Remember the Moments

Oh the absolute favourite time of the year!

It's so easy to get lost in the season. From attending countless gatherings to sneaking gifts away for your kids and hoping they don't find your secret stash of candy. And then hosting gatherings or maybe traveling out of town!


When things move fast and life gets busy, it's easy to get overwhelmed. It's easy for things like panic and anxiety to take hold, and when the stress is already high at the holidays, things can spiral out of control really quickly.

Here are some tips for dealing with stress around the holidays:

  1. Find some quiet - just five minutes away with the lights turned off and your hand over your heart. Breathe in and out slowly, for about 10 breaths.
  2. Get to water - whether you're fortunate enough to be around a beach, or you can simply take a bath, there is a tonne of merit to having a healing bath!
  3. Indulge! It's ok to sneak away and hide from the kids with a treat now and then!
  4. Set time limits - set time limits when you are going to family gatherings. Families, while awesome, can be massive triggers for postpartum mental health concerns. Put structure around your visits and set a time limit. Then you'll know what to expect and there will be no surprises!
  5. Hit the gym! It's true that exercise releases happy endorphins and it's a great way to let stress out!

And when in total doubt, give us a call. We are always happy to meet for coffee and give you a sounding board!

Recharge Yourself with a Girls Weekend! #selfcare in Christmas. I know, I's not even Thanksgiving (Canadian), Halloween or Thanksgiving yet, but soon the busy holiday season will be upon us and that brings one thing with it.


And lots of it!

This month, before the weather turns nasty and the bitter cold is knocking at your door, plan a girls weekend away. Do something silly and fun.

Drink wine.
Eat great food.
Laugh some more.

And no kids! about them (because, really, it's inevitable) but no kids allowed! This is an opportunity for you and your girlfriends to detress and recharge.