Pirate Booty Loot Table

Creating the perfect favor table for a party is one of the most fun parts of designing a party. For our pirate party, here are a few things that we are using

Gold and silver doubloons

Pirate eye patches

And then I will be making some yummy treats for the kids to fill their loot bags with. Things like...

Pirate marshmallows

and chocolate dipped treats, made with Cap'n Crunch instead {or as well as} Rice Krispies

Pretty awesome, right? There will be gold, emerald and ruby coloured candy jewels, and for the parents...

Yo Ho ho and a Bottle of Rum? I think I may just have to make some drunken cookies for something for the parents with a little rum in the mix!


A Cake for a Swashbuckler

When it comes to the cake for the pirate themed birthday party, I am torn. Do I do a cake-cake that is amazing like this one...

{and by me, I mean hire my amazing cake girl Leah}

Or do I do cupcakes and put them on the Pirate Booty table {stay tuned for details on that coming next week!}

I went ahead and picked up these pirate sprinkles from The Bakers Confections in February, along with black cupcake liners, thinking that I would do both cupcakes and a traditional cake

I'm leaning toward having both options so that we have a cake to cut on his actual birthday (June 16th, also Father's Day) with our family, and then the kiddos can have some really awesome cupcakes (likely chocolate with vanilla buttercream and dipped in these awesome sprinkles).

What do you do when it comes to the cake for your toddlers birthday party?


Last Call for Parties!

It's almost February, and my custom party calendar is already almost full!! If you're in need of party supplies for your little ones' special day, let me know ASAP!

Cupcake flags, mustache photo props, banners, glitter props, garlands

February - FULL
March - FULL
April - 3 party spots available
May - 2 party spots available
June - FULL
July - FULL
August - 1 party spots available
September - 3 party spots available
October - 2 party spots available
November - 3 party spots available
December - 1 party spot available

The parties that I have booked for this year are going to be amazing. Mod trains, Tangled, Brave, Cupcakes, Pirates, Baseball, a romantic and chic Wedding, and a slew of other parties with themes still to be determined.

Cupcake favour tags, Yellow Submarine banner, invitations, VHC banner, garlands

Hanging Lanterns

Whatever you need for your party, we will make it perfect!

To book, please comment on this post or email me at shannon@sweetstellas.com

Party Tips Tuesday: Favours

You've heard me blog about it before on Growing Up Geeky, here and talk about it Facebook.

Favours are sooooo important at a party {in my opinion}. It's your chance to say a great big thank you to your guests for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and celebrate with your kiddo.

I've been working on the favours for Owen's party since about January...but they are so awesome, I just love it!

They'll go into burlap rounds, tied with twine and a tag, with...

S'mores cookies
and maybe a pencil if I can find some suitable for the party theme

And let's not forget the parents!!

The parents will be getting...

Drunken S'mores cookies {yes yes there will be alcohol added to the mix!}
Mini Bailey's bottles
and something else that I haven't figured out yet...maybe drink coozies?

I'm really happy with the tags that I've designed...perfectly coordinated in the plaids

Stay tuned next week...the party is this Saturday, so I'll be able to share the awesome photos and maybe inspire a campfire party of your own!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Atutudes

Have a little girl? Does she love to play dress up, or maybe have a special birthday party coming up? Well you can thank your lucky stars for coming across the blog today!

Kristal Lee of Atutudes Handmade Tutu's creates simply the most gorgeous and well made tutu's around. One of her personal favourites is the Pink Poodle Skirt tutu!

Layers and layers of bubblegum pink tulle, embellished with the cutest white poodle around! Your little one will be sock-hoppin' in no time!

This tutu was actually featured in the 2012 Golden Globes Press Bags! Pretty amazing stuff that celebrity publications have taken these gorgeous one-of-a-kind designs home, and now you can too!

Kristal loves to create whimsical tutu designs....and she's even branching out to create adult tutu's! I'm so excited to have one being created for me to wear at Sparklecorn and can't wait to reveal it to you guys next month!

Party Tips Tuesday: Menu Planning

Part of party planning that I really really love is planning out the menu {anyone remember that elaborate spread from Easter?}

For Owen's party, I started brainstorming food early on. S'mores obviously were on top of the list, but I got thinking about traditional campfire foods...just like when I was a Girl Guide!

Corn bread
Banana boats
BBQ Potatoes

Then a few new favourites...

Pizza cones
Hobo bread
Melon kabobs
Choco-apple slices (like a chocolate-caramel apple, but just slices! Thank you, Pinterest!)
Trail mix
Jiffy pop

And what's a party without coordinated buffet tent cards??

I'm particularly excited about how I'm incorporating S'mores into the menu. There will be S'mores Pops {marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed graham crackers} and S'mores Krispy Treats {a hint from my pal Shizz from Baby Shmizz}.

Stay tuned next week for the Favours!