Tips for BlogHer13 Attendees

There seem to be a tonne of posts going around about how to prepare for BlogHer13 in Chicago, including but not limited to...

What to pack
How to create your bio or media card
What companies to reach out to for sponsorship
How to conduct yourself
What parties are the best
How to get invited to private parties

And so on, and so forth. While I could certainly touch on each of those subjects and shed some light on them from someone who has found that attending BlogHer in NYC opened a tonne of doors for, I only have one tip for you.

Be you.

Sweet and simple. Be who you are. If you are a fashion and trend blogger, be that person. If you are a foodie, be that person.

Embody your blog.

For me, that means being on trend, having confidence and letting my funky, artsy attitude shine. It means custom clothes, it means heels, it means big curls...funky accessories...even a hand painted dress.

But, that's me. Certainly, the same wouldn't necessarily work for {just an example} a travel blogger who blogs specifically about the Mediterranean {unless that were their style, and then, all means!}

I guess what I mean to say is just be who you are, and know that people will love you. People will be intrigued by your authenticity and will genuinely want to get to know who you are. Sure, it's overwhelming and for a first-timer even a little scary, but I promise you that it will be a much more enjoyable experience when you let down your guard, let go of the fear, and are true to yourself and your blog.

See you in a few weeks!