolen my heart. The blue and purple tones of the London blue quartz, amethyst and labradorite play so well together with the open circle links to create a really magnificent piece. Perfect for the daytime, and super easy to dress up an evening outfit as well!

So…I’m really excited that Amber is a sponsor for my journey to BlogHer and cannot wait to see what she creates for me, and I’m even more excited to share those creations with you as the conference gets closer!


Mompreneur Monday: Amber Bryce

This week is a big big week around Sweet Stella's and I can't think of better way to kick it off than with this amazing mompreneur.

I met Amber through The Artisan Group, and it was love at first sight. She has an awesome rocker edge, with a wholesome eco-friendly outlook and I find her sense of spirit to be incredibly inspiring.

Read a little about who she is as a mompreneur and why she creates the outstanding jewelry that she does!

What do you do?

I create one of a kind jewelry from recycled Sterling & Fine Silver and genuine Gemstone Beads. A lot of my pieces include an intricate coiled design, adorned with the finest hand pic
ked Gemtones.

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

All of my girls are in school, so I literally work a 9-5 job. Ok, more like 7am-4pm, and then any chance I get through the evening. I try to keep on track by writing out monthly goals/to-do's, and then each week breaking those down into weekly & daily tasks. This makes it easier to accomplish what I need to do and always keep things fresh & moving forward. Though of coarse, life happens, kids come home sick, I gotta go get groceries, run errands, all of the typical mom stuff. But working at home for myself allows me to re-arrange my schedule when things happen without worrying about getting fired or not getting that raise. Or, take a day off in
the middle of the week just because I need to lounge around in pajama's and do nothing but watch old movies.
What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

I'd have to say marketing and expanding, hands down. Creating is so easy, and I could just create new jewelry all year long. But having to put yourself out there to the world and hope some people like your products enough to purchase them is hard. You have to get over rejection, because it's not personal, it's just a difference of opinion, and that's ok!

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Don't be afraid, and do lots of research! Take some business classes; there are lots of great online resources. Join some local women's business groups for support, and I think most importantly gain the support of your family before you decide to start. Having a network of support is probably one of the best things you could have for a new (and growing) business.

Is there anything additional that you'd like to share?

I was recently contacted by the production team for The Real Housewives shows on Bravo and asked to be the exclusive jewelry sponsor for the upcoming seasons of the Beverly Hills & O.C. episodes. This is such an amazing and surreal opportunity, I don't think it's completely set in yet! So be on the lookout for my sparkly jewelry in future episodes of The Real Housewives Beverly Hills & O.C.!

Sneak Peek...Sculpted Rosette Pendants

I am simply over-the-moon with the response I've been getting about the new sculpted work in my shop and have been busily playing with clay all week.

People have been asking for accessories...pendants, necklaces, headbands and clips...

So here's a little preview of what you can expect!



Pale Pink

They range in size from 1" to 1.25", and have a silver bail-hook at the top to make them easy to string on your your favourite necklace.

They're the epitome of feminine and chic! Coming to the shop very soon!

*does not include necklace

WAHM Wednesday: Wardrobe

I learned from Jenni last year, that your BlogHer wardrobe is very important.

I was talking to my husband a few weeks ago about what I would wear at the cocktail events, and how I wanted to get a whole new wardrobe.

In my dreams, maybe. In reality...not so much.

This outfit, however, will definitely be making its way into my suitcase, along with many a handcrafted accessory that I will blog about in the coming weeks.

{minus the stroller of course....}

One of my favourite accessories is from BailyBelle, and it definitely will be coming to NYC with me!

BlogHer'12 is, afterall, taking place in know...the land of Carrie Bradshaw...*sigh*

My plan is to pack some simple but fabulous clothes, a tonne of unique accessories like the gorgeous cocktail ring above, and

My Sam and Libby suede peep toe booties (pictured above) will definitely by in my bag. Those Chuck Taylor's that I blogged about a few weeks ago, they might find their way into my bag as well since the conference is in August...birthday in September...

I'm going to need to find some amazing, yet reasonably priced, shoes for a night (or two) out on the town with my girls. Any suggestions for this 5'2" gal? Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and let me know!

Sponsor Love: Wedding Accessories by Jacques Vert

Which wedding accessories do you choose for your wedding?

If you are planning to attend a wedding or perhaps you are getting married yourself, it isn’t always easy to find perfect wedding outfits because of the wide range of choice. On top of that are the accessories that are of importance as well. If you are unsure of which accessories to wear with your wedding outfit or when going to a formal lunch event, then it might be worthwhile for you to read this post. I have lined up some accessories that I believe would make a great addition to any occasion wear outfit.


When deciding upon what type of jewellery to choose, I’d recommend opting for less chunky jewellery such as this elegant fine black enamel and marcasite effect pendant necklace. The necklace is set on a silver colour chai with little ball beads and would look great with any wedding outfit.


For those who have never heard of this term, a fascinator is a fashionable headpiece that is often worn on special occasions. Fascinators come in various styles and are created by colourful feathers, flowers and other sorts of fabrics.

Often, these fascinators can be worn in two different ways. There are fascinators with combs attached to them which you have to stick in your hair in the opposite direction, ensuring the hairs are woven between the teeth of the comb. The other, more common, form is the headband fascinator which can simply be placed on top of the hair.


Finding the right purse to go with your outfit can often be a tricky task because you have to ensure that all your belongings fit in the bag (and we’ve got many things we put in our purses) whilst at the same time making sure that the colour is right.

This purse is an elegant fondant pink fabric clutch styled bag, with a curving flat to the front and satin draped twist detail to finish. You can combine this purse with a crème or black dress, or a similar colours dress.

This post was sponsored by Susanna Cha, on behalf of Jacques Vert

Mompreneur Monday: Camilee Designs

Happy Monday everyone! The new start to this week is absolutely beautiful, and I wish nothing but a creative week for you all!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Cami from Camilee Designs. I had posted a call for Mompreneurs on facebook and twitter, and I'm so thankful that she responded as her shop is absolutely gorgeous!

What do you do?
I am a mom to a 4 year old little girl and I make jewelry

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running
a business?

I’m still trying to figure out the logistics on that! The one thing that I have going for me is that I have studio with a door…so I don’t have the waste time cleaning up after myself – I just close the door! J I’ve also found that some of my work can be done in large batches – for example, I add bows, logo stickers, and bubble wrap to my packages all at once so they are ready when I need to ship in a hurry.

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

My greatest challenge as a MOMpreneur is making sure that I don’t take on too much. I love to run my business, but I don’t want my family to suffer because of it. I don’t want to look back and wish I spent more time with my daughter and less time on my business. It’s always a tricky balance!

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Be patient. It can take a lot of time for things to start happening! Also, realize that some days our little angels can be really needy and on those days it’s possible that absolutely no business will get done…and that can be frustrating – especially during the holiday season!

Is there anything additional you'd like to share?

I would love to giveaway a $25 gift card to a random liker of my facebook page! Just go to my facebook page and let me know that you're a new fan!





Mompreneur Monday: Baily Belle

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago connecting with Vanessa from BailyBelle on Twitter. The lovely Daisy from Pixel&Hank connected us, as we were gushing about crying over Pampers commercials, silly mommy moments and wondering if our hormones would ever be the same again (quick answer: no).

Well!! Vanessa and I quickly started chatting, I looked up her Etsy shop and I'm now the proud owner of this beauty.

Have you ever seen something so unique and beautiful?? I haven't, which is why I snatched it up and got it for my Christmas stocking!!

I wanted Vanessa to be my first Mompreneur featured in 2012 because her vision and creativity just shines in everything that she touches. Truly and simply, she is an artist.

What do you do?

I design and create handmade accessories ranging in materials from fabric, paper, metal and Linkleather. I work in an eclectic manner producing sophisticated and playful pieces for you to enjoy! I run 3 Etsy shops (bailybelle, SoMichelle vintage and The Train Case supplies) with the main shop being bailybelle all while raising my 2 wonderful kids with my amazing husband Lucas.

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

Ah the question worth a million dollars! Thankfully I have a great support system of family who help me out a ton, without them I'd be lost. I tend to create when the kids are sleeping or busy playing (my studio is situated so I face our living room and can keep an eye on them).

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

My greatest challenge would have to be balancing my kids education and my work on a daily basis. My kids are small now but my son will be starting kindergarten next fall and as a homeschooling mother things will get tricky! I plan on making a lot of schedules and disciplining myself to stay on task to get everything done.

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Take it slow! In the past I had a tendency to jump into things and then realize I was over my head. It's best to take baby steps and learn as much as you can as you grow so you create a balanced business.

Is there anything additional you'd like to share with my readers?

I do have an announcement to make! Yippee!! One of my pieces (my chalkboard necklace) is featured in the January issue of Sacramento Parent magazine! How fun is that and appropriate for your blog?! I will be receiving a copy of the magazine when it's out so I hope to be able to share photos on twitter/facebook and my blog!

I would like to offer a 10% off code to your readers as well so have them enter code SWEETNESS at checkout for 10% off any purchase in January!