Fabulous Finds Friday: Pumpkins and Candles

Starting a fall series of Fab Finds today...and this is one that I absolutely adore! They most definitely are all going to be easy home decor how to ideas, ones that you can easily translate into DIY projects.

Four lanterns, filled with candles and pumpkins! For colour variation, try with gourds and squash!

I think these will look amazing on our porch at the end of the month! And what makes it even more awesome is that we can get all of the gourds and pumpkins locally at The Pumpkin Farm just around the corner!

Happy Friday!

Food&Wine Friday: Wine Bottle Centrepiece

I was looking around where else...Pinterest...for some wine bottle inspiration and stumbled across this amazing centrepiece.

It would be absolutely gorgeous at an outdoor wedding reception, romantic anniversary dinner, or even as the perfect setting for a proposal!

I love the way candlelight flickers off the simple, beautiful shape of a wine bottle. Add in the dripping wax down the side and it just becomes magical!

In this example, the bottles are completely clear, the candles white. I think this is a beautiful decision, because it allows you to play with colour for the table cloth and allow that colour to dominate the table. They've used a gold, but I think a raspberry, lime, turquoise or eggplant would look absolutely stunning with the black plates and the clear glasses. The silverware gives it a nice flicker of metallic when the candlelight dances across it.

What does it inspire for me? Well...a romantic anniversary dinner on the patio this September with my husband perhaps, or maybe the centrepieces for a fantastic birthday party this fall {it's a biggie!!}

Food&Wine Friday: Kim Crawford Savignon Blanc

Ooohh....this is my absolute most favourite wine! I first tried it when we were on holidays in Florida, and I've been in love ever since.

Crisp, refreshing notes of passionfruit with a clear finish...just delicious with, really, anything. If you haven't tried it, I highly highly recommend picking up a bottle {or two} the next time that you're out.

Where does inspiration come from with this delicious wine? Well, for me it's two fold. I really love that the bottle is very monochromatic - lots of different olive tones, paired with a gold piping...really lovely and classic.

Pair that colour with the brilliant tones of a passionfruit...

And you have a stunning colour combination of split compliments. I most definitely will be using these colours in some mini-triptychs that will be Hollywood bound this fall as I think they evoke such an amazing feeling of summer. They are playful, yet classic....bold, yet understated.

I think they'll pack a punch in a mini-triptych!

Food & Wine Friday: White Pear Pinot Grigio

Summer is here, and that means a new series for Friday's on the blog!!

Welcome to Food&Wine Friday, where I will be taking some inspiration from my favourite food and wine pairings, and translating them into some arty projects. Neat concept? Hopefully!!

Today, I want to talk about an absolutely delicious wine that I sampled last month, the new White Pear Pinot Grigio by Arbour Mist.

I am in absolutely love with the pastel citrus tones on the label. A frosted bottle mixed with crisp pear green, a splash of yellow and some white font. The light yellow wine in the bottle made me feel like, when the seal was cracked it should have sighed and bubbles should have poured out.

Just amazing, and for me, very inspirational! I've always said that inspiration comes in the strangest of places, and I am finding that in the labels, bottles and pairings of our favourite wines.

What did the White Pear Pinto Grigio inspire? Since the colours are pastel, light, citrus and lovely, I'm going to do a series of painted sculpted clay ruffles, that can be mounted on rings, hairclips or headbands!

Here's a peak at the blank canvas of one of the ruffles that you can expect to see in the shop this summer...

Fabulous Finds Friday: Daylillies

One low maintenance plant that I absolutely adore is the daylilly.

I love ones that have an exciting burst of colour, are reliable and plentiful every year, and that keep to themselves wherever they are planted.

I think for our front garden, some yellows and purples will need to make an appearance.

These ones are simple and sweet...

While these ones have a bold impact!

Planted together, in between neatly trimmed boxwoods...a lovely walk up to the front door!

Happy weekend! Plant something pretty!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Terracotta Pot Planter

Looking for a punch of colour on your front porch?

I know that I am, and I think one of these flanking either side of my dark grey door will do just the trick!

I think I would change it to suit our colour tastes though....likely paint the posts a dark grey to match the door, but still contrast with the light grey stucco.

Flowers...hmm...purples and yellows likely, especially if the front walk up is boxwoods and daylillies {another post for another fabulous friday!}

Fabulous Finds Friday: Pom Pom Dahlia's

While I'm not even sure that I can grow Dahlia's in our region {speaking of regions...anyone know what region London, Ontario is in??}, I really admire these for their unique shape, ribbon-like texture, and massive pop of colour!

Aren't they incredible?

For the front of our house, it's like a wall of grey. Our house is a light grey stucco, our door is a dark grey. Our grass, obviously is green, and the driveway is an interlocking concrete brick.

Lots and lots of grey.

How amazing would these pom pom dahlia's be for a pop of colour?

Fabulous Finds Friday: Toiley Paper Planters

That's right...toilet paper planters.

When I first saw it on Pinterest, I thought "ya right...in a million years"

but then I considered it. It saves space and totally saves time, and starts your little plants off right. Most toilet paper tubes are made from undyed materials, often times recycled materials. An eco friendly option...put them on a tray and leave them on your deck.


As our humble little garden comes together, I'll reveal it all to you. We have two lilac trees in the back that I'm really excited to see bloom.

The front yard...a complete clean slate, and a project to pin next month!

Happy weekend!

Sponsor Love: Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a new blog sponsor, Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee {have your attention yet…I said coffee!!}

Not only will this coffee give you a much needed pink-me-up in the morning, but it’s a healthy alternative. It is infused with 100% Organic Ganoderma – a mushroom that is found in ancient Asian medicines over the past…oh…thousand years or so! It is known to have anticancer properties, reduces blood cholesterol, is an antiviral and has antioxidant properties {just to name a few of the benefits!}

Organo Gold Gourment Coffee has infused this super-shroom into some really amazing products!

Organo Gold Black Coffee – dark and smooth with a deep aroma

Gourmet Café Mocha – dubbed the guilt-free “dessert in a cup” {I need to get me some of this!}

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Gourmet Hot Chocolate – warming up your body while supporting your immune system? Yes!

Organic Green Tea – smooth and flavourful, chalk full of antioxidants

King of Coffee – the perfect coffee for every day drinking!

Gourmet Royal Brewed – smooth and rich Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee infused with the highest quality ingredients available

Café Supreme – a little kick of ginseng to give you a needed boost throughout your day!

Coffee with a kick…a healthy kick! Absolutely amazing!

Fabulous Find Friday: Pallet Herb Garden

I would love nothing more than to grow our own vegetables and herbs...teach Owen the importance of planting, and reaping what you sow...caring for your veggies and herbs, and enjoying them.

Our yard? Yeah...not really conducive to that! I've noticed that it doesn't have great drainage {really nowhere in our city does} and our yard as it is isn't the biggest...so having a full on vegetable garden really can't be in the works.

Then I stumbled on this idea for an herb garden and think that it would be PERFECT against our fence, in between our lilac trees

It's made out of old pallets - pretty perfect use for them, I think! It's rustic and attractive, and completely practical!

Love it!

Fabulous Find Friday: Planting Guide

Spring is here, and here to stay!

Sadly, there isn't a garden to be found on our new property...though that will be changing soon! My goal is to start planning our gardens, landscaping, the feeling of our outdoor space so that come Earth Day {April 22nd...dontcha know!} systems will be a god, and we can bring some beauty to our yard!

But I started thinking...are there rules about when to plant what?

Off to Pinterest I trot, and lo and behold...The Planting Guide!!

Happy planting!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Storage Bench

As it looks like we're going ahead with the double-bed-painted-headboard idea for the guest room, what's a lovely plush guestbed without a storage bench at the end...which just so happens to add a pop of colour?

Strangely enough, that colour happens to be mustard yellow!

While this bench is lovely and perfect, I already have a cedar chest that my grandmother gave me that likely will fit at the end of the bed rather perfectly. It's a dark brown with brass hardware, so I'll need to update it with some wrought iron handles, a new hinge to make the top actually functional and some throw pillows in fantastic colours and textures.

These perhaps?

Have a great weekend! Do something creative!

Fabulous Finds Friday: A Painting for a Headboard

I stumbled across this idea on Pinterest and think that it would be just perfect in the guestroom should we go ahead and use the double bed.

While our guestroom will likely only have the one bedside table (unless I can find a cheap and cheerful DIY for two!), i love the way the painting fits with the room overall without taking over.

Since this wall will be painted a darker grey/grey-brown, I'll have to paint something new for the space {oh, darn}. I have the perfect 4'x3' piece of wood that would be...well...perfect for this space! The contrast is going to be spectacular!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Focal Wall

One thing that is absolutely certain about the guest room, it will have a focal wall behind the bed.

While I love the use of turquoise here, ours will very likely be a charcoal grey, with the rest of the room being a softer dove grey.

Maybe a bit more of a brown-grey since the walls in the rest of the house are more earthy and I want the whole house to fit together without looking like we moved in, painted the bedrooms and didn't bother with the rest of the house.

The best going into this room...well...we're undecided. We have a lovely wrought iron day bed, but it's only a twin. It certainly would leave the room open and airy, but is it big enough for guests? We also have a double mattress set, so we could use that and maybe DIY a headboard, add a chest or something at the end of the bed...

Ideas abound!

Happy Friday!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Luggage Stand

Happy Friday everyone...and it's an extra happy one for us!

it's Possession Day!!! We're so excited to get possession of our new house and get in there to paint this weekend! Then I get to put into action all of these design ideas that I've been fawning over and creating for the past 7 weeks while living at the inlaws house!

So exciting!

Back to the guestroom for a moment.

I saw this on Pinterest {of course} and think that is it just an absolute essential for any guest room

I've been thinking about ways that I can DIY this one...

Maybe take an old TV tray table, take off the top and then add the fabric straps? I don't know...we'll have to see! If I can just find the absolute perfect one that fits with the room, we'll be all set!

Stay tuned for Friday posts in Friday when I unveil our new home and all of my DIY decor!

Happy Friday!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Be Our Guest

One aspect of our new home {get get possession next week!! yay!!} that I am absolutely in love with is the guest room.

Currently, it's a very girly room...painted a soft pink, with a fancy chandelier that even have matching pink crystals.

Knowing that those elements were likely sentimental to the family, I requested that they go with them...even down to the curtain rod and side hooks with pretty pink glass finials.

The clean slate excites me.

First and foremost, the room needs a light fixture, and I plan to DIY a fabulous one!

It's one that I've blogged about before, but after asking some ladies that likely will be staying in the guest room, it's definitely one that I will be DIY for that particular room to hang overhead!

Happy Friday!

Special Post: Stella McCartney and Matches Fashion

As spring starts to poke its lovely face through the barely snow covered grounds, I find myself in need of a wardrobe change. Each season, I try to get a few key pieces that I know I can wear with jeans as well as dress pants, pencil skirts and things of the sort of get the most out of some really inspired, quality designs.

Today, I am finding that in the Stella McCartney collection at Matches Fashion. The bold pops of yellow and blue are paired perfectly with white, grey and black – just absolutely stunning and perfect for spring!

A few favourites that I would like to point your ever keen eye to…

I was immediately drawn to the Michelle jacket. The amazing pop of yellow was just stunning to see, and I could definitely see it paired with a simple white tee, grey skinny jeans and a pair of grey or nude pumps. Perfect for a luncheon out with the girls, or for an after business event. So unexpected, and yet so perfect!

The Stella McCartney collection at Matches Fashion isn’t all about punches of colour on clothing. Don’t underestimate the impact that an accessory can have in your wardrobe! Sometimes, all you need is the perfect handbag or pair of shoes to update for the season ahead!

I personally am in love with the Falabella bucket bag. First and foremost, it is orange and considering that I already have a lot of dark denim and cream tops, it would go perfectly with a lot of what I already have. I look at it as a wise investment for a piece that I will love for many years to come. It’s simply stunning, and roomy too! It would be perfect for a day shopping, as a travel carryon...really, it is perfect for everyday!

Within the Stella McCartney collection, you’ll find whimsical pieces that catch your eye more than once. I’ve looked at the same pieces (for example, the Gwen dress) over and over, and see a captivating new beauty every time I look at it.

The collection is simply breathtaking!

*this post was brought to you by Matches Fashion

Sponsored Post: Change Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Change Up Your Bedroom On A Budget

Article submitted by Christina Johnson

It helps to switch up your bedroom every so often. If you find yourself staring at the same thing every day, you can quickly become bored and uninspired. Not everybody can afford to do this with no budget in mind, however. If you want to change your room inexpensively, there are options at your disposal.

1. Paint the Walls

If you live in a home that allows you to change the color of the walls, consider painting them something a little different. Paint is not too expensive, and with so much available on the market you are bound to find something that fits your tastes and needs. A new paint job can make a room feel new again, especially if the walls were white, and it can be done in a short amount of time. If you do not believe that you can paint it yourself, ask loved ones for help or hire professionals.

2. Change the Bedspread

Sometimes, all it takes to make your bedroom feel entirely different is a new bedspread. If you have a room that does not have a lot of color in it, a bright bedspread can add something special. If you want to express your love for a certain hobby or interest, you can find a bedspread with characters or symbols that represent what you are into. If you do not want to stop at the bedspread, you can look for pillows and bedding that can add more depth to what you want to achieve. If the bedspread that you want is expensive, save up for it; there is no reason to settle for something that you do not like.

3. Swap Locations of the Furniture

Reinventing your bedroom does not have to mean driving to a store. If you want to make something different, go and look through the rest of your house. Perhaps there is a chair in the living room that nobody has ever sat on, or maybe there is a small table that would fit in a corner of your bedroom. With this option, you do not have to pay any money at all, and you can give seldom-used furniture new life.

4. Add Accessories

Another inexpensive change that you can implement involves hanging more art on your walls. The artwork does not need to be large and expensive; if you so choose, you can purchase a poster and frame it or simply place it on a wall. Wall art can be found just about anywhere, from furniture stores to department stores to garage sales. Your bedroom can feel different simply because you purchased a plant to put under your windowsill or a poster of your favorite movie to place over your bed.

Christina Johnson who works remotely for Elliman Prudential in the New York City Apartments and Rentals market. She is using her journalism major to combine what she loves most, writing and her career. Her specialties include home decor design and DIY home improvement projects.

Fabulous Finds Friday: Mustard Yellow

There's just something warm and lovely about the colour mustard yellow, and it seems to be everywhere these days. From cardigans, to slouchey knit caps, and even skeleton keys!

How perfect would that be, so very simply propped against a wall in the corner of a master bedroom? Key to someone's heart perhaps?

Happy friday! I cannot wait to get to our new house and implement all of these design ideas!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Dresser Art

I have this beautiful dresser that my Dad refinished a number of years ago. He stripped the laers of paint and stained it a beautiful cherry wood colour. It's just gorgeous...

and I think something like this needs to be on top of it, alongside my husband's cufflink box that I gave him {with a pair of my Dad's cufflinks inside} on our wedding day...

or maybe with some simple candles...

To fit with our room, I think I'd prefer it in a darker teal tone, or maybe a charcoal grey. Definitely DIYable, but we'll see! I really love the handwriting...maybe it could be a project that my husband and I work on together!