Monthly Intentions...A State of Inner Calm

A big part of being a doula is remaining calm...

being calm for our clients in the event of precipitous or hard labour
being calm for ourselves so as to process the various experiences we have

Being calm is much easier said than done, but we have to set the intention every day and reset ourselves to make it happen.

This month, set out your energy intention to be peaceful. Conduct yourself with a state of inner calm.

This can be achieved through meditation, or simply breathing in the peace, and breathing out the discord. In for the count of 8, out for the count of 8.

Keep it even and balanced and do this for a few minutes, preferably with your eyes closed.

How did you feel after? I'm betting you were able to achieve an inner state of calm!


Living with Intention

I find so often as moms we get wrapped up in who needs to be chauffered where at what time or, in the case of new moms with brand new babes at home, we live in a world of surviving (which is totally fine and a topic for another post this month). We turn on the auto pilot and do to just get by.

What if we changed the conversation and started doing things with intent?

While you might not know where you are headed at all times (I sure don't) you probably have some distinct feeling...a need to be where you are, doing what you're doing.

This is intent.

When we stop moving just to move, doing just to do, thinking just to think, talking just to talk...we live with intent.

Do you know where you are headed? Are you headed there with determination of heart and an open mind?


Letting Go to Become Better #growth

Sometimes, in order to become better and more amazing, you have to let go. You have to shed the layers that weigh you down to give birth to beautiful wings that will make you fly.

This month, I want you to take stock of who and what you are.

Are you happy with what you see?
Do you feel fulfilled when thinking about where you are in your life, on your journey?

If the answer is no, I encourage you to let go of the things that are holding you back. You absolutely will not be able to push through those barriers to become who you truly want to be unless you let go of who you were.

Let go
Go be awesome