How to Decorate Your Nook, Niche or Small Space #homedecor

When selecting art pieces for a small space or nook like the one below, you have to think about scale and visual interest.

The collection above is pretty boring, so I'm looking to spruce it up and add some height. This nook is in our foyer, so it's usually the first thing that guests see upon arrival and the last thing they see when they leave.

I like it to have a candy dish of some sort, usually with lifesavers and mints, which seems to go over well with guests, but I want to get some new fresh elements for this small space.

Art for a Niche or Nook

While a candy dish will likely have to stay, I want to add some height and soften the hard corner edge of the back of the nook.

When you are looking to create an art collection for a small space, choose items that are different in texture and height. Above I've selected a tall, black, smooth vase and paired it with smaller white bud vases that have some texture to them.

The mirror would go at the back of the nook, creating the illusion of more space and softening the back edge, as well as adding texture and warmth from the wooden frame.

The reed orb creates some interesting lines and is visually lighter than the other elements, so works to break up the space well.

Other things that I might add are fresh flowers in the vases, a stack of books propped on their side, and maybe something in leather.


Selecting a new Piece of Art for your Home

There are loads of guides out there on how to select a piece of art, and I've talked about proportion here on the blog a couple of months ago, so when it came time to create a new piece for my home art studio, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I LOVE the oversized piece that is in our guest room currently, so part of me wanted to paint over it (oh the horror!) and move it into my studio.

Credit: Hanlon Lain Photography

However, there's something really amazing to me about creating a new piece of art. I have a plain 24"x28" piece of canvas that will go above my seating area, and between the quotes on my wall that inspire me every day.

Credit: Hanlon Lain Photography

Credit: Hanlon Lain Photography