Custom Holiday Greeting Cards

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays...happy you!

And if you can't be home for the holidays, the best way to get in touch with those near and far is to send a custom holiday greeting card!

Elephoto makes choosing your custom holiday card seamless, and with a wide variety of layouts, quantities and paper options.

Choose from flat or folded cards, starting at just $.89 cents each, you can easily select a box of 10, 25, 50 of 100 to ensure that everyone on your list gets the perfect card from you for the holidays. A tip from me, order a few extra just in case! You never know who you will bond with over the next month, and there's always that long lost friend or relative that you get a card from. If you order a few extra, you won't have that moment of regret thinking "shoot! I don't have another one to send!"

The holiday layouts at Elephoto are gorgeous. Swirling text and snowflakes, fun plaids and stripes, traditional navy with a flourish.

Simply choose your layout, enter in your text and photo and voila! A custom holiday card, perfect for giving!

Can't you just picture the look on the grandparents face when they receive a beautiful card like the one above, with your sleeping Santa on the cover? Amazing!

What I love most about Elephoto, aside from being 100% Canadian, is that their printing material is FSC certified, meaning that their materials come from responsibly managed forests. So, your can give a gorgeous card to your family and friends, and know that it was made in a responsible way.

SAVE 15% off your Elephoto order with code sweetstellas15 (valid until the end of December 2012)


Review: Ostlund Custom Works hammered aluminum cuff

Recently, I've been able to connect with an insanely awesome metal artist, Ron Ostlund Jr. the owner of Ostlund Custom Works, on twitter and was fortunate enough for him to design me a hammered aluminum cuff to wear to a few events, wedding, and most importantly BlogHer in NYC.

I've never worn a cuff before because I simply didn't think I'd be able to pull it off. Well! Was I ever wrong! Not only can I pull it off, but I can pull it off with literally any outfit...the piece is just that versatile!

At a wedding in Muskoka, ON - the perfect accessory to a navy one shoulder dress

Wonderwoman in disguise?

In NYC for BlogHer'12, complimenting my trendy peplum custom dress from Kristine Cook Designs

I am positively in love with this cuff. It is super light weight {a very nice surprise} and glitters in the sunshine. It made me feel like WonderWoman, and when I told my husband that, he had a good giggle, but it's true! It's unique, and makes a bold statement.

I've worn with it jeans and a tee, sundresses and super trendy dresses. It's been to the cottage and then to 5th Avenue and a fashion show in NYC. Like I said, the most versatile piece that I am fortunate enough to own!

Check out more from Ostlund Custom Works on facebook and twitter.

Wedding Wednesday: Sculpted Bridal Accessories

I've been in my studio alot lately...dreaming up some amazingly whimsical designs for brides. Oh...if only I could do it all over again! One of the things that I would most definitely change would be my hair.

Don't get me wrong, it was super pretty, but it was incredibly formal and it just didn't suit my artsy-fartsy personality.

To do it all again...

oversize white ruffle peony on a headband

And for my girls...

black ruffle peony hair clips

I don't know why I didn't think about using my skills as an artist four years ago when we got married - I got crafty and made a few things here and there, but definitely could have gone all out when it came to whimsical designs to make our colours {black, white and lime} really pop. Can you imagine the white ruffle peony with a lime centre and some tendrils in my dark chocolate hair?! Amazing!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Tina Dean Designs

Catching up with Tina from Tina Dean Designs this oh man has she ever been the busy bee!

She's been styling some amazing photo shoots with er incredible photographer, Karen, and is even undergoing a redesign and new launch in the next little while. I've been privy to some sneak peeks, and they are gorgeous! Stay tuned for those updates!

What has been amazing me lately is the custom designs that Tina is creating for some amazing eco-chic celebrities.

Eco-tote created for Tenley Molzahn


Such an awesome bag! Tina has such impeccable attention to detail. For Tenley's bag, she matched the polka dot lining to the ribbon, and added in a funky bamboo handle. Then, there's a slight green fleck in the bag to carry that element through for a cohesive design.

Absolutely amazing!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Kristine Cook Designs...Structured Jacket

I've been trying to write this post for about a week...and I'm not quite sure than any words that I can spill out into a blogpost will accurately describe just how in love I am with this beautiful coral jacket that Kristine has designed for me.

From the pleated pockets to the beautiful button closure....the polka dotted lining to the abstract ruffles down the side
Stunning colour!

She just got me when she was designing this jacket. It's so incredibly detailed, and on trend, and artistic.

Not to mention well made. The entire jacket is lined with the beautiful polka dots {love!}, with the pleat and structured sides. I have never owned a jacket so beautiful, and likely never will again. It's quickly become a favourite in my wardrobe.

How perfect is that!!

I love that I can take it from day to night, and I fully plan on it at BlogHer. During the day, paired with dark skinny jeans, a white tank that hits just below the jacket, and gold gladiator sandals (or black peep toe ballet flats with a ruffle on the top) and some awesome designs from Amber Bryce. During the evening, paired with a pencil skirt and pulling my hair up. Easy peasy, but oh so awesome!

Sneak peek at my new hair!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Atutudes Handmade Tutu's

What’s that? A new sponsor for my journey to BlogHer’12? You betcha!! Introducing the prettiest and most fashionable couture tutu’s around…made by none other than Kristal Lee of Atutudes Handmade Tutu’s

I started looking at the party schedule for BlogHer’12 and I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed looking at the timing of everything, all of the options, and all of the different themes. Burgers in bed {holla!}, multicultural-esque festivals…and then came the word I’d been dreaming about…

Have you heard about it? The glitter and the glowsticks? Well…I have and I must admit, I have no idea what to wear. It’s one thing to wrap your head around a fabulous peplum cocktail dress for a night out on the town in NYC, but a totally different thing to wrap your head around what you’ll need for a night of dancing…with glitter.

Kristal to the rescue!! I’ve been encouraging her for a long while now to create some couture adult tutu’s…tea length…big and full…lovely and dreamy. Well…now she’s creating me one, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Stay tuned as I reveal design specs and talk about the process to creating the perfect Sparklecorn look!

BlogHer Sponsor love: Elephoto

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and what better gift to give that special Mama in your life than a photo book from Elephoto?!


There are four beautiful options to choose from, that definitely set Elephoto apart from their competitors.

The 11x8.5 Landscape Books would be incredible full of vacation pictures and special memories. They feature a hardcover, in a variety of styles and colours, which make them not only attractive but also functional and sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

All of Elephoto’s photo books are incredibly affordable, and completely customizable. Add a die-cut cover, embellished pages, and additional pages…and voila! A gift for Mama, with your personal touch that is sure to bring a smile to her face and a tear to her eye.

Looking for a more traditional coffee table book? Elephoto has them in two sizes, 12x12 and 8x8, in hard and soft cover. Choose from plain designs, customization and more pages to suit your needs perfectly!

Preserve your occaision with beauty and style by creating an 8.5x11 Portrait book; perfect for the Hockey or Soccer Mama to celebrate the past year of achievement! Choose a simple hardcover, or upgrade to a photo cover at a very reasonable rate!

Linen and Leather, personalized photo covers…adding text and playing with fonts. Give your Mama something unique and fun this year…and something that will make her heart smile knowing that you poured your love into designing the perfect book for her!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

When I first started thinking about BlogHer and the amazing events that surround it, immediately my mind started wandering to but what will I wear? I just knew from reading bloggers like Jenni From The Blog and Goober Monkey that having a standout wardrobe is essential, but I also want to have my personal style shine through.

That’s when a light bulb went off in my pretty little head, and I contacted Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry. Not only do I stand for the same core values in reducing ones carbon footprint and being as ecofriendly within your art as possible, but her designs have a boho rocker edge to them that I simply adore.

Now, I’m the kind of girl who wears the same earrings day in and out, a pair of very simple white gold post hoops that my son got me for our first Christmas together (okay, so I might have bought them myself and just put his name on the tag…he was only 6 months old at the time!). I’m the kind of girl who wears the same chain every day, same signet ring on her right hand and rarely a bracelet unless I have a super special event to go to.

Uhm…BlogHer? Kinda really special, and I am so excited that Amber Bryce is going to be decking me out in some amazing jewelry!

You’ll find the most beautiful, artistic and lovingly handcrafted designs in her shop. Her Calming Bracelet is one such item that has stolen my heart. The blue and purple tones of the London blue quartz, amethyst and labradorite play so well together with the open circle links to create a really magnificent piece. Perfect for the daytime, and super easy to dress up an evening outfit as well!

So…I’m really excited that Amber is a sponsor for my journey to BlogHer and cannot wait to see what she creates for me, and I’m even more excited to share those creations with you as the conference gets closer!


Fabulous Finds Friday: Circus Clown TuTu

New on Friday's, I'm going to feature something that I think is truly awesome! It might be a ridiculously awesome Etsian, or some great home decor tips, or maybe a new product of my own!

Either way, it's sure to be a Fabulous Find, and it'll be posted here on Friday's!

Atutudes Handmade Tutu's Circus Clown Pettitutu

How fun is that?! Perfect for a circus themed birthday party...and so fun for an adult for a Halloween party!!

Happy Friday! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Wow-Me Wednesday: Custom Wedding Card

A couple of weeks ago, Heather from Forrat's Chocolate's {Richmond Row} asked if I could create a custom wedding card using the colours royal blue and cranberry.

Here's what I whipped up!

I used bronze brads in the corners to give it a bit of a vintage flair

And frayed the edges of the papers with a dull cutting blade

I hope it WOW's you! It's simple, but shabby-chic and was perfect for what Heather needed it for!

link up your WOW-Me project with Ginger Snap Crafts!

Y3W Friday: Halloween Mask GIVEAWAY!

Yes yes, you read that right!!

Since I just adore these lovelies so much, I'm going to giveaway ONE CUSTOM handpainted and embellished MASK! You give me the theme, and we'll design it together!

Now...will it be something truly Halloweeny like the Glittery Ghost

or something more Masquerade like the Water Nymph

or perhaps something dress-up for your little one's costume closet like the Warrior Princess

Whatever your fancy, it will be custom designed just for you and mailed to you before Halloween should you choose to use it for your outfit, or your little ones! Masks are unisex and while I have been creating them with an Haute Couture feminine edge, they certainly can be created for the mysterious {little or big} man in your life!

There are so many ways to enter, and the new Rafflecopter widget makes it super easy! Just follow the steps in the boxes below and enter as many times as allowable by the options!

Good luck!

And remember...there's a daily entry for tweeting about the giveaway!

Happy Friday! Don't forget to link up Your Three Words with Jenni From The Blog!

Wow-Me Wednesday: Wedding Cupcakes

I just realized that I completely forgot to post the photos that I took once all of the 12 dozen cupcakes, one 8" cake and cookie favours were all set up!

Here they are!!

Vanilla, Chocolate and Blueberry cupcakes

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Gluten-free Chocolate truffle cupcakes

The entire cake display!

Pretty awesome and I'm really proud of how they all turned out!

Have you made something pretty great lately? Link up with Ginger Snap Crafts!!

Special Post: Just Something I Whipped Up

Joining a new blog hop today, courtesy of The Girl Creative...really really awesome blog, and I highly recommend that you follow it if you're into things that are wonderful, handmade and inspiring!

Here's a sneak peek on the new masks that I've been whipping up...y'know...the ones for the photo shoot in the morning!

My husband remarked that the mask looks sad...but in a really beautiful way. I can't think of a better compliment!

Link up your creative with The Girl Creative!!

The Girl Creative

Special Post: Halloween Is Coming....

The masks are finally finished! After a week of painting, waiting, painting again, waiting, glittering, waiting some more....then detailing with beautiful feathers, creepy spiders, glittered snowflaskes and crystal gems....they're finished!

I am positively thrilled with how they've turned out, and they seem to be getting alot of positive remarks from potential customers, which just makes my heart swell. It's always scary to make something new and put it out there...then wait with baited breath for the feedback!

So what are you being for Halloween this year? Need a mask for your outfit? Or have I inspired you to dress up just so you can add a mask?

Couture masks with feathers, glitter, 3dimensional embellishments, crystal gems, ribbon covered wands and hand painted designs are listed at $25.99 until OCTOBER 31st!

Basic masks with glitter, crystal gems, ribbon covered wands and handpainted designs are listed at $14.99 until OCTOBER 31st!

Stay tuned for photos from some up coming Haute Couture shoots with Hanlon Lain Photography!


Y3W Friday: New Cake Toppers

I have had an absolutely blast creating new products over the past two weeks, some that I haven't even shared with you yet!!

These just hit Etsy yesterday, and I have a fabulous time making them and taking awesome photographs with these beautiful cakes from Whimsical Bakery

So simple, and yet unique and whimsical!

Each cake topper comes attached to a 4" food safe lollipop stick, making it easy to anchor into your cake!

Toppers measure approx 5.5", and are available in a wide variety of ink and paper colours (and patterns!)

All toppers are backed with coordinating cardstock, to give a polished and finished look.

Monogrammed cardstock cake toppers are available by special order, and on Etsy, for only $14.99 (plus shipping!)

Don't forget to head over to Jenni from the Blog for the y3W bloghop!

Pretty Pictures and Whimsical Weddings

There are two things that I've been focusing on over the past week or so are two categories of new products.

Pretty Pictures - photography props

Whimsical Weddings - cake toppers, favour boxes and cones, fun wedding embellishments

I'd like to unveil a few to you now, namely my new monogrammed cake toppers for weddings (because I think that they are just beautiful, and simple, and elegant, and unique)

Monogrammed with bride and groom's initials

Simple and sweet...I Do...

I have been having a great time just running with my creativity, thinking back to my own wedding and about what I would have done differently.

The other focus, Pretty Pictures, has been alot of fun to create. I've been working with a few photographers on cute sayings, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, even small banners for engagement, maternity, newborn and wedding shoots.

Here are a few of my favourites

For an outdoor cowboy and cowgirl themed shoot

For an engagement shoot

For maternity and newborn shoots

I adore them! Working with photographers has really opened up a whole new world (Queue Aladdin and Jasmine...) of products and creativity that I hadn't thought about before.

Are you a photographer or have a photo shoot coming up with your fiance, baby, husband, kids, parents? Keep Sweet Stella's in mind for your paper props! Everything from hanging decor to be strung from trees to cupcake toppers for a fun and retro picnic! Banners galore in whatever you need them to retro and funky or classic and beautiful bachgrounds.

Emmy Given Wednesday: Help Me Choose!

Things are getting into full production mode in my studio!

What is typically our guest bed currently has Notestacks in the makings all laid out and ready to be cut then embellished with stamps.

Lovely combinations like...

I seriously am falling in love with each and every stack that I put my hands on, and there are so many that I wish I could keep! On Sunday, I paired up 3 or 4 different citrusy ones, and those have become a huge favourite around here!

What I need your help with are the embellishments! I'd love some feedback, so please post comments, and I'll be posting a poll over at the top left for you to vote until next Wednesday.

Should I do all one design, a special Emmy stack, or should I mix it up and do a few?

Of the stamp designs below, which should I go with??

Whimsical Songbird

Falling Leaves (just the leaves)

Umbrellas and Galoshes

Mix Matched Trees



Flowers and Reeds (just the flowers and reeds)

So...what do you think?! Oh, the options!!

Special Post: GIVEAWAY!

Got your attention? Excellent!

Head on over to Our Growing Garden, written by a lovely mama friend of mine who has trusted her instincts and absolutely glows as a mom.

She is hosting four (yes, 4!) giveaways that are all baby related! From birthday packages by Cup of Tea Photo Cards and a custom mobile by Jenna Bee's Paper Creations, to handmade paper favours from Sweet Stella's and a handmade adorably cute baby hat from Essence Rain.

Enter today! Just click on the links and you'll see all of the lovely goodies!!

Happy Saturday!

Emmy Given Wednesday: Brainstorming and GBK

Welcome to Emmy Given Wednesday!

The topic today is part brainstorming, part GBK.

What's GBK you ask? Well...only the premiere event host in Hollywood! GBK Productions is where it's at in terms of gifting suites, fundraising events, and provides only the best to the best...including Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan, Tina Fey, Hillary Swank, Magic Johnson and Terry O'Quinn (gotta have a LOST shout out!! Thrilled about that!)

When I found out that one of The Artisan Group's swag bags would be going to Mr. Keilly himself, I knew that I had to create something stunning and custom for him, and something extra sweet for his adorable little girl.

I've started scouting for papers that are trendy, masculine...with a slight antique edge to them, with great textures and patterns that Gavin will appreciate. So far....

I'd really like to add in a wood grain paper...made of actual pulp or bark itself...I think that would just throw this collection over the edge. And of course, it will be monogrammed in Cocoa ink. Hmm...maybe something with a suede look...or feel even.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more Emmy's news coming on Friday about our May 11th Twitter Party!

Special Post: Facebook Fanpage GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate 100+ fans over on Facebook, I've decided to do a little giveaway!

Up for grabs is a set of 12 custom made notecards! For all of you mama's out there who are throwing 1st birthday parties soon, these little beauties will certainly come in handy!

Head on over to the Facebook fanpage and comment on the Giveaway status with your favourite paper from the Papers album!

Good luck!