The Purpose behind Purpose

So many have asked me why did you title this exhibition Purpose?

Well...for a few reasons, but namely what I've written below in my exhibition statement.

Pretty deep?

My intention was to make you sit back, take pause and think. There are 18 pieces in all, with a nineteenth that is permanently in my own studio.

My own purpose.

I found mine. I wonder how many will find theirs in April!


Gallery Sneak Peek

You've been keeping up to date with the happenings of Purpose for a few months now on Instagram, so I thought it was time that I gave a sneak peek to my blog readers who haven't traveled over to the Instagram waters to see what I'm up to.

Here's just a sample of one of the paintings that you will see at Urban Gallery in April 2014!


I know...only one photo!? Sorry kids - there is just so much richness in this collection.

Next week, I'll be sharing my bio page from the exhibition so you can see the symbolism behind Purpose. It's pretty deep, and certainly is going to make you think!


Exhibition Announcement!

If you've been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you know that this Spring is going to be a very exciting time for my artistic career. I am thrilled to be having a solo exhibition, my first since 2006, at a chic gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Urban Gallery is located in the distillery district of Toronto, a really cool, hip and artsy type community. Their space is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to fill it with my Purpose collection.

My collection, which will be shown for the entire month of April, is centered around the notion of Purpose.

What is our purpose here? To live? Breathe? Die? Bring life into the world? Inspire? Destroy? Each of the 18 (or so) pieces will explore this theme, and leave the ultimate decision up for interpretation.

The pieces that I have finished so far are stunning. I haven't ever created a cohesive collection quite like this. Each piece has a splash of purple, blue or red, then is accented by a metallic or two. As light catches the drips, rolls,  and cracks in the paint, movement is found.

I am so excited to share this exhibition with you in a few months, and will update you monthly until April about the planning phases!!