Bringing Home Baby: A Note on Visitors

Everyone loves a new baby. Nothing is sweeter than those tiny toes or that cute little nose. When someone has a new baby, family and friends can't wait to come meet them. But what happens when you don't want visitors?

Or when people come to see you, sit down on the couch and don't leave

Set limits! 

A great idea for visitors after baby is to make set times for people to come. Tell friends and family that you would love to have them come meet your new little one, but make sure they know what time to come and when to go. Also, don't feel bad if you want some time just you and your new family member.

Don't play hostess! 

Just because someone is a guest in your home, doesn't mean you need to wait on them hand and foot. You have just been through something huge and you need to take care of you! Visitors can offer you tea, not the other way around.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Need someone to switch the laundry over? Ask! Most people won't mind doing such a simple task, especially when to you, that's all you need at the moment. Need a nap or a shower? Your girlfriend would be overjoyed to spend some one on one time with baby while you take care of yourself

Having a new baby is a wonderful thing but it's also a huge transition for a family. Don't feel like you need to be super mom and have a revolving door of visitors. Your needs and the needs of your new tiny human come first.