Gifts for Her on #Etsy #christmas #giftideas #giftsforher

Have a lovely lady on your gift giving list this year? Here are five gifts for her, all found on Etsy, that are beautiful and sure to inspire a kiss under the mistletoe!

Clockwise from top right...

Mala's are some of my absolute most favorite things on the planet, and this one from Tellurus is stunning. Created out of rosewood, aqua and coral, it features a beautiful pink tassel and sterling silver accents.

While I have never been a watch wearer, I really love this minimalist white women's wristwatch from Liuwa. It's flexible white silicone, and has great gold accents.

If your lovely lady is a mom, you know that her children are her entire world and that she likely loves them to the moon and back. This rose gold heart and moon bracelet from Else Designs is a sweet sentiment to give.

You can never go wrong with a clutch or handbag...never ever ever ever. I am in love with this one fro gmaloudesigns!

And finally, a new iPhone case. These have come a long way from the standard covers and can be personalized so many times over. I love ones that have feminine touches and textural elements, like this floral geometric iPhone case from Idea Case.

Whatever you give, make sure it is from the heart! And...there's absolutely nothing wrong with tucking yourself something under the Christmas Tree! I always do, and it's usually something sparkly!

Get your #Christmas Orders in NOW! #shopping #etsy

Christmas is right around the corner; have to figured out what amazing and unique gifts you're going to get for everyone on your list?

I always love giving really unique gifts at Christmas and for birthdays, so Etsy is my first stop. Whether it is a print or custom shirt, handmade jewelry or home decor pieces, I know that I can always find it on Etsy. And as someone with a shop, it's important to me that I support other hand made artists!

If you're looking at one of my pieces in particular for gift giving this Christmas, get your order in now! The Cutoff dates are....

International: November 21
USA: November 28
Canada: December 1st
Local Orders (free deliver): December 15th

And as always, custom orders are welcome!

Happy shopping!


Birthday #Coupon Code for September! #Etsy

Since it's birthday month, that means you can take advantage of 23% (see what I did there...I'm turning 32...but like the sounds of 23 better! ha!) off everything in the shop...including items that are already on sale (min. purchase $10).

Use coupon code HAPPYBDAY at checkout for 23% off your entire order from my Etsy shop!

Happy birthday to me, and you!

Clay Feather Mobiles on Etsy #homedecor

This Spring, I was inspired to make a really gorgeous white and paint dipped clay feather mobile for our nursery and when I started...I couldn't stop.

Mobiles are now a fixture in my Etsy shop and have been getting a crazy amount of notice on Etsy and beyond!

I love them because they are so natural, yet versatile. No nursery? No worries!

These mobiles, all made to order by hand, are great for really any room and don't necessarily have to be hung from the ceiling. Consider a wall that is seemingly too narrow for a painting or photograph; what would you put there to spruce up your space?

Creating a dreamy master bedroom escape, but have two awkwardly positioned windows? Put a wall hanging mobile between them!

Mobiles are available in really any motif. I've done starfish and beach inspired, color themes with sculpted spheres, flowers, and rain drops. The possibilities are endless!

Etsy Items ON SALE! #sale #etsy

Have you checked out my Etsy shop in a little while?

I am still adding new and fun designs for 2014, which means that most of the 2013 designs are on sale!!

Sculpture, paintings and wearable pieces are on sale at 25%-50% off regular prices, and they're in the shop until they're gone.

If you had your eye on something in the past, now is the time to scoop it up!

There are some changes coming for my Etsy shop this year. You've seen some of the beautiful sculpted mobiles, like the one I created for the nursery, and there will be more and more items added.

Sculpted tube sculpture
Hand rolled and pressed stones
Hand shaped spheres

Lots of sculpture coming to the shop, all made to order and to make your home beautiful!

Celebrating 3 Years #etsy #handmade

Earlier this year, I celebrated 3 years on Etsy.



It seriously seemed kind of crazy to me, but then I thought about it and it sounded just about right. I opened my Etsy shop shortly after opening my business and my how it has grown! From handmade paper party supplies to paintings and now sculpted home has followed a path that I could never have ever imagined for it.

Let's keep the celebration going this summer! Scoop up ornaments for Christmas, sculpted home decor, get some pre-Christmas shopping done....and enjoy an additional 20% off already marked down prices on the 2013 collection!

Use coupon code CELEBRATE3YRS at checkout!

Baily Belle: Jewelry, Scarves and Vintage Wares #giveaway #sponsor

I was introduced to Baily Belle on Twitter in 2011 when she had bravely entered and became a finalist in the Closetista challenge. I scooped up one of her handmade rosette fabric rings and started my collection.

My profile photo over there on the right? Necklace by Baily Belle.
The ring I wear every day to remind me of my commitment to myself? Baily Belle.
The jade earrings I gave to my mom for her 60th birthday? Baily Belle yet again!

Noticing a trend?

There's one more thing I haven't told you. Baily Belle made my hospital bag, and its freaking glorious.

Vanessa Baily has become a great friend of mine, and I love shopping at Baily Belle as often as I can. She's made so many things for me from cup cozies to business card holders. We've featured her at BlogHer, and I've happily introduced her to just about every woman I know.

So...what has she put into the Mom & Baby Giveaway {which, by the way...we are only DAYS AWAY from launching!!}? A cream lace clutch, perfect for a much needed date night out, summer weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and pretty much every thing you could need a pretty little clutch for!

Whether you need a new scarf, handmade clutch, a piece of jewelry for your collection, or a custom piece with a vintage vibe, check out Baily Belle!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Baily Belle for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Aroma Scents Natural Products: Pure, Natural Soap and Bath Products #giveaway #sponsor

I have had the pleasure of working with the dynamic duo of sisters who own Aroma Scents Natural Products on a few occasions recently, and they always amaze me with their products and approach to their business.

Aroma Scents Natural Products is focused on bringing you beautifully handmade soaps and bath products that are chemical free and contain only the best ingredients including natural oils and dyes, shea butter, and more!

Aroma Scents Natural Products makes just about everything to make your bathtime more luxurious and lovely. Whimsical children's soaps, gift baskets, bath salts, scrubs, lotions and so much more!

To treat you mamas, Aroma Scents Natural Products has generously donated some of their signature bath bombs to the Mom & Baby Giveaway!

Take a bath and relax, mama's! Aroma Scents Natural Products is here to treat your senses and melt your stress away!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Aroma Scents Natural Products for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Nature's Dee-light: Natural Products for Baby, Bath and Home #giveaway #sponsor

Stretch Marks
Diaper Rash

Am I singing the song of a newborn mama? Well, sort of. Many moms aren't sure where to turn for remedies that are safe and natural, but Nature's Dee-Light has your solution!

Creator, Dee, is the mama of two beautiful babes and has created her very own line of natural, safe and lovely products that she uses in her home for her own babes. They are all based with natural ingredients and pure essential oils, and are chemical free.

So, what natural goodies can you win from Nature's Dee-Light in the Mom & Baby Giveaway? The Tummy Tamer! Ease the discomfort of tummy troubles and colic with this awesome coconut oil based salve. It is infused with lovely, natural ingredients like ginger and peppermint, and warms between your hands. Then, massage onto baby's tummy and let it work its magic.

Nature's Dee-Light also has a whipped creme to help soothe those pesky stretch marks, and a cloth diaper safe bum balm!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Nature's Dee-Light for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Little Luxuries: Vintage Chic Mom and Baby Accessories #giveaway #sponsor

I know you've seen Little Luxuries featured here on Sweet Stella's before, but not like this. Designer Angela Donaldson has been buckling down and creating so many beautiful handmade accessories for both mom and baby, as well as focusing on photography props, lately.

Angela has transitioned and grown with her shop, Little Luxuries, and it has been a really beautiful thing to witness. She recently did a photo shoot with Lainie Hird Photography, and the results were magcial!

100% handmade, and incredibly adorable! Rompers, headbands, and more for little girls. Infinity scarves, brooches and hair accessories for mom. Everything has a bit of a vintage vibe to it, and Angela loves to use lots of lace and burlap in her designs. Incorporate some natural feathers, hand strung beads and hand sewn details, and it's a match made in heaven.

Little Luxuries has put a beautiful purple lace infinity scarf into the Mom & Baby Giveaway. I personally have one of Angela's infinity scarves (mustard, hand stamped with black arrows) and they are so lovely. Great attention to detail, you definitely get a high quality handmade item from Little Luxuries.

If you love handmade accessories with a vintage, bohemian feel, you won't want to miss the new work from Little Luxuries.

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Little Luxuries for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Sweet Whimsy Designs: Handpainted Peg Dolls and Nursery Decor #giveaway #sponsor

I'm not even sure how I stumbled across Sweet Whimsy Designs to be honest, but I have been following the amazing artwork of Leandra Sweet for a while now and have been so incredibly impressed with her attention to detail and the care that she puts in to every single set of peg dolls that I knew I needed her to create something amazing for our nursery.

We started talking early this year about my nursery plans, which have all been inspired by Where The Wild Things Are. I love the imagery in the book, and when Leandra said that she had been wanting to play with nesting dolls for a while now, everything fell into place.

Leandra took such a simple, raw idea and turned it into something incredible. Words cannot fully express just how much my husband and I love our Where The Wild Things Are nesting dolls. I am simply amazed by the amount of detail on them, and again, the care that Leandra took when creating them.

She even included a Max peg doll for Big Brother Owen in the package, which he adores and plays with all the time. Such a sweet sentiment, and so incredibly thoughtful of her!

So, what is in the Mom & Baby Giveaway from Sweet Whimsy Designs? A full set of ninja pegdolls!

Have an idea for a set of pegdolls or nesting dolls? Contact Sweet Whimsy Designs and I promise you, Leandra will take your simple ideas and create a masterpiece that will be treasured for years.

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Sweet Whimsy Designs for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Sarita Baby: Handmade Childrens and Baby Accessories #giveaway #sponsor

Sarita Baby is a Canadian made shop on Etsy that I have recently fallen in love with. I first became accustomed with Sarah's beautiful designs on Instagram, and after ordering a few bibs and a soother clip for our Little Guy, I knew that Sarita Baby was one company that I just had to have in on the Mom and Baby Giveaway!

You've grown to know over the years that supporting handmade businesses is something that is really important to me. When you can couple that with expertly made items, from shops that are not only beautifully presented and engaging, but with owners who truly care about their products and customers, everyone wins.

Whether you are expecting (or recently delivered) a baby boy or girl, I am certain that you will find the bibs, blankets, toy tethers and soother clips that you are looking for at Sarita Baby! I know I did! I ordered three custom bibs and a soother clip, and love all of the fabrics that I was able to choose from, including the Dapper Fox below!

There are even beautiful items for mom in the shop, like handmade clutches! This one is by far my favorite!

The item from Sarita Baby that is up for grabs in the Mom and Baby Giveaway is the Grey Chevron Baby Gift Set, which includes handmade bib, toy tether and soother clip!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Sarita Baby for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own. 


#Pantone Color of the Year #Radiant #Orchid

By now we all know that the Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid. I have seen this color used in various hues of light lilac all the way to deep plum. It's one of my favorite Color of the Year selections in a while, so I'm really excited to feature it in my Etsy shop!

The Radiant Orchid nesting bowls are among my favorite pieces. They pack quite the punch, yet are soft and feminine because of their fluted edges. it's a great use of contrast, too, with the stark white clay and purple paint.

In terms of wearable pieces, this painted stone ring is a great example of balance, contrast and line. The dark plum shade of Radiant Orchid grounds the pieces, while the white paint splashes across the surface to add visual interest.

I cannot wait to incorporate Pantone's Color of the Year more into my work. These tones are definitely in my Purpose collection for Urban Gallery, and I will be bringing them into pieces for my ready-to-ship line in my Etsy shop as well.


Painted Sculpted Fashion Rings on Etsy

I only have two of these little lovelies left, so I thought they deserved their own blogpost.

One thing that I love to create is wearable, one of a kind art. These fashion rings are first sculpted, then handpainted and set onto adjustable bases. I've created them in turquoise and white, yellow and white, and turquoise and cobalt, as well as these two plum rings (above and below)

Being that these are the last two in stock, they are on SALE for $15 plus shipping. Both are handmade, totally unique and one of a kind pieces of wearable art!

Have a different colour combination in mind? They can be made to suit whatever you'd like, whether you have an outfit that you need an accessory for, or a special event that you're going to. 

Think I should add them back into rotation in the shop, and create more?? If there's enough interest, I certainly will make a few more and put them back in!


Valentine's Gift Guide Feature: Noogle, #etsy #party #printables

Noogle is at it again with some fun designs for Valentine's Day!

Downloadable designs for Valentine's Day that are sweet and whimsical, different than your standard drug store or grocery store finds!

Designer Shannon Sheridan-Geldart specializes in designs that are kid-inspired for your home, parties, events, and more! She's designed printed invitations for Owen's birthday parties in the past, as well as digital designs for other parties that we've had, and she never disappoints!

Her custom party elements range from invitations to tent cards for your buffet table, but she doesn't just stop there. Need a door sign? Treat favor labels? Cupcake toppers? Banner? Noogle has it all and can custom design to suit your party needs.

For Valentine's Day, Shannon has a GREAT promo going for all Sweet Stella's readers!

Happy Valentine's Day from Noogle!


January Etsy Find - Bird Feeders

Form meets function with this eye catching steel bird feeder, found on Etsy and created by Joe Papendick.

As we start dreaming of our outdoor spaces and getting into the warmer temperatures, don't forget that design is all in the details. Many more homes are incorporating outdoor living spaces into their overall home decor, so why not add a funky bird feeder like the Charm Modern Bird Feeder by Joe Papendick?

Orange not your color? Not to worry! Joe has a variety offered in his shop that are sure to compliment your garden and style.

What type of Etsy find would YOU be interested in seeing here on the blog? Leave me a note in the comments section and I will search for ideas!


Christmas Ornament Roundup from Etsy

Our house is full of Christmas cheer, and one of my favourite days is the one that we put up our Christmas tree and decorate it. Each year, we get a new ornament just like I used to when I was a little girl, so it felt fitting to do a roundup of my favourite ornaments that I've found on Etsy.

Four robin's nests from Fairyfolk

Personalized ornament from The Lonely Heart

Mini wooden snowflakes from Timber Green Woods

Jumbo acorn ornament from Smile Mercantile
Handblown glass ornaments from Kivaford

Where is your favourite place to get new ornaments? I love finding unique ones, and mixing them in with family favourites.


Holiday Home Decor on Etsy

On of my favourite new Etsy shops is Oaklea Cottage Designs by Amanda Hunter.

This month for the home decor how-to, I wanted to talk about transitioning your fall decor to winter and holiday themes, so when I found the beautiful new items in Amanda's shop, I really wanted to share them here.

Our fall decor has been very black and white, with little punches of purple and green here and there. Now that it is time to transition to winter holiday decor, I need to go on the hunt for new branches and figure out our color scheme.

Obviously, there is the traditional red and green, and Oaklea Cottage Designs has fantastic options for that with pre-selected letters in various holiday words.

What I love about Amanda's designs is that she focus on current trends like chevron and quatrefoil to make her letters and numbers unique. She also embellishes them with pretty little flowers for that rustic touch. My favourite pairing is her navy and white qautrefoil with mustard flower.

While definitely less traditional, I think this color pairing is perfect for the winter holidays. Blue and white is rather classic when going with the ice type themes, and mustard is reminiscent of the silver and gold theme. Pair them together and you have something pretty unique!

To transition, think outside of the box. Pair colors and patterns that aren't necessarily typical for the winter holidays, then mix in your favourite ornaments and beautiful stockings hung on your mantle. I definitely can picture the word NOEL in the blue quatrefoil with mustard flower, paired with these and some fallen branches from the forest behind our house.

Pretty perfect and all set for the holidays!

Seating Options for a Home Art Studio

Creating the perfect space in my home art studio for sketching out new designs and working on gallery proposals has been a bit of a challenge. Until now, my storage has been all over the place and I haven't been able to configure the space properly to make it super functional.

I'm oh so close to having the perfect space, seating area included but what is missing? The seat!

Here is my inspiration for the seating area

Studio seating area

Cover chair
105 CAD -

Emerald green home decor
11 CAD -

Oak end table
51 CAD -

Light shade
38 CAD -

Sur La Table glass canning jar
4.12 CAD -

I LOVE the bold red chair, and it is by far the most perfect one that I have found. Legs slung up over the arm, back against the other arm. The only thing missing is a pillow, but I know this girl who can handpaint them and make one that is totally unique for this space ;)

The end table I would paint white or light grey to match the rest of the furniture in the room and lighten the look. I love the little shelf under the table and it will be perfect for sketch books.

Can we talk about the owl lamp from Target? Holy heck, it is adorable. I love finding whimsical little pieces like this, and love the black and white look.

The mason jar, which I already have, will be for my sketching pencils and felt tip pens.

And the air planter is the perfect little accessory for the top of the table, with the lamp, to breathe a little life into the space.

What do you think?


Fall Fashion Finds on Etsy

Fall is here and in full swing, so how are you adding some cozy elements into your wardrobe?

I love this slouchy hat from CTHandmade. The color is perfect for fall, and can be paired with a really awesome hoodie or jacket like this one...

Yes friends, brown and grey can be worn together, especially in the fall! Pair the look with a pair of worn skinny jeans (like the ones pictured above in the shop photo from katastophicdesign) and a pair of grey moccasins to match your hat and it's perfect!