New Year New Home...Tablescaping

Every so often we like to entertain, and by that I mean a few times a month. I have found that between my mantle, kitchen table and island there are always surfaces that could use a little pizzazz when you are having guests over.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating the perfect centrepiece for your kitchen table, using inexpensive items found at your local dollar store, and from outside!

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones found on a nature walk are a great addition to a natural looking tablescape. Gather about 3 medium sized sticks, stack them together and tie them with twine. Stack some stones throughout the sticks and you have a wonderful, natural centrepiece!

Jars a Plenty

Gather a few pretty jars and glasses from the dollar store, then head out to your garden. Snip some of your favourite flowers, fill the jars and viola! Instant table garden!

Going Gothic

At the dollar store, pick up a mirror, some candle sticks, and tape candles. Set the mirror up on the centre of your table, then light one of your candles. Drip some of the melted wax on your mirror, and let it run down the sides of your candle sticks. Place your candles in the centre of the mirror, and you have a beautiful centrepiece for an evening dinner party with friends.

Odd Numbers

Grouping items in odd numbered collections is the most proportionate and aesthetically pleasing way to display things. Consider pairing a piece of wood with a chunky candle and a tiny jar of flowers (grouping of 3), or five wine bottles used as candle holders down the length of your table.

Work with what you HAVE

Repurposing elements that you already have in your home is a great way to showcase your style on your table. Group a teapot with your favourite teacups when hosting your girlfriends for brunch, or use your child's stacking blocks and favourite stuffed animal for a centrepiece for their birthday breakfast. Easy Peasy!

What is your favourite way to decorate your table?

Nautical Trends in Home Decor

Tina Dean Designs has done it again with her beautiful nautical inspired home decor pieces.

I absolutely love the versatility of Tina's baskets and am proud to say that I own two of them that I use in my studio. One is my expenses basket, where all of my receipts go before they are entered into Quickbooks. The other houses rings and trinkets as they are finished, ready for customers to fall in love with them.

Her nautical line, which is rooted in cherry red and cobalt blue tones, add the perfect punch of colour to a neutral home decor. You can stay on trend, switch out the baskets as seasons and trends change, and keep your overall decor the same!

Tina's baskets are also affordable, priced at $35 for a handcrafted piece of functional textile art.

To see more of Tina's work, check out her website and Etsy shop, as well as her Facebook page.

Fabulous Finds Friday: Eco Chic Wall Decor

Again returning to the wine theme with this one....

How incredible is it that artists are taking reclaimed wood from old barns and torn buildings, and turning it into something magical, like this piece

By using materials that we have on hand, we can truly make a difference in our attitude toward the environment, as well as the ambiance in our physical space.

This artist has brilliantly captured how to take something old and make it something new. And they used a variety of vineyards that are superb!

You can pick up this piece and more from RuPiperDesigns, on Etsy!

Guest Blogger...Tina Dean Designs

When Shannon asked me to guest post and talk a little about my new Eco-Home line, I was both thrilled and honored. You may know a little about my work as an eco accessories designer/textile artist from some of Shannon’s previous posts. I was absolutely thrilled to sponsor Shannon at BlogHer ’12 with a messenger bag and a couple of clutches.

My primary work has been to recycle and upcycle plastic bags and vhs tape into eco-friendly accessories like tote bags and purses. Expanding into home goods just seemed to be a natural extension. Continuously thinking of new ideas to save plastic bags from our landfills and waterways has become a way of life. The Eco-Home line will allow people to have a handmade, eco-friendly, vegan items for their homes.

TDD’s Eco-Home line is starting with baskets and will branch out to other home goods through 2013. The baskets will be available in different sizes for use as home décor, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or anywhere else.

These will be available on the website when it relaunches in the near future. TDD also does custom work.