Fabulous Finds Friday: Wheat Vases

I saw these lovely little vases when looking for fall decor, and they look of so simple and cute, all lined up and filled with wheat.

How would I DIY?

I would take 4 bottles of all the same size and shape {maybe Red Stripe bottles since they're short and squat}, and clean them really really well.

Then, I would smooth on white vinyl letters {or paint them with a white paint} and fill with wheat from my pal Hanlon Lain Photography's farm!

Easy peasy, and looks so lovely!! I'll have to try it soon!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Flirty Fun Pinwheel Wreath

Oh...hey...it's my birthday! Ya know...the big 3-0!

So before I skip-to-ma-loo to go get ready and then celebrate with a cocktail party that my Hubs has been planning since January, here's a super cute way to dress up your door to make your guests feel cherry and bright!

How fun is that!?

Happy Friday!!!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Heartwarming Hearth

When I think of fall, I think of hay rides, apple picking, burlap sacks, potted mums and pumpkins. Those elements are all very clearly outdoor elements, but who says that you can't bring them inside?

Big tall candles wrapped with jute

Branches in white vases, with the perfect touch of red from the maple leaves

Candles in the fireplace {adore!}

Photos of apples in a crisp white matt

And then...the bunting! How clever, and what a perfect touch for fall!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Pumpkins and Candles

Starting a fall series of Fab Finds today...and this is one that I absolutely adore! They most definitely are all going to be easy home decor how to ideas, ones that you can easily translate into DIY projects.

Four lanterns, filled with candles and pumpkins! For colour variation, try with gourds and squash!

I think these will look amazing on our porch at the end of the month! And what makes it even more awesome is that we can get all of the gourds and pumpkins locally at The Pumpkin Farm just around the corner!

Happy Friday!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Daylillies

One low maintenance plant that I absolutely adore is the daylilly.

I love ones that have an exciting burst of colour, are reliable and plentiful every year, and that keep to themselves wherever they are planted.

I think for our front garden, some yellows and purples will need to make an appearance.

These ones are simple and sweet...

While these ones have a bold impact!

Planted together, in between neatly trimmed boxwoods...a lovely walk up to the front door!

Happy weekend! Plant something pretty!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Terracotta Pot Planter

Looking for a punch of colour on your front porch?

I know that I am, and I think one of these flanking either side of my dark grey door will do just the trick!

I think I would change it to suit our colour tastes though....likely paint the posts a dark grey to match the door, but still contrast with the light grey stucco.

Flowers...hmm...purples and yellows likely, especially if the front walk up is boxwoods and daylillies {another post for another fabulous friday!}

Fabulous Finds Friday: Pom Pom Dahlia's

While I'm not even sure that I can grow Dahlia's in our region {speaking of regions...anyone know what region London, Ontario is in??}, I really admire these for their unique shape, ribbon-like texture, and massive pop of colour!

Aren't they incredible?

For the front of our house, it's like a wall of grey. Our house is a light grey stucco, our door is a dark grey. Our grass, obviously is green, and the driveway is an interlocking concrete brick.

Lots and lots of grey.

How amazing would these pom pom dahlia's be for a pop of colour?

Fabulous Finds Friday: Toiley Paper Planters

That's right...toilet paper planters.

When I first saw it on Pinterest, I thought "ya right...in a million years"

but then I considered it. It saves space and totally saves time, and starts your little plants off right. Most toilet paper tubes are made from undyed materials, often times recycled materials. An eco friendly option...put them on a tray and leave them on your deck.


As our humble little garden comes together, I'll reveal it all to you. We have two lilac trees in the back that I'm really excited to see bloom.

The front yard...a complete clean slate, and a project to pin next month!

Happy weekend!

Fabulous Find Friday: Pallet Herb Garden

I would love nothing more than to grow our own vegetables and herbs...teach Owen the importance of planting, and reaping what you sow...caring for your veggies and herbs, and enjoying them.

Our yard? Yeah...not really conducive to that! I've noticed that it doesn't have great drainage {really nowhere in our city does} and our yard as it is isn't the biggest...so having a full on vegetable garden really can't be in the works.

Then I stumbled on this idea for an herb garden and think that it would be PERFECT against our fence, in between our lilac trees

It's made out of old pallets - pretty perfect use for them, I think! It's rustic and attractive, and completely practical!

Love it!

Fabulous Find Friday: Planting Guide

Spring is here, and here to stay!

Sadly, there isn't a garden to be found on our new property...though that will be changing soon! My goal is to start planning our gardens, landscaping, the feeling of our outdoor space so that come Earth Day {April 22nd...dontcha know!} systems will be a god, and we can bring some beauty to our yard!

But I started thinking...are there rules about when to plant what?

Off to Pinterest I trot, and lo and behold...The Planting Guide!!

Happy planting!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Wallpapered Filing Cabinet

One thing that I want to be sure to do this year, is keep really great records.

Yes, I have Quickbooks for all things electronic and financial...but I also need somewhere for all of my receipts, client notes, design sheets and drawings.

This is a brilliant idea if you have an old dingy filing cabinet at home, that just needs a little TLC

I'm hoping to find a really great chevron wallpaper to keep with my new brand and clean look. If you have any wallpaper suggestions, leave me a comment! I'd love to see them!

This definitely will make keeping tidy client and financial files much easier!

Have a great weekend!

Fabulous Finds Friday: DIY Desk...with storage!

Right now, since we're in between houses and are bunking at the inlaws for a few weeks while we house hunt, my work space is rather nonexistant.

My old workspace was that of a plastic 4' collapsible table.

How I yearn for a proper workspace...with storage underneath for the bins of paint, stacks of paper and other doo-dads that clutter up my creative space.

This one...pretty darn perfect

I already have a unit that is 2x3, so I could possibly just get another, with 3 more bins, and the board for the top...It'd be more narrow, but that would be allright!

Or I could just get the 3x3 units and board, and keep the 2x3 unit for storage...either way, pretty amazing!

Happy weekend!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Shabby Chic Cork Boards

I have a ratty old cork board that I've tried to spruce up with some black spray paint...and it's just sort of...lacking some inspiration.

It's the place that I pin thank-you notes from happy customers...calendars and order deadlines...hang the first ornament that started this whole crazy world of Sweet Stella's.

But...it's ugly. It's just a standard cork board, and I painted the frame black at one point, I think for our wedding seating chart. It's old, and dingy and needs...life.

How pretty are those?!

My plan for my new studio {again...in the house that we haven't found yet!} is to have the walls be a soft light dove grey, with charcoal and navy accents, much like my logo. Shabby chic white framed cork boards? Heck yes!!


Have a great, and inspired, weekend!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Glitter Shakers

I've been searching high and low on Pinterest, designing ever square inch of our new home {which we haven't found yet, but that's besides the point...}

One obvious room that I'm focusing on is my design studio. I've been looking for everything from amazing office chairs, unique storage ideas, distressed desks and how to repurpose items that I already have {cheap and cheerful!}

Here's one that I've found, and definitely will be implementing with some great shakers from the dollar store!

Incredibly smart, and they look super chic too!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Fabulous Find Friday: Doily Lamp

We're in the process of scouting houses, old and new, and planning for a big move right now. This had kept me very busy on Pinterest looking at home decor ideas and, really, planning the house of my dreams.

I was looking through my boards and saw this fabulous goodie...which I think will be necessary in my new studio, or in our great room/den as a dreamy light fixture (maybe in a cluster of 5?) over Owen's reading area.

You can find detailed instructions here!

Happy Friday!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Flirty Girly Cake

Okay...I'll admit that I am fully addicted to Pinterest. I've done everything from planning the decor, room by room, of our new house (that we don't even have yet) to planning my son's 2nd birthday party (next June...), to creating an inspiration board for my big 30th birthday next year

This cake caught my eye and I think it's absolutely over-the-top-fabulous!

I love everything about it...the colours, the flower, even the cake stand!

Check out The Pastry Studio for more fabulous cakes!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Heirloom Quilts

While I am by now means a quilter, I have a great respect for the art and those who spend a crazy amount of time cutting the fabric and sewing everything together.

I was looking for some ideas and inspiration for Owen's second birthday (not until June 2012 mind you...but one can never be too early for party planning!) and came across these gorgeous quilts.

And being sentimental at heart, I am definitely saving some of his baby clothes to have a quilt made for him. Well...maybe for me to snuggle up on the couch with once he's grown.

Either way, completely fabulous.

You can check out the Etsy shop, warmnfuzzies, here.

Fabulous Finds Friday: Circus Clown TuTu

New on Friday's, I'm going to feature something that I think is truly awesome! It might be a ridiculously awesome Etsian, or some great home decor tips, or maybe a new product of my own!

Either way, it's sure to be a Fabulous Find, and it'll be posted here on Friday's!

Atutudes Handmade Tutu's Circus Clown Pettitutu

How fun is that?! Perfect for a circus themed birthday party...and so fun for an adult for a Halloween party!!

Happy Friday! Have a safe and happy Halloween!