Branding with TPH Canada - Digital Quality Printing

Want to stand out from the pack and have your branding pack a punch? Then you need digital printing!

TPH Canada offers only the best digital printing, and personally I feel that it has taken my business to the next level. Previously, my promotional material was pixelated and mediocre. The quality just wasn't there, and if you're trying to present yourself as a professional in your field, that's just not going to cut it.

A big thing for me in my branding is colour. I want my artwork to speak for itself, and by using a printer that offers digital printing, I can ensure that my promotional materials have the same vivid colours as my actual artwork does.

TPH can handle print jobs of all size, whether you need a postcards for a conference that speak to your brand, or you need eye catching reports for a shareholders meeting, all with the same quality that digital printing offers.

It has made a huge difference in how my brand is viewed, and I would seriously encourage you to consider digital printing for your next set of business cards, reports, and promotional material!

* Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. While the views and opinions expressed are my own, I do receive my promotional materials from TPH Canada as compensation.


Tuesday Tips: 2nd Birthday Planning

My son's 2nd birthday is in a few {short} weeks, so Tuesday's until then, and after then, will be all about party planning tips with an nontraditional theme.

I had this idea last July {only a few weeks after his 1st birthday party...} to do a campout theme. You know...



Bedsheet tents from front the fences and trees


A campfire circle


 Off to my MyMemories software I went to design his invitations. While I am one for being a great theme...I'm not one for having tacky graphics and icons all over the place. Last year, we had a Mickey mouse party but Mickey's mug was only on the plates. Everything was coordinated by the dominant colours: red, black, white and yellow.

This year will be coordinated by plaids

I'm getting really excited! Next week, the menu!!