Fabulous Finds Friday: Toiley Paper Planters

That's right...toilet paper planters.

When I first saw it on Pinterest, I thought "ya right...in a million years"

but then I considered it. It saves space and totally saves time, and starts your little plants off right. Most toilet paper tubes are made from undyed materials, often times recycled materials. An eco friendly option...put them on a tray and leave them on your deck.


As our humble little garden comes together, I'll reveal it all to you. We have two lilac trees in the back that I'm really excited to see bloom.

The front yard...a complete clean slate, and a project to pin next month!

Happy weekend!

Fabulous Find Friday: Pallet Herb Garden

I would love nothing more than to grow our own vegetables and herbs...teach Owen the importance of planting, and reaping what you sow...caring for your veggies and herbs, and enjoying them.

Our yard? Yeah...not really conducive to that! I've noticed that it doesn't have great drainage {really nowhere in our city does} and our yard as it is isn't the biggest...so having a full on vegetable garden really can't be in the works.

Then I stumbled on this idea for an herb garden and think that it would be PERFECT against our fence, in between our lilac trees

It's made out of old pallets - pretty perfect use for them, I think! It's rustic and attractive, and completely practical!

Love it!

Fabulous Find Friday: Planting Guide

Spring is here, and here to stay!

Sadly, there isn't a garden to be found on our new property...though that will be changing soon! My goal is to start planning our gardens, landscaping, the feeling of our outdoor space so that come Earth Day {April 22nd...dontcha know!} systems will be a god, and we can bring some beauty to our yard!

But I started thinking...are there rules about when to plant what?

Off to Pinterest I trot, and lo and behold...The Planting Guide!!

Happy planting!

Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Going Green

I was recently asked how green my products are and if my processes are eco-friendly.

I am very happy to say that most of my materials themselves are eco-friendly; the journals that I use to created Jolie Journals are made from recycled materials...all of the cardstock and paper that is in my shop is acid free...all of my adhesives are non-toxic, some even washable!

This paper is actually 70% recycled!

The ink that I use is all acid free as well!

In terms of my processes, I try to reuse as much as possible. Since I purchase alot of things on Etsy (spreading the love!!), I reuse the shipping boxes that I get (along with diaper boxes and any other sturdy box around the house!), along with the bubble wrap and tissue.

The bubble wrap that I purchase is actually made from recycled materials too! How cool!!

The twine that I use from Nashville Wraps is made from recycled materials too!

And the cello bags that I use for packaging my paper products to protect them from water during shipping...they're recycled too!

It's pretty easy to find a way these days to fit some green into your business plan...and it feels pretty awesome too!