What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show Recap

Well...I survived my first craft show this past weekend!! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I definitely learned a tonne and made some really awesome connections with other vendors and some fabulous customers who have some really great parties coming up that I hope Sweet Stella's can be a part of.

The display, while exactly what I had envisioned, needs some work and I have a plan for reconfigure things for the next show on December 1st.

The ornament trees were a huge hit, and that is one area of the display that I am super happy with.

The bookcase, while a great display idea to keep things organized, needs some help. I'm thinking of stationery all on one shelf, along with a photo collage of the pictures from the GBK Productions Emmy's Gifting Suite with Jeff Probst and Annie Illonzeh.

On another shelf, all of the beautiful journals, and then masks on another. Keep it simple, and streamlined...with room to replenish stock where needed.

Another thing that will be changing is getting the Tiny Stacks and Favour Pouches off the table and into pretty containers of some sort. I have a woven ceramic bowl that I made years ago, so that could potentially house one or the other...

The masks were also a huge hit, and I was even asked if I do children's birthday parties...as in they have a Sweet Stella's party!!

Definitely have that in the works...everything from masks to fairy wands, piggy bank to treasure chests, and custom packages too!! Sweet Stella's Parties will be here for 2012, so stay tuned for their unveiling after the holidays!

and if you're in the London area, check me out at the Mountsfield PS Holiday Sale!

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show...T-Minus 3 days!

That's right folks...3 days! AHH!! I cannot believe how much stock I've made for this weekend!

  • 36 painted glass ornaments
  • 22 paper styro ornaments
  • 45 notestacks
  • 38 tiny stacks
  • 24 pinwheels
  • 9 basic masks
  • 9 couture masks (4 still in the works)
  • 7 thick journals
  • 1 thin journal
  • 152 favour pouches
  • 7 party packs
Grand total of 217 items! CRAZY!

But it was certainly well worth it, and I absolutely love each and every item!

Now I have to pack up all of this...

and I am OH SO EXCITED to share the new ornaments for this season!!

this one reminds me of chocolate milk...so I call it Brown Cow

perfectly papered in various greens and patterns!

I adore this one! Purple, silver and electric lime green...so unexpected!

Want to get a couple ornaments of your own?? Enter in the giveaway happening at Peanut's Tale!

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show...1 Week to Go!

Ahhh!! Queue panic and anxiety!

Just one week to go until the craft show, and my husband will be travelling for a few days next week so really, I need to pick up my socks and get everything finished!

Within the past week...

  • 2 new custom masks created, even if they weren't for the craft show...they still count!
  • 18 new painted ornaments
  • 960 1.25" circles cut for 24 styro ornaments
It's been a crazy busy past week ,but it's going really smoothly for the craft show. All I need to do is finish up the styro ornaments, tie the favour pouch packs together, package the party packages and get some branches from the forrest across the way, which hopefully can be a weekend family trip with the wagon.

In the basement I found the two black boxes that I was looking for to store and display the stationary. I have a plan to get a white bookcase from my in-laws, put bins inside it on their sides and have stationary displayed for sale. It'll work, and it looks great...in my head!

Here are some of the *new* ornaments that I've painted for this year!

They're going to be displayed on the branches I'll collect this next week over at the forest (only fallen branches of course), which will be in tall vases. I have everything printed out for my price tags and labels...something else I need to take care of!

One week to go!!

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show Week 3...or is it 4?

I'm seriously starting to lose track of what week of prep I am in all of this craft show madness! Over the past week I have...

  • stamped and bound 18 Tiny Stacks
  • planned out the rest of the masks
  • embellished 7 journals
  • decided on display materials
  • packaged 6 party packages

Whew! Lots was accomplished and I'd love to share the journals with you!

I just love them so much! Each one is different and unique...their own individual abstract paintings. Then, they're embellished with either feathers and glass beads, or a stamped image and glass beads. Sort of...abstract art meets shabby chic!

So...what do you think??

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show Prep Week 3!

Another Wednesday, another week of preparations for the Christmas Craft Bazaar! I can't believe that it's only 4 weeks away...I feel like there is still SO much to do!

Within the past week, I've created and finished...

  • 5 glittered masks
  • 160 origami favour pouches with embellished flaps
  • 22 stacks of stationary
That's a heck of a lot of stock!!

Playing with glitter is probably my new favourite thing. Yes, it ends up with my covered in it, but it's so much fun and you never know what you can create until you're elbow deep in it!

Here are the new masks I just created

Like I said...all.over.glitter! But I love them, and the way they catch the light is spectacular!

What's Next Wednesday: Craft Show Prep, Week 2

Man oh man! I have been on-the-go and in creation mode for the past few weeks! Between wedding cakes, cards for weddings, stationary for the craft show...it seems to never stop!

Here are a few things that I have been working on!

Seasonal Stacks - 12 pages of handcut and stamped stationary, bound with cream ribbon. Perfect for gifts that need to be sent in the mail!

Tiny Stacks...they measure about 2"x3", and are the perfect stocking stuffer! Great for tossing in your purse to jot down quick notes, putting cute notes in your kiddos' lunchbox or tucking lovenotes in your sweetie's wallet! Bound with coordinating ribbon.

On the way...or rather, on the coffee table right now and all cut last night, 160 favour pouches, 12 more stacks of everyday stationary, 18 more Tiny Stacks! Then to be completed....7 journal embellishments, 30 ornaments, and as many pinwheels as I can make before the show!

What's Next Wednesday: Crafting up a Storm!

Wow...so no rest for the wicked right?

I have my first ever craft show and sale coming up at the beginning of November, and to be completely honest, I am absolutely terrified!

Will people like my stuff?

How do I display everything?

How much stock do I take?

Do I need a banner?

What about business cards...how many of those?

So many questions, and right now I'm just in production mode! Over the past two days, I've whipped up 34 notestacks (24 of them Holiday themed, and 10 of them everyday) and 22 tiny stacks (about the size of a matchbook! They're SO cute and are perfect to keep in your purse!). I've also done up 18 ornaments, and figured out some display aspects.

I'll be previewing alot of things here, including a mock up of the display to get some feedback from you all, but here's a little peek to tide you over!

Think....white...blue...glass vases with branches...

Stay tuned for more peeks and progress!

What's Next Wednesday: Christmas!

Yes that's right!!

Halloween isn't even here yet and I'm already gearing up for Christmas!! I'm over-the-moon excited since I'll be participating in my first ever Christmas Bazaar this year, which is a benefit for the London Children's Hospital and London Humane Society (both organizations that are close to this mama's heart)

On my display will be vases of pinwheels in all different colours, masks beyond your wildest imagination, and tall vases with branches...and these lovelies hanging from them

Right now, my studio is pretty organized but I'm needing more space. I think we'll be setting things up a little differently in there, taking out the double bed and putting up a day bed so that I can use under-the-bed space for bins of masks, ornaments and pinwheels for the bazaar!

Need an ornament? They're up on my Etsy shop now! Two styles...plain painted ornaments, and ones with initials!

Want one ready-to-ship? These will be posted after the bazaar...if I don't sell out first!