Push Present Ideas for Her #pregnancy #newmom

Ah the every controversial push present debate. I'm not looking to start one here, but I will say that I am a supporter of push presents, and not just for Mom.

This post is about celebrating Mom. She's just gone through one heck of a life change, not to mention body change and is experiencing {or about to} all of the emotions that come along with pregnancy, child birth and now being responsible for a little bundle of cute.

All four of these ideas are from Etsy, which you all know me to be huge supporters of.

{Clockwise from top right}

Our sweet babe is due in July, which means that their birthstone will be a Ruby...just like my Dad's. I've always loved it, and wanted one for my own, and when I found this rough, raw beautiful ring I knew that it was pretty perfect. Created by Sheena Jewellery out of sterling silver, it features four genuine rubies and is wax cast and set.

When our first was born, my husband gave me a Tiffany & Co. pendant with his initial on it. It was the most perfect and beautiful O, and a symbol that I still wear and love. Having your childrens initials with you at all times is such a sweet gesture, one that I really love. This bracelet by SeoulLittle comes in three metallic finishes, and is a great way to incorporate older children if this baby isn't your first.

Dainty pinky and knuckle rings are very trendy right now, so why not get one with the baby's birthstone? This one by Natsuko Jewelry is delicate, which I think is perfect for a push present symbolizing the delicate life that just came to be.

When I was little, I always admired my mom's family ring. I dreamed of having one myself one day, but to be honest...they really just aren't my style. I love this take on the traditional family ring, a Mother's Stack designed by modern mama. You can customize your stack with different gemstones for each person in your family, and add messages, names or other personalized information to each ring.

In a couple of weeks, I will talk about push presents for Dad. While he didn't deal with the weight gain {or maybe he did!}, stretch marks and weird cravings...he dealt with you and the emotional mess that you likely were. Stay tuned for that post!