Top Must Have's for #Pregnancy, #essentials for a #healthypregnancy

Now that we've been there...done that! I thought that I would round up some of my absolute could-not-live-without items. You know...the must have essential items for the full 9 months of pregnancy!

Clockwise from top right

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser hair butter - I received mine as a part of an Influenster VoxBox, and I have to is really the only product that I use religiously on my hair. It has helped with the first trimester hair loss, and definitely helped my hair to stay strong through out the rest of my pregnancy.

Meditation - every night before bed, I put my head phones on, and zone out. Most frequently, I have done patience, compassion, flowing with change and pregnancy meditations on Meditation Oasis, but every now and then I throw in one for deep rest, or stress and pressure. It helps to reset my brain, and helps me be better to myself the next day.

Coconut Butter - I have to thank Kelly from The Turnip Farmer for this one. When the belly stretches, it inevitably gets itchy and sore. A gentle rub of coconut oil and bam! I literally found that new stretchmarks disappeared overnight!

Running - it has been my sanity saver, my personal me-time, and the way that I knew that I was taking care of my own body, so that it could take care of my baby. I ran for 8.5 months of my pregnancy, earned a few medals along the way, and gained an incredible amount of confidence in myself.

Belts - skinny belts, wide belts. Braided belts, stretchy belts! Belts were such a great and easy way to update my existing wardrobe when I was newly pregnant and wanted to feel like I looked pregnant...not pudgy. Such an easy and inexpensive wardrobe update!

Juice - I started juicing during my pregnancy at 20weeks and it was an amazing experience. It felt really great to know just how many fantastic and wholesome nutrients I was putting into my body in a single glass, and what I was passing on to my baby. I definitely know now what juices I love, and which ones I don't!

Rebirth Wellness Centre - having a great support system on your side outside of your family and friends can make all the difference in your pregnancy experience, and that rings true for me. From our Doula, Jena, to my therapist, Jodi, and at the end Dr. Andrea, the naturopath, we were able to establish a strong circle of support that will carry us through the years. I cannot sing their praises enough!

My favourite maternity outfit - My Thyme Maternity jeans carried me through two trimesters, and I loved pairing them with a simple tami from Old Navy, my black boyfriend cardigan and a pair of flats. Easy peasy, done and done. When you find the outfit that you absolutely love, switch up your accessories to keep it fresh. Add a pop of color with a belt, or your handbag.

So...there you have it! That's what got me through the whole nine months, and while I'm sure everyone's list will differ, it will be totally driven by your priorities and lifestyle. For me, it was important to keep running, to juice and feel great about what I was putting in my body, and to take care of my mental health.

Overall, it led to a very well rounded, healthy, happy and positive pregnancy!

Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials #pregnancy #winter

Time to recap my favorite things to have during the second trimester of pregnancy, particularly ones that will be useful if you are pregnant in the winter!

#1 - yes, Tums are still on the list. Every now and then, my belly feels tight and they're the only things that help with indigestion and nausea.

#2 Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser, particularly the hair butter. I tried this as a part of the Influenster program, and am hooked. I was having huge issues with dry scalp, damaged hair, and hair loss during the first trimester and my stylist asked if I was conditioning. I was not. Then I tried this and all was right in my hair care world.

#3 Kettlebell, or any at home workout. Obviously staying active and fit during my pregnancy has been important, but my kettlebell has also helped with relieving boredom during these long winter months.

#4 Juice.All.The.Things. I started juicing in February right when we came home from florida, and it has been an awesome experience. I actually crave fruit over things like cheesecake, which is super weird, but totally awesome.

#5 My Thyme Maternity skinny jeans have gotten me through this winter, without them, my bottom would be very cold!

#6 Liz Lange for Target cable knit sweaters. I have one in cobalt, and another in charcoal. They hug every curve of my bump, and are warm.

#7 Jergens Ultra Heeling lotion. Really...anything that is a thick lotion meant for deep heeling and relief will be good for your skin. After a shower, I lotion up my arms, chest, and my belly - all areas that have been super dry and flaky over the winter.

Now that winter is almost over, I'm sure that my list of pregnancy essentials will change. Bring on the maxi skirts and sandals!


2nd Trimester #Pregnancy Favorites

Last month, I recapped a few of my favorite things during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Wow, have my tastes changed!! It's crazy how quickly things can change, and I definitely have a few round of favorites that I didn't want to wait to post until my 2nd trimester recap.

#1 - I stopped taking my Diclectin for nausea last week, Tums have been helpful. I have a feeling that they will be a permanent fixture on my list of pregnancy favorites.

#2 - English Muffins. I swear, I think that this babe will be born with one in its hand. Every morning. With butter...or peanut butter and sliced bananas....or honey...or just pb...or pb and honey! When I was sick following our cruise, it was the only thing that I could really stomach, and it's a quick, easy breakfast.

#3 - Cheese. Sharp cheddar, havarti, brie...whatever! Protein is good for this growing baby, and running mama, and cheese is where it's at for me!

#4 - Chocolate, preferably in the form of ice cream...cookies...Whoppers...really anything. It's weird though. First trimester, I wanted all of the crunchy and salty. Now I'm starting to want the sweet, but only in small amounts. Even still, I'd rather a crunch apple so long as it's nice and firm {still having texture issues with anything soft and squishy!}

#5 - Thyme Maternity straight jeans - they are so darn comfy. Review coming next month, but these are definitely my go-to jeans!

#6 - Old Navy Tamis. A non-maternity wardrobe staple, that I just bought in a medium instead of small. They're long, so great for layering under a cardigan, and come in beautiful colors. Also, they're $8 each when you buy two!

#7 - Dr. Pepper. This one really isn't a big shocker to me. I've loved Dr. Pepper and those 23 wonderful flavors as far as I can remember, so craving it during pregnancy didn't shock me.

Are there things that are totally grossing me out?

As I mentioned briefly, things that are soft and squishy are grossing me out. Grapes...strawberries...the look of raw chicken...dishes with too much sauce. It's definitely a texture thing - basically if I have to chew it for too long, it grosses me out.

What about you? What did you crave? What grossed you out?


1st Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

Over the past few months, a few things have become my absolute favourite things in the whole world.

#1 - Tums Ultra Strength in Peppermint. Feel nausea coming on? Excessive indigestion? These will save you alot of agony and close-calls when it comes to early pregnancy nausea, morning sickness and indigestion

#2 - Skinny Belts. These have been a lifesaver during that I'm-pregnant-but-feel-fat-and-my-bump-is-there-but-not-really-there phase. They give a little bit of definition to make you look pregnant and not like you're just wearing a baggy shirt, which is nice. They're also an easy accessory to dress up your outfit!

#3 - For some reason, any maybe it's because 1st trimester for me was fall-going-into-winter, I have wanted hot chocolate every single day. Definitely better in terms of healthy choices rather than reaching for a king size Mr. Big bar, but still a little indulgent.

#4 - Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion. Saw them at the store, had to have them at 11 weeks. My husband laughed at me pretty hard but meh, I'm pregnant.

#5 - Molly Ades Maternity Preggings. These have been glorious. They are so comfortable and the panel really grows with you no matter how or where babe is sitting, what you had for dinner etc. {pppssst: full review coming in January!}

#6 - Chambray pullovers. I've gotten mine {one in denim and one in fuschia}at Old Navy on the clearance rack, in just a size up from what I would normally wear. Pair them with leggings and a skinny belt over your bump, and you have a pretty flattering fall maternity outfit!

#7 - Chocolate milk. Maybe between the hot chocolate and chocolate milk it's the dairy that I'm craving? Who knows. But chocolate milk is fantastic, packed with protein and lean fat, and tastes super yummy!

I'm excited to see how things change and what must-haves are at the top of my list over the next few months! Stay tuned for a 2nd Trimester Must Have list in March/April!