New Year New Home, Bathroom Wall Art on a Budget

I am thrilled to show you this piece of abstract art, created with DecoArt Glass Stains and a poster board frame that I picked up at a local department store for $20.

I wanted something to spruce up out master bathroom and there was this big blank wall over top of our soaker tub. When I had the opportunity to play with the glass stains, I knew that it would make for an interesting medium for abstract art.

Now, I actually used this paint on a thin sheet of plastic that was in the frame, not on glass. It gave the same transparent look to the piece, which I was quite happy about, and when I put a piece of inexpensive bristol board behind it, the colours really popped.

First, I brushed on some of the black paint, then let it splatter up to the let. Then, I brushed on some of the brown for a little added depth.

Next came the really excited part. I pretty much flooded the area with the aqua glass stain making sure that there was enough force coming out of the bottle to move the black paint around. It was such a neat technique to witness! The paint splattered about and made its own space within the piece.

Last, I put droplets of clear glass stain for some added depth.

I really love how this piece turned out. The texture, depth and movement within it are amazing and I am very happy that it has found a home on the wall in our master bathroom.

*Disclaimer: DecoArt is a supporter of the New Year New Home series on my blog. I received the Glass Stains to complete this project.


Trendy Southwest Inspired Martini Glasses

This months DecoArt project is one that will get you ready for entertaining your girlfriends on your back patio with a drink or two, and will take your current barware up a notch by introducing one of the hottest trends in home decor this season.

Southwest and Santa Fe colours, patterns and style are dominating home decor and fashion right now. I aboslutely love both the pastel and the bold variations of these trends, so when I saw an opportunity to add this trend into our barware I jumped at the chance.

Glass martini glasses
DecoArt Frost Gloss Enamels Writers in Green and Turquoise
DecoArt Opaque Gloss Enamels Writers in Black and Red
DecoArt Transparent Gloss Enamels Writer in Orange

After spending a bit of time on Pinterest for some visual reference in Southwest patterns, I free-handed the design on a piece of paper towel to make sure that I would be happy with how it would translate on the glass. Once I was confident in my design, I went to town mixing up the color combinations for the three different glasses.

One thing that I love about these colours is that you can pair them in so many ways, each glass being unique and different, but that since you've used all of the same colours the glasses coordinate with one another.

After I was finished painting, I put the glasses on the counter to cure over the next four days. When the four days were up, I baked them in a nonpreheated oven at 275 for 30mins, then let cool on the counter. They're now dishwasher safe, and are ready for some summery drinks!

Disclaimer: I am a part of DecoArt Core Blogger Program and was financially compensated for this post. The concept, view and opinions expressed are my own.