Monthly Intentions, Grounding Exercise

A meditation that I do a few times a month, at times when I am feeling completely out of place or some inner turmoil bubbles to the surface, is a grounding meditation.

Why is it important to feel grounded?

For me, feeling grounded means that my heart is at ease. There is no fear, no anxious feelings, nothing between me and the earth.

Just the feeling of roots. Roots that have grown from me, my soul, down through my core and anchoring me to my truth.


Fear is one of those things that clouds our judgement, and holds us back from pursuing things that our heart desires.

When I ground myself, the fear seems to melt away, almost as if by magic. I feel a deep sense of relief, and feel that I can truly trust in my in my purpose..and follow my path.

This month, find a way to ground yourself. Whether by meditation, yoga, running, dance...whatever sets your soul free. Do it. Ground yourself.

Trust in your process....follow your purpose.