DIY Coconut Oil Body Scrub

When fine tuning our postpartum doula self care packages for a client, I wanted to make her something simple yet luxurious. Our standard postpartum doula package includes yummy teas and journals, as well as beautiful handmade oatmeal bath soaks, but for this client...I wanted something just a wee bit different.

The beauty with this DIY Coconut Oil Body Scrub is that all of the ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen!

In a small glass bowl, using the back of a metal spoon, mix together...

5 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp white sugar
2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil

So incredibly simple. For the coconut oil body scrub that I was making, I chose soothing lavender and peppermint oils. Not only do they small fantastic together, they  leave a really lovely scent on your body after the scrub has been washed away.

I put the paste into a small mason jar, which looks lovely and decorative in the bathroom. Since the lid of the mason jar is metal, remember to take it out of the shower and dry it off so that it won't rust.

Other great scent combinations are....

Dried Rosemary + Peppermint
Grapefruit + White Thyme
Dried Sage + Dried Rosemary
Lemon + Lavender
Ginger + Lemon

DIY Herbal Bath Soak

After my first half marathon in April, my muscles were in some serious need of a hot soak in the tub and some healing herbs and oils. I knew that oats and epsom salts would be my base, but wasn't too sure what herbs to use to get the maximum relief for my legs.

After some research, I found that rosemary is a prime ingredient in most postpartum bath soaks as it has been known to help with muscle relief, circulatory problems, as well as mental fatigue and fluid retention (source). Peppermint is one of the main ingredients in many of the athletic muscle relief gels, so adding a bit of peppermint essential oil was a given.

Here's my quick and simple recipe for a DIY Rosemary Mint Bath Soak

1 tbsp ground oats
1/2 tbsp oats
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tbsp dried rosemary
1 tbsp epsom salts

Combine all of the dry ingredients together, then add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. Mix well, and tie in a cloth square. I had cotton on hand, so that's what I used, tied with cotton ribbon.

To steep, simply toss your pouch into the bath while you are running the hot water. I left mine in the bath for the duration of my soak, and smushed it around a little bit to get all of the milkiness from the oats into my bath.

Now, this is a bath soak meaning that it is absolutely not for consumption. It is safe to use during pregnancy as there is not enough rosemary in the pouch to be deemed harmful or medicinal grade, however breastfeeding moms may want to skip the peppermint essential oil as mint has been known to decrease breastmilk supply.

For more information on safe herbs during pregnancy, please go here.

Other varieties of this bath soak are....

dried citrus peel
rosemary and sage
lavender and lemon essential oil



Last Minute Hostess Gifts on Pinterest #holiday #entertaining

Quick! You've been invited to a last minute celebration, and you have no idea what to take for the hostess! Here are five quick and easy projects to help you out

Clockwise from top Right

Rit Dye Note Cards by Snaps of Ginger - Simple and sweet, and if your hostess throws alot of parties, she will certainly appreciate some stationery!

Dipped Utensils from HGTV - An incredibly easy project, and one that can be delegated to your children if you are in an extra time crunch trying to get everything ready to go to the hostesses home! Just get some wooden utensils and paint from the dollar store, dip, and dry!

Antler Ornaments from Tatertots and Jello - With it being Christmas and all, some simple glitter dipped antlers add a charming touch to home decor and a Christmas tree!

Black and White Wine Carafe on the DecoArt Blog - One of my favorite projects and it was so easy to whip up. Bring a bottle of wine, or two plain glasses!

DIY Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub by designed by dawn nicole - Just fill a mason jar with the mixture, tie with some ribbon and you're good to go!

No matter which project you go with, your hostess will be pleasantly surprised, I promise you that! These also make great last minute gifts for any woman on your list, and great stocking stuffers too!

Back To School Teacher Gifts #bts #diy #gifts

Stressing about a back to school teacher gift, and not wanting to send in an apple with your kiddo? Never fear! I've found 5 great ideas that are simple, easy, and ones that the teacher will certainly enjoy!

Clockwise from top right

Chalkboard coffee mug from A Grande Life - if you haven't used chalkboard paint before, it is seriously one of the easiest things ever. Two coats, and you're done. Very cute, and you could fill it with tea or coffee, or a gift card for the teacher if you're not sure what she drinks {or wine...}

Handpainted journal from Sweet Stella's - A really pretty journal for your teacher would be a lovely gift. Do you know how much time a teacher does planning out their lessons? Give them something nice to write down their thoughts in!

Teach Appreciation Supply Bins from Baby Shmizz - I love these bins! Everything is organized and labelled (with free printables available in the post on Baby Shmizz), and bright and colorful! I've heard stories about teachers having to gather some of their own supplies, so I think this is a really thoughtful back to school gift.

DIY Homemade Lip Gloss from Joy the Baker - I absolutely love these little lip glosses, and they would make for a unique and personal back to school teacher gift. Not only are they pretty, it's unusual and not just another pair of scissors or an apple.

DIY Herb Infused Olive Oil by Building Our Story - Another unique gift, and one that looks really beautiful too! Bonus points if you know that your kiddo's teacher likes to cook! Add in fresh herbs, and maybe a chili pepper and you've got a really beautiful infused oil!

Master Bedroom Finds on Pinterest #homedecor #DIY

When looking at ways to spruce up our master bedroom, I obviously go to Pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to our bedroom, but I wanted to find some quick DIY projects that would be easy for me to accomplish.

There are a few reasons why I chose these projects specifically.

First, we actually do not have a single full length mirror in our home. I'm not kidding, and wish I was. I've sure you've seen pictures of me standing on a toilet on Instagram to get a full length body shot for A full length mirror project like this herringbone mirror is on my to-do list. (found at Knock Off Decor)

Our side table lamps are the same Ikea lamps that we've had for years. You know, the cheap rectangular ones. Pretty boring. I would LOVE to do something like these DIY Bottle Lamps from The Inspired Room. They're light and airy, but grown up and beautiful.

At the end of our bed right now, we have the cedar chest that my grandmother gave me. Eventually I'll empty it out, and pass it onto Owen for the end of his bed, changing out the hardware and updating it a little. I love the idea of having a nice plush ottoman at the end of the bed, with a basket of blankets. This easy upholsterd ottoman is from Teal and Lime.

If you're in need of new art for your bedroom, check out this post from Blue Hour DIY. I love all of the pieces, but the one that struck me the most was this graphic piece on an over sized canvas. It's just so different than anything that I have seen, and carries a really beautiful message.

Have you completed a DIY project for your master bedroom recently? Leave me a link so I can check it out!


Easy Mother's Day Gifts #DIY #crafts

Mother's Day is a time for macaroni art, dyed coffee filter flowers on pipe cleaner stems and other fun crafty gifts for Mom. Today, I'm rounding up four awesome ideas that are easy to complete, and special treats to give mom.

I made this Ombre Cork Board Necklace Display so that I would have somewhere pretty to hang my favorite necklaces, and it would turn into a piece of art for our bedroom. This is a great idea for children, with assistance from Dad to tape off the sections and frame. All you need is a cork board, tape, paint and push pins! Full instructions here

This DIY Glitter Heart Tote Bag from Style Me Pretty is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it, and it is certainly a craft idea that toddlers can even do! All you need is a tote bag, glitter and glue and you can create!

Pallet boards are really trendy for home decor, as are crates, so why not whip up Mom some popscicle crate coasters? You could even stain them using gel stains or draw patterns on with sharpies. Full instructions here on And Its a Process

Serving up Breakfast In Bed? Why not take Mom a mimosa or orange juice in a DIY Polka Dot Champagne Glass? I love this idea, and this it is so special, yet so simple! Check out Something Turquoise for all of the details.

Whatever you decide to do with Mom, or craft up for your Mom, make sure it involves lots of love, hugs, kisses and snuggles!


DIY Where The Wild Things Are onesie #pregnancy #newborn #clothing

After going through all of Owen's baby clothes, one thing was certain: I barely kept any newborn or 0-3 month clothing! Now, this may be because he was gigantic and kind of skipped the newborn phase, but either way this little guy was in need of some clothes!

Having another summer baby is something I'm looking forward to. It means lots of onesies, light blankets, and bare feet. This time will be a little different, as I plan to wear this little guy a bunch {between golf school, blastball and Owen's other activities, as well as running a business and being busy...babywearing is where it's at!} but I still wanted to create some special newborn onesies for him.


NB Onesies
Decoart So Soft fabric paint (Bright Yellow, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate, White Pearl)
Americana Traditions brushes (

To start, I wanted to make a mustard yellow color for this project so I mixed Bright Yellow with about 8 drops of Green Apple, and 3 small drops of Dark Chocolate. Once fully mixed, I had the perfect mustard yellow to create my onesie.

I free handed this Where The Wild Things Are onesie, based off of Max's crown.

Once I had the outline, I filled it in with the remaining mustard paint, then added a bit of Bright Yellow on the right hand corner to highlight, along with a bit of White Pearl to accent it.

Let dry completely, then you have a new, custom onesie for your little one!

I loved doing this project so much that I created a second onesie for our little guy (see it on Instagram), and one for a friend who is expecting!


Upcycled Antique Toy Box #DIY #homedecor #playroom

This toy box has been in my family for as long as I can remember, and seems a little dated. I wanted to be able to have somewhere that the boys will be able to put all of their toys, and use as a table top as well, but something that would be in a fun color and finish, and fit with our overall home decor.


Paint brush
Americana Home Chalky Finish Paint (I used Legacy)
Americana Home Creme Wax Finish
Large brush
Lint free brush
Americana Chalkboard Paint
Foam sandpaper block

First and foremost, let me tell you why I love the Chalky Finish paint. It goes on nice and smooth, and you don't need to sand your surface prior to painting. My kind of material!

Since our playroom will eventually have light grey walls, I want the accent colors to be bright and bold. Blue and red seem perfect for two little boys, so I painted just one coat of Legacy (blue). Tip: make sure you use a lint free brush or roller for the most even coverage.

While I was waiting for the Chalky Paint to dry, I applied my first coat of Chalkboard paint horizontally on the lid of the toybox. Note: I noticed that the image on the lid was still showing through after one coat, so I followed up with two more horizontal coats, then two more layers of vertical coats. 

Once completely dry, I used my foam sandpaper block to rub away some of the blue paint to let the red of the original toy box come through.

Then, finish with a the Creme Wax Finish with your large brush. Allow your first coat of wax to dry completely, then apply a second coat. As soon as the wax is dry to the touch, rub with a clean, lint free rag for a glossy finish.

Once finished with multiple coats of the Chalkboard Paint, follow these instructions to cure the surface!

Next, fill with toys and enjoy your new-to-you piece of functional furniture.

Americana Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint and Finishes are available at Home Depot.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the DecoArt Core Blogger Program, and was compensated for this post. The project concept and opinions expressed are my own.


DIY Custom Lamp Project #baby #nursery #DIY

My first DIY project for the nursery, I knew, was going to be the lamp for the top of the dresser. I found one on Polyvore that I loved, but it also retailed at $110 and...well...that just was not going to happen!

So to get my lovely green lamp, I knew a DIY would be in order.


White lamp (I found this one at Walmart, by Mainstays, for $10)
Paint brush
Americana Multi Surface Satin in Green Beret and Leprechan (optional: Vanilla Shake)

First, take the lamp shade off your lamp and set it aside. Next, wipe your lamp base clean.

For the specific shade of green that I was looking for, I mixed my Green Beret and Leprechan paints 6:1. It created the perfect mossy dark grass green that I was looking for.

Apply your first coat of paint, and allow to dry; I like to let my Multi Surface Satin projects dry for an hour between coats. While your paint is drying, cover your paint cup with plastic wrap to make sure that you will have enough paint for your second coat, and any touch ups.

Once your first coat is dry, apply a second and allow it to dry for another hour.

Touch up any areas that may have dried too transparent for your liking, and allow to dry completely.

Put the lamp shade back on, add a very soft low wattage light bulb, and place in your nursery!


DIY Homemade Peppermint Salt Dough Ornaments

Tis the season for getting your preschoolers and toddlers into the kitchen and creating some fun salt dough ornaments.

To put a spin on the traditional variety, I added pure peppermint extract to the recipe so they have a hint of minty freshness.


2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
1 tsp pure peppermint extract (I added this to the water, then mixed the wet ingredients with the dry)

Mix together, then knead into a ball. This takes some time, and don't be too worried if the salt doesnt dissolve into the dough 100%.

Once you have kneaded the dough into a ball, you have a couple of options. You can either roll out the entire dough and use cookie cutters, or you can break off pieces, reknead them and flatten them with your palm. We opted for the second option, and Owen used mini cookie cutters to cut the dough into shapes.

We also made some handprints, which he was very excited about.

Bake at 200F for 2 hours.

Once hardened completely, pull out some paint and decorate! I opted for DecoArt 3D Gloss Enamels Writers in red, white and gold to decorate the trees, mittens and Santa hats.

The writers make precision work really easy. I was able to decorate all of the ornaments really quickly, with no mistakes and very little clean up.

Leave to dry and then you're ready to string with ribbon, then hang on the tree!

Happy holidays!


Custom Running Shirts created with Ink Effects by DecoArt

Last month when I was planning my outfit for the London Lady's Half Marathon and 5k, I wanted my shirt to be refelective of where I was in my journey. Since the event was in support of Itsy, I felt it important to feature my Arrow on my shirt.

Itsy is a non-profit organization that support the NICU at London Health Science Centre. They lend a helping hand to families and babes who are faced with challenges by being in the NICU, and given that Owen had a rough start, and that we have our Arrow up in Heaven...participating in this event was really important to me.

Here's what you'll need to create your own custom long sleeved running shirt for your upcoming race.


Long sleeved shirt(s) - I got these two shirts from Walmart. G2 brand, $6 each
Ink Effects by DecoArt - I chose black since I was painting arrows, but certainly choose whatever color you like
Round paint brush
White paper - regular computer paper works well

First, decide on your design. You can either free hand it, or use one of the awesome DecoArt stencils. Since I was wanting to do arrows, I chose to draw them free hand with Ink Effects directly on the white paper. I went with two different designs.

The three arrows represent (top to bottom) Owen, Arrow and my husband {a mix of both arrows}. This is a great design for the front or back of a shirt. Tip: If you're placing a design like this on the front of your shirt, make sure that you put it up on your chest so that it will still show after you've put your race bib on.

The single arrow is a replica of the tattoo that I got shortly after our miscarriage. It is perfect to go down a sleeve and would also look great going down the back of a shirt.

Allow your design to dry completely on the paper before moving onto the next step.

Prep your shirts by placing cardboard between the front and back, on the inside. Then, simply iron on your design, applying consistent pressure to make sure that you get even coverage of your design.

Now lace up your shoes and go for a run in your new shirt!

Tip: I found that the design transferred best when using the hottest setting on my iron.

and when all else fails, if you aren't happy with how your design transfers, go over it with a bit of Ink Effects directly on your shirt, or with So Soft.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the DecoArt Core Blogger program and was compensated for this post. The tutorial, concept, design and opinions are 100% my own.


Fall Decor Finds on Pinterest

Wrapping up some of my favourite fall decor finds on Pinterest today.

I LOVE a good fall decor project, and these are absolutely beautiful!

Sweet CS Designs shares a project for Faux Milk Glass Pumpkins. We have a full set of milk glasses that we received as a wedding gift, and I love them. They are lovely for a brunch or bridal shower, and I think taking this nostalgic design and implementing it in an unexpected item such as a foam pumpkin is genius! I will definitely be adding these to our porch this year!

Imagine these pretty glitter votives next to the milk glass pumpkins on your mantle, or as a grouping on your kitchen table! SO PRETTY! Check out 100 Layer Cake's tutorial here

Need to light the way for a romantic dinner? I love these chalkboard mason jar candle holders from Joy Bobo. Simple and easy, rustic and chic. I love them!

What are youre favourite Fall DIY Decor projects? Link them in the comments!


Painting with Bubbles

It's time to get a little nostalgic here at Sweet Stella's!

Do you remember creating paintings in grade school with bubbles and watered down paint?

There are a few different methods for creating these unique bubble paintings. First, you can blow bubbles {or let your children as long as you are sure that they will not suck up the liquid} into a cup or shallow dish and let them overflow onto your canvas or paper. Allow them to settle and pop themselves, and leave interesting marks on the surface.

Alternatively, you can gently pour some of the liquid onto your surface and use a straw to blow bubbles. This will give more color saturation than the first method, but it is harder to blow a good amount of bubbles and really you will end up just moving the liquid around on the surface.

Personally, I like the first method better. It might be a bit messier, but I love the look.

Try it out with your kids, and post a link to a photo of your finished product! I'd love to see them!

Tip: Make sure to not water down your paint too much. The more water, the less color for your painting! Add in a few drops of dish soap to make big, big bubbles!


Black and White Trendy Wine Carafe DIY on DecoArt

What's black and white, and carries wine? A beautiful wine carafe DIY over on DecoArt that I've created for summer entertaining!

It's the perfect project for those that have glassware that needs an update, and those who want to keep their homes trendy and fresh.

Head on over to DecoArt's beautiful new blog to get the instructions on how to create your own Black and White wine Carafe!


DIY Ombre Wall Art Display

If you have children, you know the importance of displaying their masterpieces up on the wall, for all to see. Now that our son is tapping into his creative abilities {even if they all seem to be squiggles and circles....I mean...pirates and Mr. Mischief}, I wanted to display his artwork in a creative and chic way.

Also known as...not on the fridge.


Scrap wood - I used a piece of 2x4, about 3' in length, that we had left over from baby gate installation
Wooden clothespins
DecoArt Americana Paints in the color of your choice (I used Bahama Blue and used Warm White to tint for an ombre effect)
DecoArt Gel Wood Stains in the color of your choice (I used Walnut)
Hot glue gun

First, brush on your wood stain onto your 2x4 with a wide brush. While it is still dry, wipe it down with a rag to remove the excess.

While you are waiting for the 2x4 to dry, clip your clothespins around the mouth of a plastic cup; this will keep your fingers clean and allow you to paint all sides of the pin with ease. Paint one clothespin with your chosen acrylic paint.

For the ombre effect, mix in a bit of white in between painting each of the clothespins. Make sure you mix your paints well so they create a new solid color.

Allow everything to dry before moving onto the next step. I chose to screw the 2x4 onto the wall before attaching the clothespins with hot glue so that the screws would be embedded in the wood and the display would appear to be floating on the wall. Absolutely, you can glue your clothespins on the 2x4 first and then hang on the wall.

Once up on the wall, display those masterpieces!! This project would also be gorgeous for displaying your wedding or family photos in a unique and creative way.

Happy painting!

Disclaimer: I am a part of DecoArt Core Blogger Program and was financially compensated for this post. The concept, views and opinions expressed are my own.


Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

A huge thank you to Mel from Never A Dull Moment for sharing these easy toddler craft projects to make your Mother's Day extra special!

Homemade Mother's Day gifts from Toddlers 

We love making handmade and homemade gifts and the option of a hand print and we're game! My mom has mentioned more than a few times how much she loves the hand and footprint cards we've done through the holidays so I knew Mother's Day would be no exception.

So, thanks to Pinterest- here's a few of our favorites....

Have a grandparent that you don't see nearly enough? Send a hug!

Everyone loves flowers for mothers day; why not spend a little extra and personalize the planter? 
{note: this was a pain to do! not only did her hand keep sliding, we couldn't get a good print because it wasn't flat. Oh and as the hubs mentioned today; if paint isn't water proof what happens when it rains? Oh well, it's the thought right?}

And my favorite...

I saw something similar on Pinterest and knew this was something my mom would love. This was done on a small canvas from hobby lobby (craft store) and was very inexpensive! 

And one that I haven't tried yet but will be soon....

Mel is the mom and blogger at Never A Dull Moment.


New Year, New home...New Laundry Detergent!

I am so thrilled to share this post from Tina Dean Designs, textile artist and eco-maven who had been known to grind her own flour and also make her own laundry soap.

For this weeks installment of New Year New Home, I asked Tina to share her recipe and instructions for her laundry detergent. It blew me away reading her post and realizing just how much money we are spending on our liquid detergent, not to mention how much waste we are contributing to our recycling bin.

One of the things that I've done for my family to save money is make my own laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent.  Now, I have tried making my own liquid soap (which looked quite gelatinous - read more practice needed), and also toothpaste which I got way too much salt in, so more practice needed there, too.  BUT, the two things that are a major savings to the family are the detergents.

Without further adieu, here's Tina!


There are a number of recipes on the web, but I'll share the ones that I find the easiest (both are powder).

Laundry Detergent
2 cups grated soap (I use Ivory) 1 cup washing soda (You can find Arm & Hammer Washing Soda in some grocery stores)
1 cup borax

Easy peasy - Use a couple of tablespoons for a load, or more if you've got a large load washer like me.  I also like to triple the recipe so I don't have to make it as often.  I've got two boys and a husband who create lots of laundry.

I store the detergent in a large plastic container, the kind you put left-overs in.

Cost: About $.03/load vs. about $.30/load of commercial detergent.

Did you read that? That's a savings of $.27 per load of laundry! And if you're like us, you probably do 6 or so loads per week. That makes...

Weekly savings $1.62
Monthly savings $6.48
Yearly savings $77.76

That's a new pair of shoes! A new dress! Or a dinner and movie night with your spouse!


Easy DIY Valentine's Banner

Last year for Valentine's Day, I surprised my husband with a red wine, steak, red potatoes, salad with red peppers...and even whipped up some pink sugar cookie sandwiches with buttercream frosting.

To decorate our table, I made this really cute LOVE banner which would make an excellent prop for photographers {hello, engagement and maternity!}, on a dessert buffet, or just to put in the window like I did.

I simply printed out the pages onto cardstock, then mounted them on black cardstock and strung them all together with ribbon. Super simple and easy, but really sets the tone for a lovely meal with my two favourite guys.

Download the banner panels for free!
LOVE Banner


{Guest Post}: Frosty Winter Wreath

 Since I'm still in vacation mode and don't have access to my studio to do a home decor DIY, I asked my pal Shizz from Baby Shmizz to whip up a little something for you all to enjoy. Per usual, she didn't disappoint!

Its a new year, so time for a new wreath!  January is one of those kinda boring months without a theme, besides well, SNOW.  Depending on where you live of course, those of you with palm trees just be quiet, mmkay?

wreath form (I used straw because its cheaper)
2-3 white feather boas
2-3 wooden stars
25 yd roll of white tulle
1 ft length of white ribbon for hanging
1 sheet white craft foam
1 sheet glittered white craft foam, with self-stick adhesive side
white acrylic paint
silver glitter acrylic paint
paint brushes/foam brush
pen or pencil
hot glue gun
aerosol hairspray (yes, you read that right)

First you're going to want to prep your stars and your snowflakes.

For the stars, first paint them white (I did 2 coats).  Then after they are dry, apply at least 2 coats of the glitter paint (lots of sparkle is good :).  And because I was totally engrossed in watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding while I was doing this wreath, I completely forgot to take pictures of this part.  But its a no-brainer really: paint white, repeat, paint silver, repeat, let dry.

For the snowflakes, I did remember to take pictures :)  You could buy plastic sparkly snowflakes, but I couldn't find any, so I made my own from craft foam.  First I cut out a snowflake template that I could transfer onto the foam.  I got my template from this book.
I just used white computer paper to make the template.

Then, I prepared the craft foam to make the snowflakes.  Peel off the adhesive side on the glitter foam and line it up on top of the plain white foam, and stick them together.
2 layers makes the snowflakes stiffer and better on the wreath.

Now, trace your snowflake templates onto the plain white side of the foam sammich that you just made.  For some reason my house lacks pencils, so I used a pen for this.

Then, cut all the snowflakes out and admire these little pretties :)

Now its time to assemble the wreath.

First you want to wrap your tulle around the entire wreath form.  The tulle provides a white background, and also provides a rough surface which makes it easier for the glue to grab on when you attach the snowflakes & stars.
I used the entire 25 yards on this 12" diameter wreath
Then, you want to wrap your boas around the wreath.  What is great about craft boas is that at each end, there is a small length of string that does not have feathers.  You use this string to knot the two ends together at the back of the wreath so you don't have to glue it.
See what I mean about the knots?
When I wrapped the boas, I wrapped them with space in between each wrap, so that the ends of that boa were tied together.  Then I wrapped another boa filling in those spaces.  So the ends of each boa are tied together, but you aren't tying 1 boa to another boa.  Make sense?

Now its time to glue on all your sparkly stars & snowflakes (make sure the stars are dried!).

First you want to lay them out how you want them arranged, THEN glue them down in place.  Once you have them glued down, go back and glue any floppy parts again.  Hot glue is your friend, you can never use too much :)

Make a loop with your piece of ribbon, thread it around the top of your wreath and hang that beauty up on your door for all to see!

You're probably wondering where the hairspray comes in...

If you happen to have boas that are going through a mid-life crisis and are shedding their feathers, after the wreath is all assembled you can spray the wreath with the hairspray and that will set the feathers in place.  Best to use aerosol hairspray, as the mist is finer (pump hairspray is too wet and will leave the feathers droopy and gloopy).

Have fun making your wreath and brightening up a gloomy winter day!

Disclosure: Affiliate links within this post are used to fund my awesome blog :)



Chalkboard Cheese Tray

I project that I saw on Pinterest a while ago was a chalkboard cheese tray, and I thought that it would be the perfect gift for my Mother-in-Law, who hosts dinner parties regularly and is always entertaining one group or another of close family and friends.

I had my tray ($1 at the dollar store!), and I had my Americana Chalkboard away I went, following the directions to-a-tee.

Such a simple and easy, and unique gift to give the hostess on your list! Apply one coat of the Chalkboard Paint either horizontally or vertically, and allow to dry for one hour. After it's dry, apply another coat whichever way you didn't apply the first.

Let cure for 24 hours! This was the hard part for me...I wanted to test it out immediately!

Once cured, lightly rub chalk on the surface, then wipe it off with a damp cloth.


Chalkboard Cheese Tray!! I'll be giving mine with a handmade eco-friendly cracker basket from Tina Dean Designs, and I really think that this is one gift that my Mother-in-Law is going to love!

*I was provided the Chalkboard Paint by DecoArt Inc. for the purposes of creating this project and writing a review on my blog.