Being Grateful for this Moment

I've talked before about being grateful for every single moment, for you don't know which one will be your last one here.

Do you take time, each and every day, to be grateful for the moment you are in?

In today's fast paced society, it is so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in emails, Facebook newsfeeds, twitter chats and things of the like. Baby websites, newsletters and blogs. It's so easy to get wrapped up in all of the stuff that we don't take time to be thankful and hold your day in a space of gratitude.

What simple things will you be grateful for today?


10 Things to be Grateful For

When looking for this months gratitude inspiration, I stumbled across this...

They seemed so simple that I thought I would take a moment a reflect on each one. This month, I encourage you to do the same and find gratitude in the simplest of things.

The early wakeups will come and go, the noise will quiet and the chaos and mess will soon be after thoughts when your children are grown and move on to lead their own adult lives. Be grateful for the lessons that you've taught them and the experiences you have shown them.

The laundry, the dishes. The dirt and grime of bathrooms. They may seem like daily chores, but in fact they are things in life to be grateful for, that not every one has.

I'm grateful for dirt, worms and bugs.
I'm grateful for superheroes, loud noises and farts.
I'm grateful for snuggles, stories and kisses.
I'm grateful for strong mamas, sweet babies and emotional dads.
I'm grateful for home, friends and wine.
I'm grateful for here, now and this moment.

What are you grateful for?


Gratitude Mantras and Affirmations

When looking for this months gratitude exercise, I wanted to try something a little different. Much like guided meditation, mantras can be a great way of setting a positive, grateful mindset.

If you need to tweak the mantras, that is totally ok.

My changes would be along these lines...

I am thankful for my heart - it gets stronger with every run I complete and every time I open it to possibility.
I am thankful for my children - they have taught me true joy, compassion, and love like no other.
I am thankful for each day that I am here - while I am sometimes scared of what is still to come, I am thankful that I get to be here and make an impact.
I am thankful for a man who loves me - my husband who builds me up every single day and embraces who I truly am.
I am thankful for the struggles I have faced - they have taught me how strong I truly am, and given me unparalleled perspective.

What are you thankful for? What will your mantras of gratitude be?


Monthly Intentions, Grounding Exercise

A meditation that I do a few times a month, at times when I am feeling completely out of place or some inner turmoil bubbles to the surface, is a grounding meditation.

Why is it important to feel grounded?

For me, feeling grounded means that my heart is at ease. There is no fear, no anxious feelings, nothing between me and the earth.

Just the feeling of roots. Roots that have grown from me, my soul, down through my core and anchoring me to my truth.


Fear is one of those things that clouds our judgement, and holds us back from pursuing things that our heart desires.

When I ground myself, the fear seems to melt away, almost as if by magic. I feel a deep sense of relief, and feel that I can truly trust in my in my purpose..and follow my path.

This month, find a way to ground yourself. Whether by meditation, yoga, running, dance...whatever sets your soul free. Do it. Ground yourself.

Trust in your process....follow your purpose.


A Letter To Yourself, #gratitude exercise

When looking for this months gratitude exercise, I stumbled across this letter

Certainly, it's a lovely message to pass along, but I think it's an even more important message to give to ourselves.

Thank yourself for something
or tell yourself something that you are particularly proud of having accomplished

Compliment yourself, something that you likely rarely ever do
and give yourself a reason as to why you are bestowing these lovely words on to your heart

Leave yourself with a message of having a fantastic and wonderful day

Then put that letter away. Or better yet, mail it to yourself so that you get it back in a few days. You never know when you will need to read those words and feel gratitude for being who you are.


March Gratitude Exercise; Perspective

Some many years ago, one of my favorite writers wrote..

Is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream

-Edgar Allan Poe

This led me to think about gratitude and perspective. Often times, we choose to see things a certain way and sometimes even have preconceived notions of an outcome that has yet to be.

If gratitude can change everything, then perhaps it is all a matter of perspective.

Think of a situation or experience that you had recently that left you feeling...


Change your perspective.

Instead of feeling angry or sad, fearful or lonely, frustrated or agitated...think for a moment and hold gratitude in your heart. What did you learn from that situation?  If it was a door that closed, maybe even slammed shut in your face, did another opportunity present itself that led to something so much more wonderful and beautiful?

Gratitude can truly change everything, even a moment of anger.


Gratitude Mandala

While searching for the perfect graphic for this post, I stumbled across the idea of a gratitude mandala and thought that it would be the perfect idea for this months gratitude exercise.

Think of a recent experience or hardship. Often, it is these trying moments and times where trauma breaks through where we see our true strength and there are the most lessons to be learned. It is also in this space where we have the most to be thankful for.

What will your gratitude mandala look like?

For me, I am thankful for the experience of birth trauma. Yeah, I know...kind of sick, right? Well, for me, birth trauma brought me to where I am today. It showed me my true power and strength. It showed me resolve. It tested my limits and shook the very core of who I am.

But I will be forever grateful, because the outcome was Owen. I look at that little guy, who will be five in just a few months, and I am grateful that he is here. He is my anchor, and he holds me steady. He's a constant, and as much as he tests my patience, I know that it's only tested because he is so very much like his mom. My passion, my resolve, my core shines through in him and that is pretty amazing to witness.

What will your gratitude mandala look like?


10 Things That Make You Happy #gratitude

When I begin working with a new family as a part of my doula work, I always provide them with a journal and a card.

The card often reads....

Use this journal as a space to scream...cry...vent...remember. Celebrate the small victories, the tough days and great ones.

It's all about taking a moment to reflect and be grateful for the life you've created, your new outlook and family.

Each month right here, you will find a gratitude exercise. This is one that I did last fall on Instagram, and I thought it was such a great exercise to take a moment and think about the small things in your life that make you happy. The ones that probably no one else notices. The small, quiet moments that put a smile on your face.

So go on...what makes you happy??

Write them down, put them in a space place. Share them here if you want to publicly celebrate them!


Word of the Year: Try

My friend Stephanie at A Grande Life is doing her Word of the Year again, and I found that last year it really helped me keep focus on what was truly important to me.

Last year, my word was Grow. I wanted to grow as a person. I wanted to grow the time spent with my family. I wanted to grow my commitment to health and set some big running goals.

In general, I am really happy with how much I grew. I had no idea that my pregnancy and delivery would be so amazing, and in turn would lead me to growing a new business as a birth and postpartum doula. It's been an incredible journey, and I am really excited about my word for 2015.

In 2015, I want to try.

I want to try to run a half marathon (or two or three or four)
I want to try to help as many new and new-again parents find their groove
I want to try to remain calm when faced with stressful situations
I want to try to be as humble and thankful as possible
I want to try to set a good example for my children
I want to try and let go some control

What will your word be for 2015?

Fill Your Cup

When I saw this on Pinterest last November, I was immediately drawn to it. It got me thinking about my cup is filled with, and what are the drops that I let spill over.

An Open Heart

What is your cup filled with currently?
What do you let spill over?

What do I hope to fill my cup with this year?

More love than I know what to do with

What about you?